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  1. An estimated one in fifty people suffer from Aphantasia, a condition in which the person’s “mind eye” is blind and they can’t picture things just by thinking about them

  2. 2% of the population have Aphantasia, a condition making one lack the ability to conjure up mental images through the minds eye.

  3. Aphantasia, a condition in which people cannot visualise things in their mind - in other words, they do not possess a functioning "mind's eye".

  4. A disorder called Aphantasia, people with it cannot see images in their head. Many that have this disorder are completely unaware.

  5. Aphantasia, a condition where a person is unable to create imagery in their mind's eye.

  6. There is a condition called Aphantasia, where a person is unable to conjure up visual images in their imagination. When they close their eyes and think of an object, there is no visual imagery of the object - instead they imagine concepts that would describe the object.

  7. Aphantasia is the lack of ability to visualize images or hear sounds in your mind

  8. "Aphantasia", a recently discovered mental condition that makes it impossible for someone to picture images in their mind, such as a loved one's face, a sandy beach, or descriptive passages in literature.

  9. Pixar ex-chief Ed Catmull and others, like award-winning animator Glen Keane, suffer from Aphantasia, which is the lack of a functioning mind's eye, meaning they cannot voluntarily visualize imagery.

  10. Some people can't mentally visualize things. The condition is called aphantasia.

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About aphantasia, a condition where one does not possess a functioning mind's eye and cannot voluntarily visualize imagery

About 1 in 50 people can't visualize images in their head. It's called Aphantasia, and if you have it you can't even visualize things such as your own house or your best friends face.

The condition Aphantasia, which prohibits the afflicted person from visualizing images in their head.

Aphantasia, a condition in which sufferers are unable to create mental images.

Aphantasia - a Condition Where a Person Does Not Possess a Functioning Mind's Eye, They Are Unable to See Mental Images

About Aphantasia, a condition where somebody cannot picture or recall images in their own head.

Aphantasia, a rare condition which lowers one’s ability to form mental imagery. This means you can’t picture common objects or even loved ones clearly on your own; and also that you don’t have a voice in your head that forms as you read.

Some people have Aphantasia and are unable to form mental images. And therefore cant visualise anything.

Aphantasia the inability to picture mental images or have a "minds eye"

Some people can visualize objects in their head. I cannot, and it’s called Aphantasia.

Aphantasia is the inability to see any mental images.

About aphantasia, which is the name given to the inability to picture mental images, even of familiar places or faces. About 2% of the population would be affected by this condition, either since birth or following an accident.

About 2% of people have Aphantasia, the name given to the inability to call an image to mind. The name was coined in 2015.

Some people suffer from Aphantasia where they are unable to visualize mental images and remember faces, taste, voices, and smell. I also learned that I went my whole life not knowing that people can do these things.

There are some people who can't visualize things in their minds, so when asked to imagine something, they only see the blackness of their eyelids. These people, sufferers of "aphantasia", can't believe and/or understand the majority of us can, in fact, picture things vividly with our mind's eye.

Aphantasia. The Absence of Visual Imagination

The former boss of Pixar and most of its staff have a condition called aphantasia, that stops them being able to visualise images in their minds

Aphantasia - a condition where one lacks a "mind's eye" - ie, one cannot form mental images

When most people read a book or daydream they literally see what they are thinking about. Those that do not have Aphantasia, meaning their mind's eye is blind.

About Aphantasia, or the inability to voluntarily create mental images.

I have something called Aphantasia, where I am unable to visualise images in my head, and that it’s not a normal thing to see only total darkness when you close your eyes

2% of the population don't have the ability to imagine, a disorder known as Aphantasia

People With Aphantasia Can't Visualize Anything

Some people cannot see images in their mind. It's called Aphantasia.

2-3% of the population don't experience visual imagery (for example, they can't "picture" an apple in their mind's eye). Despite the fact that this was first formally described in 1880, the condition has just been named congenital aphantasia, and has hardly been studied.

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