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  1. In 1949 the Costa Rican government abolished their army, stating that the army "would be replaced with an army of teachers." The country has free universal public education and a literacy rate of 97%.

  2. The Hiroshima Flame of Peace was lit on 1st August 1964 in hope of a world without nuclear weapons, and it will continue to burn until nuclear weapons are abolished worldwide

  3. The last Emperor of Brazil Pedro II became ruler aged 5. He had a grim, lonely childhood studying for duty. He won 3 wars, turned Brazil into a global power & abolished slavery. After 58 years he grew weary, accepting a military coup. He lived his last days alone in Europe on very little money.

  4. When Britain abolished slavery they simply bought up all the slaves and freed them. It cost a third of the entire national budget, around £100 billion in today's money.

  5. That, in 1818, an Englishman accused of murder demanded a trial by combat. Surprisingly, the law that allowed for trial by combat was still valid, and the man was acquitted when his accuser declined the offer of battle. Trial by combat was abolished the following year.

  6. When Australia abolished their inheritance tax in 1979, a disproportionate number of parents died in the week immediately after the abolition went into effect, suggesting that many of their heirs were doing everything to keep them alive just long enough for the inheritance tax to expire.

  7. The Thirteenth Amendment to the US Constitution abolished slavery EXCEPT as a form of punishment for crimes

  8. After Swiss police accused Libyan leader Gaddafi's family of criminal activity in Switzerland, Gaddafi submitted a proposal to the U.N to abolish Switzerland and divide it between France, Germany and Italy.

  9. Texas abolished last meal requests after a prisoner ordered 2 chicken-fried steaks, a triple cheeseburger, a beef & cheese omelet , a pound of barbecued meat, a half loaf of bread, 3 fajitas, a meat-lover's pizza, fried okra, a pint of Blue Bell, and peanut-butter fudge, and then did not eat it.

  10. The guillotine remained the official method of execution in France until the death penalty was abolished in 1981. The final three guillotinings in France were all child-murderers.

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South Dakota is the only state in the union to abolish Columbus Day and rename it Native American Day

The Vermont Republic, a country in present-day Vermont that was sovereign for 14 years from 1777 to 1791, longer than the Republic of Texas. As a country, adult slavery was abolished within its boundaries.

Only one person has ever been executed by the state of Wisconsin. The public execution was so graphic and horrible that Wisconsin abolished the death penalty two years later.

Rolling Jubilee, a Strike Debt project that buys debt for pennies on the dollar, but instead of collecting it, abolishes it.

The US state of Mississippi ratified the Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution that abolished slavery on Feb. 7, 2013.

On his way to Egypt, Napoleon conquered Malta where he spent 6 days. During these days he abolished the nobility, freed the slaves, granted freedom of speech, gave Jews religious freedom, abolished the inquisition and introduced scientific subjects to the University of Malta

After slavery was abolished, many black sharecroppers and farmers immigrated to Russia to help them build their agricultural systems.

A law was implemented in 1950's Greece whereby head shaving with manual clippers was used as punishment for young people caught by police, such as teddyboys and prostitutes. Obligatory hair clipping was finally abolished in Greece in 1982.

The woman who had prayer abolished in school, Madalyn O'Hair, was murdered along with her son and granddaughter.

The first black president in North America was Vicente Guerrero, the second president of the Republic of Mexico in 1829. He is known for abolishing slavery in Mexico forty years before Lincoln would do the same on the US.

A Nigerian woman named Efunroye Tinubu was one of the wealthiest slave traders. She defied British attempts to abolish the slave trade and there is a monument in Nigeria dedicated to her

Hitler was never elected. He lost the presidential election of 1932 before being appointed Chancellor in '33, succeeding Hindenburg upon his death in '34, thereafter abolishing the office of president entirely.

The 'Happy Birthday' song had an 80 year copyright claim on it and was only recently abolished

The 1877 novel Black Beauty was a watershed for the recognition of animal cruelty, especially horses, as an important issue. It spurred reforms in both the US and England, leading to the abolishment of the “bearing rein”- a cruel Victorian device that severely damaged the necks of horses.

Mexico had its first black president 180 years before the United States: Vicente Guerrero, who was one of the leading fighters for independence from Spain, was of half-African descent and later became the 2nd president of Mexico, abolishing slavery during his brief presidency in 1829.

Jamie Brewer from American Horror Story persuaded Texas senators to abolish the word "retarded" from state legislation.

England only abolished Slavery in 2010, and only did so as a formality, because the status of "Slave" never existed in English Common Law, and thus a person could not be charged with the practice of "Slavery". Owning a person was made illegal much, much earlier.

The state of Mississippi never ratified the 13th amendment to abolish slavery until February 2013.

Texas abolished "Last Meal" before execution because a prisoner, Lawrence Russell Brewer, requested a 5 course meal and ate nothing of it because he "wasn't hungry after all"

Christmas was banned by Parliament in 1644 and abolished in 1647. The army actively stopped people from celebrating Christmas. Oliver Cromwell and the Puritans thought Christmas festivities were sinful, wasteful, and had no biblical justification.

The shortest war in history was between The British Empire and the Sultan of Zanzibar. It lasted 38 minutes. The British suffered no casualties, while Zanzibar suffered 500. Afterwards, slavery was abolished in Zanzibar

Islandia, Florida (population 5) was an incorporated city with no school, no sewers, no courthouse, no shops, no road leading in or out, and a fraudulent government made up of people who did not live there. It took over 50 years for the state to finally abolish it.

At birth Muhammad Ali was named for Cassius Clay, a Kentucky Congressman of the 19th century who fought to abolish slavery and was named by Lincoln as the US Ambassador to Russia where he gained Russian support for the Union.

During the Atlantic slave trade era, Brazil imported more slaves than any other country, and that Brazil was the last country in the Western world to abolish slavery.

During its revolution France tried to de-Christianize time by introducing a new clock that consisted of days of 10 hours of a hundred minutes of a hundred seconds. The new clock system failed and was abolished in 1806.