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  1. 50's British comedian Hattie Jacques, famous for pioneering 'fat humour' (female), had an affair with her driver and, with her husband's consent, moved him into their home. When she finally got a divorce, her husband lied that he was the adulterer to save her public reputation.

  2. According to the FDA, most store-bought honey is adulterated with cheaper ingredients that are not honey.

  3. In the 19th century, America was notorious for exporting adulterated food and counterfeiting European products, similar to how China is regarded by the West today.

  4. If your partner committed adultery in Ancient Rome, you could legally sodomise the adulterer with radishes - with an audience if desired

  5. The Beverly Hills Hotel & Hotel Bel-Air as well as a number of high end luxury hotels are owned by sultan Hassanal Bolkiah whose country will start stoning alleged gay people and adulterers to death in a week.

  6. While 83% of Pakistanis support the stoning to death of adulterers, only 78% support the death penalty for leaving Islam

  7. Charles Lindbergh was a serial adulterer who fathered 2 children with his wife's sister.

  8. An Italian mob pulled an elaborate heist involving olive oil, using adulterated and chemically treated oils and labelling their containers as extra virgin. The profit margin of this heist was said to have "three times the profit margin of cocaine."

  9. The Moon is masculine in Hindu mythology, has 27 wives, 1 pair of in-laws, and an adulterous relationship and a child with Jupiter's only wife.

  10. A female candidate for the U.S. Presidency, who was attacked for her belief in "free love". She retaliated against one of her critics by detailing his own adulterous affairs in the press. She was arrested for pornography and spent election day in jail. This happened in 1872.

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The Mob was profiting from selling adulterated extra virgin olive oil-70% of the extra virgin olive oil sold is fake. In 2008 an investigation dubbed “Operation Golden Oil” was conducted by Italian officers which led to the arrest of 23 people and the confiscation of 85 farms.

One of the most famous stories about Jesus, in which he saves an adulterous woman from being stoned to death, was not in the original Biblical manuscripts and was only added centuries later.

The "bad" Brown Acid at Woodstock 69, wasn't bad at all, it was just so pure that it wasn’t accompanied by the usual body rushes caused by speed and other adulterants in use at the time.

A Roman husband was allowed to kill his wife's lover if the adulterer was in a group not entitled to legal protection (slaves, actors, prostitutes, chariot racers, and many others)

Olive oil fraud, also known as adulteration, has been a major issue in recent years, with 400 Italian police officers arresting 23 people and confiscating 85 farms in 'Operation Golden Oil.'

In 2007, thousands of dogs and cats in the U.S. and other countries were poisoned because the imported protein used in their pet food was adulterated with melamine - a chemical used to manufacture plastics.

In 1859, Stanton defended U.S. congressman Daniel Sickles in a high-profile murder case. Although Sickles killed a man in broad daylight in front of several witnesses, Stanton successfully argued that the was not-guilty because he was protecting his honor due to his wife's adulterous transgressions.

The United States Army beef scandal was caused by sending poorly preserved and chemically adulterated meat to US soldiers fighting in the Spanish-America War

Pope John XII is believed to have died whilst enjoying an adulterous sexual encounter, either as the result of a stroke, or at the hands of an outraged husband.

MLK was a serial adulterer and engaged in numerous extra marital affairs. He even spent his last night alive with another woman.

A study by the Delhi Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research (DIPSAR) has found that many of the toothpaste manufacturers are adulterating toothpastes and toothpowders with high quantity of nicotine.

Martin Luther King Jr. was reportedly a ''Serial Adulterer''.The Recorded audiotapes -That allegedly include a sextape- and written transcripts resulting from the FBI's electronic surveillance of King are sealed from public access until 2027 (Judge decision)

Lidocaine (the topical anesthetic) is used as an adulterant in cocaine, because it numbs the gums like high-quality coke

An adulterer can receive a life sentence in the state of Michigan.

Mount Kemukus is a hilltop Javanese shrine 28 kilometres (17 mi) northeast of Solo where people from across Indonesia flock to honor a local saint. Every 35 days rituals are conducted that involve adulterous sex.

Augustus Caesar allowed the murder of daughters and their lovers who committed adultery at the hands of their fathers and also permitted the murder of the adulterous wife's lover at the hand of her husband

Nearly all store-bought honey is fake, adulterated, or illegally smuggled from China and contains traces of antibiotics. If you want real honey, you have to buy from a farmer's market, co-op, or beekeeper.

"spectator shoes," two-toned dress shoes, were considered tasteless and low-class, were nicked "co-respondent shoes," a pun on the colors and its association with "co-respondents," or adulterous third parties in divorce cases

In England 1858, 200 people were poisioned by sweets made with Arsenic, an accident that helped the UK to regulate the adulteration of food and limited who could sell poisons and drugs.

The Jewish law of Yichud, which prohibits the private seclusion of a man and a woman who are not married to each other. This is to prevent them from being tempted, or having the opportunity, to commit adulterous or promiscuous acts.

A big pharma company given special treatment by the FDA and praised by a mega-charity, sold drugs contaminated with broken glass, hair, knowingly provided watered-down and adulterated AIDS drugs for use in Africa, with a board member explaining: "“Who cares? It’s just blacks dying.”

In 2008, supplies of heparin, a widely used anticoagulant, from China were found to be adulterated with a cheaper, similar compound. This resulted in 81 deaths and 785 serious injuries. Since the contaminant was not naturally occurring, the contamination was deemed intentional.

In 1985 Austrian wineries adulterated their wines using the toxic substance diethylene glycol (aka antifreeze) to make the wines appear sweeter and more full-bodied in the style of late harvest wines.

Pope John XII died whilst enjoying an adulterous sexual encounter outside Rome, either as the result of apoplexy, or at the hands of an outraged husband.

Antoine Lavoisier, the scientist who discovered the conservation of mass, was accused of accused of adulterating tobacco at the height of the French Revolution, then guillotined at the age of 50.