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  1. Steve Sipek, who played Tarzan in "Tarzan And The Brown Prince", was once saved by a fire on the movie set by a lion who dragged him to safety. Sipek then adopted the lion out of gratitude, and started an animal sanctuary in Florida.

  2. Jon Stewart and his wife founded an animal sanctuary in New Jersey to rescue abused factory farm animals

  3. The 'Tamworth Two', a pair of pigs that escaped from a truck headed for a slaughterhouse in England. They were on the run for a week before they were eventually caught. The Daily Mail newspaper bought the pigs, which were then sent to an animal sanctuary to live out their lives

  4. The Great Nicobar Biosphere Reserve along the Bay of Bengal provides a sanctuary for many animals including the giant leatherback sea turtle, the Malayan box turtle, and the saltwater crocodile, among many others.

  5. Mine fields laid during the Falklands war now act as unplanned wildlife sanctuaries, protecting penguins and other animals that are too light to trigger the mines.

  6. A cow named Yvonne had escaped from her pasture and had a 10,000 euro($11,670) bounty placed on her. She was found 4 months later and brought to an animal sanctuary.

  7. CERN has an Animal Sanctuary for Computer Mice

  8. Kindness Ranch Animal Sanctuary. A 10,000 acre sanctuary for retired lab tested animals located in Hartville Wyoming, a town of only 62 people.

  9. A Scientology splinter group from the 60's became the 'Best Friends Animal Society', an animal sanctuary and non profit

  10. Primarily Primates - A non profit primate sanctuary in Texas for animals previously used in experiments and rescued

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Leanne Lauricella quit her six figure job in New York and moved to Jersey with her husband, to take care of special needs goats. Now she looks after 180 different animals in her non-profit sanctuary which is known on Instagram as Goats of Anarchy.

Walmart donates meat assholes leave on the shelves to an animal sanctuary.

The nation’s largest no-kill animal sanctuary, Best Friends Animal Society, can trace it's origin to a Satanic church with alleged ties to Charles Manson

Leo from Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary passed away last month. Leo was part of BLT (Bear, Lion, Tiger) living together since 2001 when rescued from drug dealers

An Indian man Prakash Amte has saved hundreds of wild animals from being hunted by setting up a Wildlife Orphanage and Sanctuary "Animal Ark" in his own home; The Ark houses leopards, sloth bears, snakes, birds, deer, owls, crocodiles, hyenas and monkeys

Since all the people left after disaster at Chernobyl, the exclusion zone has become a sort of makeshift animal sanctuary with many species (endangered and otherwise) living undisturbed by humans

Michael Vick had to pay $18,275 for each dog of his dogs that had to go into lifetime sanctuary at Best Friends Animal Society.

A cow that was captured by the police after escaping a New York City slaughterhouse has been taken in by an animal sanctuary and named for the rock legend Freddie Mercury.

The Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, one of the most prominent no kill shelters in UT, use to be a Satanic Church that serial killer David Berkowitz, the "Son of Sam" was a member of.

Jon Stewart Quits Comedy, Starts Animal Sanctuary to Rescue Abused Factory Farm Animals

About Yvonne, a Bavarian cow who escaped from her pasture and evaded authorities for 100 days while convincing other cows to join her before finally being captured and moved to an animal sanctuary.

Ligertown, an Idaho compound home to dozens of big cats and wolf-hybrids. In 1995, the animals escaped; 17 lions were shot and the rest went to sanctuaries around the US.

An Indian man has saved hundreds of wild animals from being hunted by setting up a Wildlife Orphanage and Sanctuary "Animal Ark" in his own home; The Ark once housed over 300 wild animals including jackals, leopards, bears, antelopes, pythons, crocodiles, deers and porcupines

A pregnant pig jumped from a truck that was transporting it to a slaughterhouse. The pig was given to an animal sanctuary where it gave birth. 9 of the 14 piglets survived.

Over the last decade in Florida, over 260 snakes , monkeys, lions, tigers, bears and other captive animals have escaped their enclosures at zoos, wildlife sanctuaries, and private homes, including pythons, boas, and venomous cobras

One of the central religious rituals of Ancient Greece was animal sacrifice, usually oxen, goats, or sheep, and took place in a sanctuary dedicated to a God or Goddess.