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  1. You need at least 25x magnification to see Saturn's rings, and 50x before it appears as a separate structure detached on all sides from the planet

  2. During 2012 and 2013, China produced more cement than did the US during the entire 20th century. Indeed, with more than 2 billion tons of annual production capacity, China’s cement industry is 25X the size of its US counterpart.

  3. Lions and Tigers can roar 25x louder than a gas powered lawnmower

  4. A company who is creating a biodegradable plastic from Methane, a greenhouse gas that traps 25x more heat than CO2.

  5. Courteney Cox's (Monica from Friends)20x Great Grandfather was King Edward the 1st and her 25x Great Grandfather was William the Conqueror

  6. Ivan Osiier, a Danish Jewish fencer who was the 25x Danish fencing champion.

  7. Blacks Commit 25x More Violent Assaults Against Whites Than Whites Do Against Blacks.

  8. Blacks Commit 25X More Violent Assaults Against Whites Than Whites Against Blacks