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  1. The worst maritime disaster in US history. On April 27, 1865. 3 of the 4 boilers on the steamboat Sultana exploded, killing 1196 people. The boat was 1779 people over capacity. The disaster is mostly overlooked due to John Wilkes Booth being killed the previous day

  2. JFK said this: '... I do ask every publisher, every editor, and every newsman in the nation to reexamine his own standards, and to recognize the nature of our country's peril." (and much more), in a speech given to the, American Newspaper Publishers Association, on April 27, 1961.

  3. A friend contacted the Soviets on his behalf and on 27 April 1945 a major in the Soviet Army arrived at his work in an armored car and he was taken to the Soviet Union.

  4. The Mississippi River steamboat, the Sultana, which exploded on April 27, 1865, killing over 1100 people in the worst maritime disaster in United States history.

  5. Although World Health Day is one of the most well-known celebrations meant to draw attention and raise awareness to a particular health cause each year, many other observances occur with the intention of raising awareness about health around the world, including World Leprosy Day (January 27), World Parkinson's Day (April), International Day for Protection of Children (June), World Arthritis Day (October), and World Cancer Day (February).

  6. On April 27, 1908 the first International Psychoanalytic Congress was held.

  7. Richard Nixon had a severe stroke on April 18, 1994 and died on April 27, 1994. Many former presidents were in attendance at his funeral.

  8. The slaves freed in Senegal by the decree of the Provisional Government of France on April 27, 1848 automatically became citizens of France by a law passed 14 years prior.

  9. On April 27, 2002 the Billboard Hot 100 contained no songs by a British musical artist - the first time that had happened in almost 40 years

  10. By the time The Beatles officially broke up in April 1970, the oldest, Ringo, was only 29 years old and the youngest, George, was 27.

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On April 27, 1953, President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed Executive Order 10450, which mandated the firing of all federal employees who were determined to be guilty of “sexual perversion.”