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  1. Besides winter hibernation, there are also species of animals that go into a state of dormancy during the dry and hot summer months. This is called aestivation.

  2. Green toads tolerate increased salinity and temperatures of 40 degrees of Celsius. They remain dormant during the hottest part of the year (phenomenon called aestivation) in the extremely hot and dry areas.

  3. Hedgehogs in cold climates hibernate over the winter. In warmer climates such as deserts they sleep through the heat and drought in a similar process called Aestivation. In more temperate areas they remain active all year.

  4. During prolonged periods of drought, spectacled caimans retreat into the mud and aestivate (become dormant) until environmental conditions improve.

  5. Sleeping through the summer, rather than the winter is called 'Aestivation'.

  6. Hibernation during summer months is called 'Aestivation'.

  7. The opposite of hibernation is aestivation- a long period of inactivity in the summer, or in hot or dry times.

  8. Sulcata tortoise spends hottest part of the day and dry season in aestivation (period of dormancy during extremely dry and hot period of day or year). It digs 30 inches deep burrows or creates complex tunnels that may reach depth of 10 feet. Hatchlings use abandoned mammalian burrows to hide from the excessive heat.

  9. That, animals are said to "aestivate" if they 'hibernate' or enter dormancy during summer, in response to high temperatures and arid conditions.

  10. When an animal hibernates through summer it is actually called Aestivation.

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The hot/dry season version of hibernation is called aestivation.