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  1. When former slave Jordan Anderson was asked to come back and work for his old master, he replied with a deadpan letter asking for 52 years' back pay as proof of good faith. The letter has been described as a rare example of documented "slave humor" of the period.

  2. In 2016 news anchor Anderson Cooper donated bullet proof vests to every K9 unit in the Virginia Police Department after finding out that a police dog was shot and killed during a shootout.

  3. A four year old boy named Bobby Dunbar went missing on a family trip, 8 months later he was found and reunited with his family. Nearly 100 years later, DNA proved that the child reunited with the Dunbar family was not Bobby but rather a boy named Charles Anderson

  4. Bob Anderson who trained Viggo Mortensen (Aragorn) in sword fighting also wore the Darth Vader suit during the lightsaber duels in Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.

  5. The cast of “Pirates of the Caribbean” learned how to work with cannons and swords in Pirates School, which included getting trained by the late famed swordsman Bob Anderson, who also was the lightsaber master who fought battles as Darth Vader in the Star Wars films.

  6. Gillian Anderson's performance as Dana Scully in The X-Files sparked a phenomenon called the "Scully Effect" where the character's prominence inspired a measurable increase in the amount of women entering the scientific, medical, and law enforcement fields

  7. Due to a clerical error Michael Anderson was never summoned to serve his 13-year sentence for armed robbery. In the 13 years he would have spent incarcerated Mike started his own business, had kids, and turned his life around. The mistake was only discovered when he was due to be released.

  8. At the age of 14, Tom Anderson (a.k.a. MySpace Tom) cracked the security of Chase Manhattan Bank and caused one of the biggest FBI raids in California history, but wasn't arrested due to his young age.

  9. Ian Anderson, the frontman for the rock band Jethro Tull, adopted the flute after realized he would never be "as good as Eric Clapton" on the electric guitar.

  10. Due to a clerical error, the state of Missouri assumed that a man named Mike Anderson was in prison, serving his 13-year sentence for armed robbery. It's only when they began preparing for his release did they realise that law-enforcement had forgotten to take him to jail.

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Walt Disney had his mustache accidentally lit on fire by the animator Ken Anderson. Ken was worried that he'd be fired, and it was showing in his work, so Walt shaved his mustache and spent the week eating lunch with Ken so he wouldn't feel so alienated.

Cheech Marin beat both Anderson Cooper (Yale graduate) and Aisha Tyler (Dartmouth graduate) at Celebrity Jeopardy.

After being called a nerd on the internet by John Anderson, Russell Tavares got in his car, drove 1,300 miles, and burned down Anderson's trailer.

In the 1946 movie It's A Wonderful Life when the pharmacist hits young George Baily (Bob Anderson) in anger and blood comes out of the child's ear, that was not a special effect. The pharmacist really smacked him so hard that the child's ear started bleeding.

Bill Murray was only paid $9,000 for his role in Rushmore, he also gave Wes Anderson a cheque for $25,000 when Disney wouldn’t pay for a helicopter for a montage scene.

Cheech Marin beat Yale graduate Anderson Cooper and Dartmouth graduate Aisha Tyler at Celebrity Jeopardy.

The Air Force made Richard Dean Anderson an honorary Brigadier General for his role as Jack O'Neill on Stargate SG-1

Eminem was interviewed on 60 Minutes and showed Anderson Cooper how to rhyme the word "orange" by making it two syllables: "I put my orange four-inch door-hinge in storage and ate porridge with George."

Ray J continues to make $90,000 every 3 months from his sex tape with Kim Kardashian. It is the biggest selling sex tape ever, a title that was previously held by Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee's sex tape.

Hans Christian Anderson ruined his friendship with Charles Dickens by inviting himself to his house and staying five weeks. He complained about the weather and service (no one would shave him), cut paper into weird shapes, and threw a fit on the lawn when his book got a bad review.

Fox initially did not want Gillian Anderson in the role of Dana Scully on The X-Files because they thought she wasn't hot enough - fact check

Pamela Anderson is Canada's "Centennial Baby", having been the first baby born on July 1, 1967, the 100th anniversary of Canada's official founding

Richard Nixon plotted an assassination to Jack Anderson by poisoning him or putting LSD on his Steering Wheel after Jack exposed corruption throughout his political career. The only reason the plot wasn't carried out was because of the Watergate scandal.

In 2004 Richard Dean Anderson was made an Honorary Air Force Brigadier General for positive portrayal of the Air Force on Stargate: SG-1

When celebrated singer Marian Anderson was denied permission to perform for an integrated audience because she was black, President Franklin Roosevelt arranged for her to give a concert on the steps of Lincoln memorial that was heard by thousands in person and millions over the radio

The inventor of the windshield wiper Mary Anderson was granted a patent for it in 1903, she tried to sell the rights in 1905 and was told that it held no commercial value and was unable to sell it. 19 years later, they became standard equipment on every vehicle.

Filmmaker Wes Anderson is the great-grandson of Tarzan creator Edgar Rice Burroughs

Bill Murray once gave director Wes Anderson $25000 for a helicopter rental for the film Rushmore As disney would not pay due to cost cuts

Anderson Cooper is a member of the once great Vanderbilt family, but inherited nothing because his relatives squandered the fortune; He built his career from scratch, starting with a forged press pass to Myanmar

At the age of 17, Richard Dean Anderson biked 5,641 miles from Minnesota to Alaska.

Stan Lee created an adult animated series called Stripperella where the lead character was a stripper superheroine/ secret agent voiced by Pamela Anderson - fact check

Anderson Cooper visited two bonobo siblings who have been taught to use English through symbols, they requested that he bring pine needles and wear a bunny suit.

Michael Anderson Godwin was charged with murder and sentenced to execution by electric chair. After his lawyer had his sentence reduced to just life in prison, Godwin died by accidentally electrocuting himself while sitting on the steel toilet in his cell.

Anderson Cooper spent two summers as an intern at the CIA - fact check

Richard Dean Anderson and a bushel of other 80 action stars all turned down the role of John McClane in Die Hard before Bruce Willis was chosen for the role.