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  1. Gene Wilder did not tell the public about his Alzheimer's diagnosis, because, "He simply couldn’t bear the idea of one less smile in the world."

  2. Agatha Christie’s novel “Elephants Can Remember” reveals distinct signs of Alzheimer’s onset, e.g., 20% fewer words or ⅕ of her vocabulary lost; 6 times more use of nonspecific words such as “thing”, and a sharp drop in “idea density”. That novel's last line is “Maybe it’s OK not to remember.”.

  3. Justice Sandra Day O'Connor Retired From the Supreme Court to Take Care of Her Husband With Alzheimer's. Shortly After Forgetting His Family, He Fell in Love With Another Woman at the Nursing Home. Instead of Sad, O'Connor was "thrilled," He Was No Longer Spending His Days in Depression.

  4. While trying to present about the disease that would later bare his name, Alzheimer was rushed off stage because the conference attendees were excited to hear the next speaker present about compulsive masturbation.

  5. There’s a town in Amsterdam called Hogeway where most of the residents suffer from dementia or Alzheimer’s. It has cameras monitoring residents every hour of every day, caretakers posing in street clothes, and only one door in and out of town, all designed to keep the community safe.

  6. One of the last wishes of Terry Pratchet, author of the Discworld Universe, was to have all his unfinished works crushed by a steamroller. The author’s wishes were fulfilled in 2015 when he passed from Alzheimer’s and the reason for it was so his work wasn’t mishandled after his death.

  7. Alzheimer's Disease does not affect emotional memory as strongly as informational memory. As a result, Alzheimer's patients given bad news will quickly forget the news, but will remain sad and have no idea why.

  8. People with Alzheimer's can get severly dehydrated, as they may forget it is necessary to drink or even how to do it. To help his grandmother, an inventor came up with colorful balls containing 90% water, which grandma can pound 7 in 10 minutes.

  9. Memories of music cannot be lost to Alzheimer's and dementia. The part of your brain responsible for ASMR catalogs music, and appears to be a stronghold against Alzheimer's and dementia.

  10. The Dutch built a nursing home for Alzheimers patients that pretends as a village, complete with shops, restaurants, movie theaters, all staffed by personnel trained to care for dementia patients.

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Agatha Christie’s novel “Elephants Can Remember” reveals distinct signs of Alzheimer’s onset, e.g., 20% fewer words or ⅕ of her vocabulary lost; 6 times more use of nonspecific words such as “thing”, and a sharp drop in “idea density”. That novel's last line is “Maybe it’s OK not to remember.”.

In April of 2018, scientists at the Gladstone Institutes in California completely erased Alzheimer’s disease damage in human cells by changing the structure of one protein.

Cognitive scientist Brian Butterworth diagnosed Ronald Reagan with Alzheimer's purely on the basis of speech errors in his speeches ten years before his disease was actually discovered

Neuroscientist James Fallon. While examining brain scans from both Alzheimer's patients and violent psychopaths, he used his family's scans as a control. One family scan displayed the structure of a psychopath's brain. After breaking anonymity, he realized the scan was his own.

Scientists found a drug developed for and trialled to treat Alzheimer’s disease, is able to promote new dentine production and natural tooth repair.

During sleep cerebral spinal fluid flows through the brain on the OUTSIDE of the brain's blood vessels and that the CSF removes brain cell waste including amyloid beta protein. This flow only occurs during sleep. Amyloid beta protein buildup is involved in alzheimer's.

The memory loss associated with Alzheimer's has been successfully reversed. In a small study using a 36-point, customized therapeutic program, 9 of 10 patients showed sustained improvement

Alzheimer's disease is considered by some scientists to be Type 3 diabetes because it results from resistance to insulin in the brain.

Individuals diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease may lose the ability to smell peanut butter. The "Peanut Butter Test" may offer an early indication of the disease.

Some Amish communities willingly participate in studies of genetic diseases, as they have unique genetics due to the enclosed nature of their order. Their extensive family histories are useful to researchers investigating diseases such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and macular degeneration.

Reagan's deterioration from Alzheimer's got so bad he once took a mini ceramic White House model out of his fish tank and when asked what he thought it was he answered, "I don't know, but it's something to do with me."

Seth Rogen testified before Congress to call for financing care for sufferers of Alzheimer's disease and that he has a charity for the same called "Hilarity for Charity"

Rita Hayworth began showing signs of Alzheimer's during her 40s. Even as it worsened, people blamed her behaviour on her heavy drinking. She never got a proper diagnosis until 1979 and upon her death in 1987 at just 68, she would become a major public face for Alzheimer's Awareness.

Learning a second language greatly reduces the risk of having Alzheimers later in life

In 1906 when Dr. Alois Alzheimer presented his groundbreaking research on the disease which would later be known as Alzheimer's Disease, the audience asked zero questions and made zero comments because they simply wanted to hear the next lecture (which was about compulsive masturbation)

Despite Alzheimer's Disease killing nearly as many people every year as cancer (in the U.S.), it receives only a tenth of the funding from the government that cancer does.

In Senior Centre in Düsseldorf they set up a Fake bus stop as a mean to keeps Alzheimer's patients from wandering off. the idea was so successful that it has been adopted by several other homes across Germany

Actress Marilu Henner who has a highly unusual type of memory, known as HSAM, which allows her to recall extremely specific details of any day she experienced in her life, has been part of a study that may aid Alzheimer's research.

By analyzing his speeches, researchers found Reagan to show signs of Alzheimers before his diagnosis

Reborn Doll therapy is used to help Alzheimer and dementia patients (reborn dolls resemble human babies as much as possible). At one care home in the UK, doll therapy reduced the number of patients using psychotropic medication from 92% to 28%.

Fungi has been found in the brains of Alzheimer's patients, but it is not known if fungus is a cause or consequence of the disease.

People diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease may lose the ability to smell peanut butter. The “Peanut Butter Test” may offer an early indication of the disease.

A study involving 165 patients with Alzheimer's found that those treated with the highest dose of an antibody drug, aducanumab, experienced an almost complete clearance of amyloid plaques (that supposedly lead to the irreversible memory loss and cognitive decline).

It's possible for well-educated intellectually active individuals to have Alzheimer's and not show any of the symptoms of cognitive decline, even when the desease was progressed much and their brain is riddled with plaques and tangles. However, they still die of it.

The third leading cause of death in America - behind heart disease and cancer - is medical error, claiming 251,000 lives each year, higher than respiratory disease, accidents, stroke and Alzheimer’s.