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  1. On April Fools' Day 2006, Brian Shaffer, an Ohio State med student, was captured by CCTV entering a campus bar — but NOT coming out again. He's been missing for 10 years. Police wonder if he somehow escaped, others believe his body is still inside the bar.

  2. On Saturday night (30 March '12), the Chief of the Israeli Navy gave a surprise order for 3 ships to prepare to leave for a 10-day exercise; the men on the ships worked all night only to learn the next morning (1 April '12) that it was all an April Fool's Day joke.

  3. Agoraphobic Janet Faal left her Crawley, UK, home for only the third time in 10 years in April 2015, only to fall into an open manhole, break her nose and fracture her leg.

  4. Ronald Wayne was a co-founder of Apple. He owned 10% of the company, but sold his stock for $800 on April 12, 1976 (today, worth nearly 60 billion). He later accepted $1,500 to forfeit any future claims against Apple.

  5. The hoverboard was invented for real in April 2016. Powered by six compact jet engines totaling 1000 HP (equivalent to four automobile engines), and stabilized with Segway-like algorithmic balancing, it has a flight time of 10 minutes using a camelbak filled with jet fuel.

  6. Shakespeare and Cervantes died on the same date - 23 April 1616 - but not the same day. England at the time still used the Julian Calendar while Spain had switched to Gregorian, so Cervantes actually died 10 days before Shakespeare.

  7. Ramon Artagaveytia was one of the 65 passengers who survived the sinking of the ship America in 1871. The mental trauma gave him nightmares for the rest of his life and kept him off of ships until April 10, 1912, when he decided to visit the US and boarded the Titanic. His body was never found.

  8. Valerian develops pinnate leaves composed of 7 to 10 pairs of lance-shaped leaflets during the April. Leaves are covered with prickles and arranged in the form of rosette.

  9. General Lee gave a farewell address to the army of April 10 and on April 12 the Confederate soldiers turned in their arms.

  10. The John Denver super hit "Take Me Home, Country Roads", released in 1971, finally went Platinum (1 million sales) on April 10, 2017, 46 years after release.

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Google Trends Interest Over time - Interstellar x Black Hole - April 10 2019

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Flocks composed of between 10 and 70 pairs of birds will mate from April to August. Both male and female are in charge for nesting and incubation of eggs. Nests are made out of the sand, mud, feathers, pebbles and vegetation.

After Margaret Thatcher's death in April 2013, "Ding Dong! The Witch is Dead" reached the number 2 spot on the UK music charts, and became the first song under 60 seconds long to enter the top 10.

After the prohibition act the Finnish government intentionally started selling alcohol on 5 April 1932 at 10:00, thus creating a sequence of numbers: 5-4-3-2-1-0. Government wanted the opening time of alcohol shops to reflect the excited feelings of the Finnish people.

George first became a "minister of parliament" (MP), which is the elected officials in the United Kingdom's House of Commons, on April 10, 1890. He the representative for the Caernarfon Boroughs district of Caernarfon, Wales. He was a member of the Liberal Party.

In April, 2016, Chobani announced it was giving 10 percent of it's ownership stake to it's employees, making many employees millionaires.

Muhammad Ali Dodged 21 Punches in 10 Seconds in April 1977 exhibition match

Season 7, Episode 10 of the children's cartoon Arthur, titled, "April 9th," was an allegory for 9/11.

April 4, June 6, October 10 and December 12 will all fall on the same day of the week in any yearThese days are called doomsdays, and are meant to help calculate the day of the week of any given date. In 2015 doomsdays are all on Saturday.

Austrians had a voting ballot from 10 April 1938 with the exact question: Do you agree with the reunification of Austria with the German Reich and do you vote for the party of our leader Adolf Hitler? Yes or No. And the circle for Adolf was 200% bigger than for No...

The most extreme wind speed recorded on Earth is 253 mph (407 kph). This was on April 10, 1996, when Tropical Cyclone Olivia struck Barrow Island, off the coast of western Australia.

When the submarine USS Thresher was lost at sea during diving tests on April 10, 1963, the escorting ship actually heard the hull implode.

The Replicants from Blade Runner were born from Jan 8, 2016 to April 10, 2017. So all but Leon would be alive right now.

On 10 April 1959, Akihito the reigning Emperor of Japan broke with a 1,000-year tradition and married a commoner, Michiko Shoda.

Google announced Gmail on April Fool's Day 10 years ago - due to the timing, many assumed their promised free gigabyte of storage was a hoax

His fleet to North America had 10 ships and 700 men. He departed on the voyage on April 6th, 1538.

April 4 (4/4), June 6 (6/6), August 8 (8/8), October 10 (10/10) and December 12 (12/12) all fall on the same day of the year. Also, 5/9, 9/5, 7/11, and 11/7. For this year, that is, Saturday.

A 10-ton "fatberg" broke a London sewer in April 2015

The first “Human Cannonball” was 14-year old Zazel (Rossa Matilda Richter) who performed the stunt on April 10, 1877 at the Royal Aquarium in London

The last time Baltimore rioted was in April 1968 in response to the death of MLK. 10,956 army and national guard troops were deployed.

Warner Brothers (Apr. 4, 1923), Walt Disney Company (Oct. 6, 1923), Columbia Pictures (Jan. 10, 1924) and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (April 17, 1924), were all founded in just over a year.

On April 10, 1948, one day after the Deir Yassin massacre, Albert Einstein wrote a critical letter to the American Friends of Fighters for the Freedom of Israel refusing to assist them with aid or support to raise money for their cause in Palestine.

On 10 April 2015, US government agencies banned Intel Corporation from providing Xeon chips to China under the fears of nuclear research.

The first video on YouTube was uploaded exactly 10 years ago at 8:27 pm on Saturday, April 23, 2005. The 19 second video 'Me at the zoo' has since received more than 19 million views and more than 130,000 comments.

Ronald Wayne, a co-founder of Apple, sold his 10% stake in Apple less than two weeks after Apple was founded for $800. As of April 2016, if he had kept his 10% stake in Apple, it would have been worth almost $60 billion.

There is a new Measurement called the Mooch, which is approximately 10 days. For example, April has 30 days or 3 Mooches.

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