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  1. Pink Floyd played a concert with no audience at the ampitheatre in Pompeii, Italy 1971 being the first performance to occur there since the eruption of mount Vesuvius in 79AD at the time of the ancient romans

  2. The ancient Romans built statues of Hannibal Barca, the Carthaginian general who crossed the Alps and almost conquered the city, in Rome itself to advertise their defeat of such a worthy adversary

  3. Sea silk is an extremely fine, rare, and valuable fabric made from the long silky filaments which are secreted by a gland in the foot of a clam (Pinna nobilis) to anchor itself to the ocean floor. The material has been used since ancient times by Greek, Roman and Chinese cultures.

  4. The Ancient Romans had a method for choosing the best puppies out of a litter which involved surrounding a litter with an oil-soaked string and setting it on fire. The mother dog would jump over the ring of flames and rescue each puppy one by one, it was believed, in order of their merit.

  5. A furious riot that killed upwards of thirty thousand people in ancient Rome was started when a Roman soldier bared his rear and farted toward an audience of Jews celebrating Passover. This is also considered by many to be the first recorded "mooning".

  6. Ancient Christians made Jesus's birth date the same day as the roman holiday Saturnalia in an attempt to convert Pagans to Christianity. Nowhere in the Bible did it actually state that this was when Jesus was born.

  7. Claudius, a roman from a noble family, had severe disabilities and survived the assassination of his family because nobody thought he was a threat. Claudius became the Emperor after the death of Caligula, began the conquest of Britain, and is widely regarded as a great ruler of Ancient Rome

  8. Ancient Romans didn't measure time in 60-minute hours. An hour was about 45 minutes in winter and 75 minutes in summer.

  9. Ancient Romans would dye their hair black, because blonde hair was associated with prostitutes or French and German slaves. This trend began declining when Augustus Caesar, who was blonde, became Rome's first emperor.

  10. Ancient Greeks invented the modern shower using piped water. Rich and poor used large locker-room showers with bars to hang up clothing. Ancient Romans did the same, bringing showers to as far as England. The systems and habits of bathing every day disappeared after the fall of Rome.

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The ancient Greeks didn't wear pants because they found them "ridiculous". The Romans didn't wear them because it was seen as uncivilized and only Barbarians wore pants.

Ancient Roman coins were found buried underneath a remote castle in Japan. Archaeologists still have no idea how they got there.

The Pyramids of Giza were more ancient to the ancient Romans, than Rome is ancient to us.

The highest paid athlete of all time is actually an ancient Roman charioteer named Gaius Appuleius Diocles, who earned the equivalent of $15 billion before his retirement.

There is an artificial hill in Italy, over 100 feet tall, made entirely of empty olive oil pots, carefully placed over a period of 250 years by ancient Romans.

Despite ancient Roman bridges being the first large and lasting bridges ever built, many are still used despite being around 2,000 years old.

Gaius gracchus, the ancient roman politician, had a bounty put on his head to the price of the head's weight in gold. Although the head was delivered, the prize was never paid, as it was discovered that Gaius' captor had emptied out his brain and replaced it with molten lead.

There is a remote village in China where many of the inhabitants have blue/green eyes and fair hair. Researchers now believe the villagers may have descended from a legion of Roman soldiers who escaped from a doomed battle in ancient Parthia.

Ancient Greek and Roman statues were actually brilliantly colored and not just bare marble/stone.

The reason ancient Greek and Roman male statues wave such small willies, is because having a big penis was associated with stupidity, indecency, and being easily tempted. But having a small junk was associated with wisdom, willpower and rationalism.

Physicists like using 2000 year old ancient Roman lead in their experiments and this is pissing off archaeologists

Ancient Greek and Roman statues weren't originally just white marble. They were painted with bright, vivid colors which simply faded away over the centuries.

An ancient roman poem about how to get over someone who doesn't love you. It involves keeping busy by farming, hunting and traveling, having a lot of sex with multiple partners, avoiding being alone, and staying away from romantic works of art

Ancient Romans living in Pompeii had, by in large, better teeth than we do now thanks to their low-sugar diets and high fluorine content in the air and water from the nearby volcano.

Rome has an artificial hill consisting of 80 million ancient, used, olive oil amphorae. Monte Testaccio was in use by the Romans from 140 to 250 AD for disposing of these terracotta pots.

Ancient Romans believed eyelashes fell out from excessive sex and that long lashes indicated purity and chastity.

The name Pluto was suggested by Venetia Burney, an 11-year old school girl in England. She was interested in ancient mythology and thought that Hades, the Greek god of the underworld, made a good name. She suggested Pluto, to match the Roman god names given to the other planets.

Ancient Roman philosophers sported different styles of beards to distinguish which school of philosophy they belonged to.

The reason people believe breaking a mirror brings 7 years of bad luck is due to ancient Romans believing life renewed itself every 7 years and that breaking a mirror would damage one's self until the next 7 year renewal period.

Denis Vrain-Lucas made hundreds of thousands of francs by forging letters written by historical figures. It took fifteen years for him to be caught, even though his letters (many supposedly by ancient Romans or Biblical figures) were all in modern French, and written on watermarked paper.

Ancient China knew about the Roman Empire. They called them "Daqin" (大青) and documented several things concerning them, including a guide on how to reach them from China.

A Baltimore hairdresser helped prove that ancient Roman Vestal Virgins' hairstyles were not wigs, as was commonly believed, but was instead achieved through the use of needle & thread, which she showed by recreating the hairstyle on a live person for the first time in centuries

Romans didn't vomit during feasts, a vomitorium is a series of entrance or exit passages in an ancient Roman amphitheatre or theatre.

The ancient Romans built an artificial waterfall which to this day is the tallest man-made waterfall in the world.

To clean up after using the lavatory, ancient Romans used a "tersorium", a sponge on the end of a long stick that was shared by everyone in the community. When not in use, the stick stayed in a bucket of vinegar or seawater in the communal bathroom.