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  1. There is a 500-year-old Beer Purity Law still in effect today in Germany. It was decreed on April 23, 1516, by Munich's Duke Wilhelm, protecting the country’s beer drinkers from contaminants, chemicals and any other additives that unsavory merchants might have thought of adding.

  2. The Miami Heat retired Michael Jordan's number 23 in April 2003 for "contributions to basketball." He never played for the team.

  3. Shakespeare and Cervantes died on the same date, 23 April 1616, but not on the same day.

  4. Shakespeare and Cervantes died on the same date - 23 April 1616 - but not the same day. England at the time still used the Julian Calendar while Spain had switched to Gregorian, so Cervantes actually died 10 days before Shakespeare.

  5. On 23 April 1981, the US Coast Guard Cutter Diligence was attacked by the navy of the newly formed Conch Republic. The Conch Republic launched a furious assault with water balloons. Given the sudden attack, Diligence returned fire with fire hoses. The Conch Republic Navy surrendered.

  6. On April 23, 1945 Allied troops captured the German nuclear energy research station and Laue was taken to Huntingdon, England and interned at Farm Hall.

  7. The land speed record on the Moon is of 16.9 km/h (10.5 mph). It was achieved during Apollo 16 by John W. Young and Charles Duke on April 23, 1972 during a 5 h 40 min moonwalk.

  8. From April 23 to April 30th 1983, She Blinded Me with Science by Thomas Dolbly sat at the top of the Canadian music chart. The only place it hit number 1

  9. On April 23, 1968, students protesting the Vietnam War took over Columbia Univ. in NYC, occupying buildings for a week.

  10. The longest professional baseball game was a 1981 minor league game between the Pawtucket Red Sox and the Rochester Red Wings. It lasted 33 innings. The first 32 were played April 18-19, and the final inning was played June 23. Pawtucket won 3-2.

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The Battle of Shiloh, a Civil War battle fought between April 6-7, 1862 in Southwestern Tennessee. There were over 23,000 casualties. It was the battle with the highest number of casualties up to that point. Shiloh is a Hebrew word which means "Peace"

Shakespeare and Miguel de Cervantes (author of Don Quixote) died on the same day: April 23, 1616.

The bloodiest attack on journalism in Europe in recent memory happened on April 23, 1999 when NATO bombed the headquarters of Serbian state radio and television, killing 16 people

Shakespeare and Cervantes both died on April 23, 1616... but also died ten days apart.

In 2014, Sony was planning to do a crossover between film series Men in Black and Jump street, with the crossover called MIB 23 created after Jump street 3 and MIB 4. This was confirmed in April 2016.

The first jersey number retired by the Miami Heat was Michael Jordan’s number 23, even though he never played for the Miami Heat. Team President (Former Head coach) Pat Riley told Jordan at the ceremony, “No one will ever wear No. 23 for the Miami Heat. You’re the best.” (April 11, 2003)

Not only has Jose Mourinho only lost 92 games in his entire career but between 23 February 2002 and 2 April 2011, Mourinho went 150 home league matches unbeaten, Mourinho has also only lost a total of 3 home matches.

The rapture is (now) slated for April 23, 2018 and Nibiru will finally appear bringing hell upon the earth.

Iraqi agents attempted assassination on former US President George H W Bush while he was on visit to Kuwait in April 1993 & US Navy Ships launched 23 Tomahawk Missiles in response.

For almost 23 years (May 1, 1795 to April 12, 1818) the U.S. flag had 15 stripes. It was the flag written about in "The Star-Spangled Banner" and the only time the U.S. flag did not have 13 stripes.

The First YouTube Video was uploaded on April 23, 2005, featuring its co-founder Jawed Karim at the San Diego Zoo.

The first video on YouTube was uploaded exactly 10 years ago at 8:27 pm on Saturday, April 23, 2005. The 19 second video 'Me at the zoo' has since received more than 19 million views and more than 130,000 comments.

The town of Key West declared independence on April 23, 1982, over a border patrol dispute. During the protest, the mayor also declared war: then surrendered in one minute, and requested one billion in foreign aid.

April 23, 1982, the Conch Republic was formed as a secession of the Florida Keys from the US in response to a Border Patrol Blockade on US1 at Florida City

Today, 23 April, is the 10th anniversary of the first video uploaded to YouTube.

On 23 April 1981, the US Coast Guard Cutter was attacked by the Navy of the newly formed Conch Republic. The Conch Republic a furious assault with water balloons. Given the sudden attack, Diligence returned fire with fire hoses. The Conch Republic Navy surrendered.

Judy Garland became the first woman to win Album of the Year at the Grammy Awards, winning for "Judy at Carnegie Hall" performed on April 23, 1961.

Legendary African American entertainer Paul Robeson (April 9, 1898 – January 23, 1976) said what he thought and gave no fucks that the FBI and HUAC targeted him

The first undisputed team to set foot at the North Pole was Soviet explorer Aleksandr Kuznetsov’s group on April 23, 1948

Matthew Henson(1866-1955) was an African American explorer who made seven voyages to the Arctic over a period of 23 years. He claimed to be the first to reach the geographic North Pole on April 6th, 1909. In 1988 he was posthumously awarded the Hubbard Medal by the National Geographic Society.

Highest Paid Asian Political Leaders (Date of 23 April 2015)

Wikipedia is completely blocked in only two countries; China (since 23 April 2019) and Turkey (since 29 April 2017).

On April 23, 2013, the Associated Press Twitter account was hacked and posted a message announcing "two explosions in the White House, Barack Obama injured". Between 1:08 p.m. and 1:10 p.m., the Dow Jones stock market index lost 145 points ($ 136 billion) before the agency announced the hack.

The first ever black world champion was crowned on April 4, 1961 - A man by the name of April 4, 1961. His first win was not officially recognized at the time, but on August 23, 1963 he won a world championship elsewhere, which became the first official win.

On April 23, 2013, Syrian hackers broke into Associated Press’s Twitter account and tweeted the White House was attacked with President Obama hurt. Stock market trading algorithms reacted and within 60 seconds lost an equivalent of $139 billion. Losses were recuperated 6 mins later