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Juice Jacking is a type of cyberattack where public USB charging points double as data connection points, installing malware or copying data. Free USB charging points can be used to steal your data.

The headline of an article can heavily opinionate ones understanding of an article, even damage the ability to actually properly understand the article itself.

China has banned live streams of people eating bananas in a "seductive" fashion.

Generation Y officially buys more books than baby boomers

In the Beatles song Let it Be, "Mother Mary" is actually not a reference to the Virgin Mary. It instead refers to Paul's actual mother, Mary, who died when he was young. The song was inspired by a dream in which she gave him the advice "It will be all right, just let it be".

A U.S. F-22 Raptor was able to fly next to an Iranian F-4 Phantom with out it knowing, and told the pilot to go home.

Anchorman" and "Talladega Nights" were intended to be the first 2 films in Will Ferrell & Adam McKay's "Mediocre American Man Trilogy" featuring characters with RB as initials. The third film, "Booby Trap: The Tale of Rusty Butte," would have starred Ferrell as an adult film star.

Michael Dell, founder of Dell Inc., once had a high school summer job selling newspaper subscriptions for the Houston Post. By targeting the demographics of newlyweds and recent home buyers, Dell made $18,000 in one summer, exceeding the yearly payroll of two of his teachers.

A lost report on Christopher Columbus from c.1500 came to light in 2006 accusing him of tyranny, torture, mutilation and parading native women naked through the streets and selling them into slavery.Columbus was imprisoned on his return to Spain.

Corn Nuts released a radio commercial in the early nineties with the tagline "Bust a nut!". The ad was promptly pulled from many radio stations

Andy Warhol ejaculated on canvas and it sold for $40,000

The set of the original Addams Family was rather colorful as the hues didn't matter as much as saturation & contrast for B&W.

Space Adaptation Syndrome, involving nausea and vomiting, vertigo, headaches, lethargy, and overall malaise. 45-75% of all astronauts experience it. It has always resolved within 72 hours.

Swedish blood donors first receive a 'Thank you' text when they initially donate blood, but they also recieve a text whenever their blood is used to help someone.

CIA agents in the 50's used different lacing patterns to secretly communicate