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  1. American Singer-songwriter Bob Dylan has been touring non-stop since June of 1988 on what is now called the “Never Ending Tour”. He played his 3,000th show of the tour on April 19, 2019.

  2. On April 6. 1893 Andy Bowen and Jack Burke were involved in the longest boxing fight in history. The fight lasted 111 rounds (3 minute rounds each), it took 7 hours and 19 minutes until referee John Duffy called "no contest" after both men were too dazed and tired to come out of their corners.

  3. April 19 is “Bicycle Day”, named after when Albert Hoffman, the man who first synthesized LSD, made the first intentional ingestion of LSD and then went home on a bicycle.

  4. Andrea Bocelli gave a concert in Milan's empty cathedral on Easter 12 April 2020 as people across the world were locked down in their homes due to coronavirus / covid 19 quarantine.

  5. An Asteroid called Apophis will flyby Earth on April 13, 2029 at approximately 19,000 miles above the surface and will be visible to the naked eye

  6. Convicted murderer Richard Wayne Snell repeatedly predicted there would be a bombing or explosion on the day of his execution or after, April 19, 1995. On that day, he smiled and laughed at breaking news of the Oklahoma City Bombing. Snell had plotted to bomb the same exact building in 1983.

  7. The FBI used pyrotechnics on April 19, which probably caused the fire. They originally blamed the Davidians for intentionally starting the fire, but later admitted it was probably their devices that started it.

  8. The Indian Removal Act was passed on April 24th, 1830 by the Senate. The vote was 28 in favor and 19 opposing.

  9. Lionel Crabb, a Royal Navy frogman and WWII veteran who, on 19 April 1966, diver into Portsmouth Harbour to recon a Russian ship berthed there. He was never seen again, and is presumed dead. The incident was a major crisis point in the Cold War between the UK and Russia.

  10. The Murrah Federal Building, target of Timothy McVeigh's April 19, 1995 terrorist attack had been previously targeted in October 1983 by Richard Snell, founder of white supremacist group The Covenant, The Sword, and the Arm of the Lord. Snell was executed for an unrelated crime on April 19, 1995

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On April 19, 1995 McArthur Wheeler robbed two Pittsburgh banks in broad daylight without wearing a mask. He had believed that by rubbing lemon juice on his skin, he had rendered his face invisible to security cameras. Upon his arrest, Wheeler incredulously said, “But I wore the juice."