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  1. Adblock Plus actually makes money from ads: They charge companies to whitelist their ads

  2. Using adblock can reduce your data usage by 40%

  3. Advertisers pay to have Adblock Plus show their ads

  4. AdBlock is the most popular Google Chrome extension, with over forty million users, and the most popular Safari extension as well. It averages about twenty-one million users per day through Firefox.

  5. A University that installed AdBlock Plus on all of its computers ended up saving 40% on network bandwidth

  6. Adblock Plus allows companies to pay them in return for not blocking their ads

  7. Adblock use in Germany skyrocketed after an online newspaper inadvertently advertised that blocking ads was possible by requesting that people not use it.

  8. Carl Sagan predicted AdBlock by 24 years in the novel Contact, calling it "Adnix"

  9. The "Acceptable Ads Committee," which whitelists sites from adblock lists if they follow conventions designed to ensure that site (a) do not disrupt the user’s natural reading flow, (b) are not misleading, and (c) leave sufficient space for actual content.

  10. There are ~144 million active adblock users.

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AdBlock ran a crowdfunding campaign to create ads about blocking ads

A University student found that installing adblock across a network can save up to 40% on bandwidth

Using adblock can reduce your data usage by 25%.

Spotify has a web player, and AdBlock removes all ads on it, basically giving you the premium version for free!

The Opera Web Browser is still running and has a free VPN, Adblocker, and Cryptowallet built in.

Pornhub has been going back and forth since last year with Adblock for trying to sneak ads through the filters.

About AdNauseum - a browser extension that obfuscates your internet presence by blindly clicking EVERY ad that AdBlock blocks

That, weirdly, Adblock Plus makes money from ads: They charge companies to whitelist their ads, selling out it's users

That, weirdly, Adblock Plus makes money from ads: They charge companies to whitelist their ads

Ublock origins is a better alternative to adblock. It uses much less memory and your favorite youtube stars still get paid.

Internet explorer has built in adblock through the use of tracking protection lists.

Opera has in-built adblock and VPN and is generally lighter than all the other browsers and everyone should use it (I don't work for Opera, this is not an ad, really just think more people should use it)

How to get rid of annoying ads on Youtube by installing Adblock, a Google App from the store [PC Only].

Adblock Plus comes with a 'remove social media bottons' option

JGB XD: Anti-Adblock Killer For Browsers [For Adblock users]

AdBlock Plus Mobile Browser Could Destroy Publishers

How to install adblock and hit Reddit where it hurts... their bank account.

User who block adblock can potentially collapse digital currencies

The guy who made Adblock is selling his company. Thank you for making the internet a better place!

More than 3500 Redditors do not use Adblock

AdBlock Plus blocks Facebook's ad-blocker buster: It's a block party!

There is an anti-adblocker designed to counter websites that can counter adblock.

You can whitelist specific YouTube channels in Adblock.

This Is Why Youtube Doesn't Block ADBLOCK

In 2012 Adblock Plus cost Google 887 million dollars in Ad revenue.