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  1. Testing for the effects of 5G on rats showed an increase in brain tumours over a two year period.

  2. A Boeing 747 went out of control over the Pacific and fell 30,000 feet, pulling as much as 5g, before recovering at 9,600 feet and landing safely.

  3. The cost of 5G is set to exceed 8 billion dollars for a single service provider and the upgrade to 5G would cost 200 billion dollars a year in order to be built.

  4. 5G performance will actually be slower than some advanced 4G networks such as the 500+ Mbit/s Manhattan network speeds

  5. There are 4 different connection strengths and that a fifth one (5g) could be coming soon and be powerful enough to download a movie in a second

  6. 10 of your own fingernails contain 20 calories and 5g of protein.

  7. India's Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose is the reason why the world will enjoy super fast 5G internet

  8. 5G Speeds Would Allow You To Download A Movie In Seconds

  9. 5G is only available in two cities (Chicago & Minneapolis) in the US and has speeds between 1 - 10 Gbps right now, an order of 60+ times as fast as average 4G speeds