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  1. Eric Clapton once showed up drunk to George Harrison's house, silently handed him a guitar and amp, and the two had a musical duel for 2 hours.

  2. The distorted power chord sound of "You Really Got Me" by The Kinks was achieved when guitarist Dave Davies slashed the speaker on his amp with a razor blade. This sound went on to influence heavy metal and punk rock.

  3. Geddy Lee, the bassist for Rush, does not use amps while on stage and instead fills the empty space behind him with unique items such as Maytag dryers filled with Rush t-shirts or rotisserie ovens complete with a chef.

  4. Submarines were originally detected by sensing the way they distort the Earth's magnetic field. Now submarines have copper wires (with 4,000 amps running through them) wrapping the hull to demagnetize the ship to avoid detection.

  5. Volkswagen had a promotion where every car came with a limited edition electric guitar that could plug into the car as an amp

  6. The rented guitar amp used by Guns and Roses to record their hit debut Appetite for Destruction had unique modded circuitry, and was the source of some of the amazing guitar sound of that album. The band later lost the amp, and its whereabouts are unknown.

  7. Metallica was inspired to write their first ballad Fade to Black because all of their equipment got stolen along with the amp that James Hetfields deceased mom bought for him

  8. Rush bassist Geddy Lee plays direct to PA without any backline, so fills the space usually taken by amps with other appliances such as washer-dryers and chicken rotisseries....

  9. The plasma forming the aurora move as an electric current in the air, flowing at 20,000,000 Amps with a voltage of 50,000 volts.

  10. While Eddie van Halen was recording the guitar solo for Michael Jackson's 'Beat It', the entire guitar amp burst into flames as he laid down the track.

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amps fact data chart about Guitar amp tone and gain, in case you're on the fence about
Guitar amp tone and gain, in case you're on the fence about an amp purchase.

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Before he joined Queen, John Deacon (the bassist) was a trained electronics engineer. He used these skills to build an amplifier from electronic equipment he found in a dumpster. It became known as the "Deacy Amp" and, along with Brian May's guitar, was a key component of Queen's sound.

The speed at which electrons move through a wire is actually quite slow. A 1 amp current through an 18 gauge wire travels less than 0.1 millimeters per second!

Volkswagen released a car with a built in guitar amp and matching guitar.

The Kinks' guitarist Dave Davies created the distortion effect on You Really Got Me by slicing the speaker cone of his amp and poking it with a pin.

An electrical shock between .1 and .2 amps is immediately lethal, while shocks above that are typically survivable if immediately medical aid is given.

The Westinghouse sign was the first computer-controlled sign in the US. If replicated, it would have costed more than $2 million and its original power consumption at 500 amps, enough to supply 100 Pittsburgh-area homes.

Dumble Amps, the amps used by Carlos Santana, John Mayer and Stevie Ray Vaughan are covered in an epoxy that protects the schematic's exact design and can sell for up to 50k

While recording 'Appetite for Destruction' Slash used a modded amp head that was a rental. After recording, he kept the amp head but the rental company eventually repo'd it.

In 2005, US Marines massacred 24 unarmed Iraqi civilians in Haditha. Marines went house to house executing men, women, children as young as 1 yr-old & a 76 yr-old man in a wheelchair. The marines then urinated on the dead bodies. None of the Marines served jail time.

The Bugatti Chiron, a 1500 horsepower supercar, when being tested on a dynamometer, produces 1200 amps of power that gets fed back to the power grid.

Angus Young's amp blew up during the recording of "Whole Lotta Rosie". - fact check

Say Anything's album ...Is A Real Boy was recorded with a Pod/simulated amps for guitars in the producer's apartment.

When Angus Young of AC/DC was recording overdubs for "Whole Lotta Rosie", his amp started to fuse out and smoke. However, the producer told him to keep playing.

Amp; confirmed a blow dryer is the best cure for itchiness (poison oak/ivy, etc)

There are audiophile/hi-fi communities that believe the a/c power cable of an amp audibly affects sound quality.

The world's most expensive audio amp is the Pivetta "Opera Only" 160,000-watt 6-channel behemoth, which stands 2.5m tall, weighs 1500kg, costs over $2Million, and takes 6-months to construct by hand.

Google is finally working on options to improve their often complained about AMP service for mobile devices.

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