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  1. An illegal space sandwich is preserved in acrylic at the Grissom Museum in Indiana (given to Grissom after being smuggled on Gemini 3 in 1965)

  2. Doctor Harold Ridley observed that acrylic shards (unlike glass) were not rejected from the eyes of WWII pilots whose canopies had shattered; he took this observation, and despite fierce opposition and doubt, pioneered the intraocular lens, and the miracle of modern cataract surgery.

  3. The snare drum can be made of metal, acrylic, composite, fiberglass, or wood.

  4. Some saxophones have been made of plastic, acrylic, or polycarbonate.

  5. Acrylic prosthetic eyes [ "glass" eyes ] in adults need to be replaced every five to seven years after the first one or two years following the surgical removal of the eye.

  6. James Taylor creates his own reinforced acrylic nails to avoid having to use guitar picks.

  7. Fake fingernails are very flammable. One lady was sent to the hospital after her cigarette butt ignited her acrylic fingernail and got 3rd degree burns on her thumb.

  8. The nail polish manufacturer, OPI, began as a dental supply company where manicurists purchased dental porcelain to make acrylic nails.

  9. An abstract acrylic painting, featuring three equally sized vertical stripes, was purchased by the National Gallery of Canada for $1.8 million

  10. A woman traveled around US national parks, vandalizing them with acrylic paint "art"

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A company called Stoneridge Engineering sells lichtenburg figure art- acrylic blocks with lightning tracks running through them.

Some multi-surface home floor polishing products are actually a clear acrylic paint emulsion and can be mixed with acrylic paints.

An abstract acrylic painting, featuring three equally sized vertical stripes, was purchased by the National Gallery of Canada for $1.8 million

How to tell the difference between a Oil or Acrylic painting from a Tricky Mass Produced Print- Use a Look for uniform Dots. They are found on Prints. Don't be fooled again!

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About Tim Jacobus, the illustrator of one of my favorite childhood memories, the Goosebumps series. How he illustrated over 100 book covers, how he's still friends with R.L. Stine, his process, and how his artwork was all done on 20x20'' canvases and with acrylics and airbrush.

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Many procedures that are done in a dentist's office smell like a nail salon because both professions use the same type of acrylic, mostly for dentures/temporary crowns and fake nails respectively.

A young woman traveled to national parks around the US, defacing and vandalizing them with acrylic paint "art"

It's not just the BPAs in food and beverage can coatings we should worry about. Migrates from cans may contain oligomers, catalysts, reaction accelerators, epoxidized edible oils, amino resins, acrylic resins, various esters, waxes, lubricants, and metals.