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  1. Alan Rickman had to fall 25ft into an airbag for his death scene in Die Hard. The plan was for the stuntman to drop Rickman on the count of 3. However, the director secretly had the stuntman drop Rickman after a count of 1. Because of this, Rickman's reaction in the film is completely genuine.

  2. New Mercedes-Benz cars will play a short blast of white/pink noise just before an unavoidable crash, forcing the occupant's ears to turn off for a moment, preventing the hearing loss normally caused by the crash itself or airbags.

  3. After the death of Princess Diana, radio station XFM banned certain songs that might upset people. Banned songs included Drive by The Cars, Airbag by Radiohead and anything by the Crash Test Dummies.

  4. A woman named Hien Tran was laying in intensive care after a car accident and investigators were searching for clues due to apparent stab wounds in her neck. A week after she died, a letter arrived from Honda urging her to get her red Accord fixed, because of faulty airbags that could explode

  5. Holding the steering wheel at 10 and 2 is dangerous, because if the airbag deploys, it'll forcefully knock your hands into your face, causing injury. The recommended position is now 9 and 3, or 8 and 4.

  6. Avalanche Airbags exist, and they're used when people fall into an avalanche. They help people survive by "making them bigger" and so staying closer to the surface by the principle of inverse segregation

  7. The recommended hand position for your steering wheel is no longer 10 and 2. Since the advent of the airbag the proper position is now 9 and 3 to avoid forearm injuries such as degloving.

  8. The advice to drive with your hands at "10 and 2 o'clock" on the steering wheel is outdated. The 9 and 3 o'clock positions are now recommended, to avoid major injury to hands, fingers, and faces, from airbags.

  9. The first confirmed victim of Takata airbags was 18y/o Parham. As she drove around a car park, she lightly bumped another vehicle making the airbag inflate, sending metal pieces at such tremendous force that one hit the teen’s neck slicing open her carotid artery. She bled to death in her seat

  10. In 1990, the first documented Crash between two Cars fitted with Airbags, two 1989 Chrysler LeBaron, occurred; both Drivers walked away with minor Injuries from a Crash they would not have survived without Airbags (Photos in Comments)

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There is an airbag recall effecting 60,000,000 cars. The inflating propellant explodes uncontrollably potentially generating large and lethal shrapnel. 13 deaths have been linked to the faulty airbags.

A major airbag manufacturer manipulated safety test data and their defective airbags were responsible for at least a dozen deaths

Most vehicle airbags are only safe for people over 5'5". (The average woman is 5'4".)

A truck of airbag cartridges exploded in front of a woman's house & was so destructive her remains were a pile of teeth

Origami was a great influence in the development of various modern day designs, one of them being the car airbag.

Airbags were invented in 1952 when an engineer tried to stop his young daughter from smashing into the dashboard during an accident.

A truck transporting Takata airbag parts was involved in a crash in Texas that caused the cargo to explode, destroying a house and killing a woman inside

Stretched limos don't meet federal safety requirements & they face a haphazard inspection system that varies from state to state. In making the vehicle longer, side rollover pillars & airbags are removed or become useless, and unbelted riders become a flying hazard to the belted passengers.

2017 will be the last manufacturing year for the Nissan Tsuru, Mexico's airbag-less Sentra that hasn't seen major updates since 1992

Inventor have made an "invisible" helmet that uses similar technology used for automobile airbags that is much safer and less restricting than traditional helmets.

They make airbag vests for motorcycle riders

The USA’s current passenger airbag laws resulted from a tragic accident where a child’s head was knocked off and flew out the broken window when airbags deployed in a fender bender in Boise, Idaho in 1996.

Seatbelts are estimated to cost $30,000 per life saved in the US, compared with $1.8 million dollars for airbags.

pyrotechnic seatbelt tensioners are a thing. In the event of a crash, in addition to the airbag pyrotechnics, a pyro charge fires on your seatbelt, which immediately tightens the belt by about 2 inches, to put you in the optimal position for a crash.

The 1987 Porsche 944 Was the First Car to be Sold With Standard Driver & Passenger Side Airbags

In airbags, the inflator ignites ammonium nitrate to fill the bags with nitrogen: meaning airbags are filled with an explosion

An airbag fully deploys at a speed of 200 mph, within 50 milliseconds of impact - the amount of time it takes you to blink your eyes

Some Volvo cars have "Pedestrian" Airbags.

About avalanche flotation backpacks - a special backpack with an airbag in it that keeps you afloat in case of an avalanche.

There is an "invisible" bicycle helmet called Hövding, that works just like a airbag, and seems to be much safer than conventional helmets.

Airbags are not allowed to be sent through the USPS

In 1978, NASA managed to land a functioning probe on Venus without using parachutes or airbags.

Airbag warnings are in English and French because the same model cars are used in both the U.S. and Canada and the minimum area for English text must be 30 square centimeters, so adding French text expands the size of the label to approximately 3in X 7in.

Andrew Evans, a six year old left a ventilator dependent quadriplegic solely due to being crushed by an airbag in a Christmas 1996 car crash in Omaha, Nebraska. His injury led to serious reforms and changes in how children ride in cars.

In 2010, a man involved in a six-car crash was saved by his airbag, only to die several weeks later in hospital from pneumonia he contracted from the talcum powder that covered the airbag.