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  1. The lowest attendance for a Major League Baseball game was April 29, 2015, when zero fans saw the Chicago White Sox play the Baltimore Orioles. Due to civil unrest in Baltimore following the death of Freddie Gray, there was insufficient security available and no fans were allowed in.

  2. Gmail was believed to be an April Fools joke upon its release on March 29 due to its 1 GB storage space: Hotmail offered only 2mb at the time

  3. Tama (たま, April 29, 1999 – June 22, 2015), a female calico cat who gained fame for being a station master and operating officer at Kishi Station on the Kishigawa Line in Kinokawa, Wakayama Prefecture, Japan.

  4. An Eastern Island statue washed ashore on the beach in the Netherlands 29 March 1962 . It made international headlines and was put on display and it attracted thousands of visitors. On 1 of April the man who found it, a local artist, confessed to making and planting it

  5. He was the inventor of the electric trollybus which was first tested on 29 April 1882.

  6. Farragut took New Orleans on April 29, 1862, which proved to be a major victory for the Union and a huge loss for the Confederacy. Not only did the Confederates lose a major city and their largest port, but Farragut was able to launch a major campaign up the Mississippi and deeper into to Confederate territory from New Orleans.

  7. By the time The Beatles officially broke up in April 1970, the oldest, Ringo, was only 29 years old and the youngest, George, was 27.

  8. How a Tarahumara woman won a Mexican ultramarathon in sandals without proper training or gear. María Lorena Ramírez on April 29 beat 500 athletes from 12 different countries to come first in the the 50-kilometer ultramarathon known locally as the UltraTrail Cerro Rojo.

  9. On April 15th, 1856, 17 people were killed and another 29 were wounded after a dispute caused by a drunk man named Jack Oliver attempting to buy a slice of watermelon. The fight is now referred to as "The Watermelon War."

  10. Karl Marx HATED Jews and is quoted as saying: "The Jews of Poland are the smeariest of all races." (Neue Rheinische Zeitung, April 29, 1849)

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The show "Fantasmic" was originally scheduled to premiere at Disneyland on April 29, 1992, but the L.A. riots, which started on the same day, forced the show's delay until May 13. The show's promotional slogan "Be Here When the Night Ignites" was quickly removed as a result of the riots.

Popular Design News of the Week: April 23, 2018 – April 29, 2018

Today is the 50th anniversary of the death of Chinese dissident Lin Zhao. Sentenced to 20 years in prison for criticizing the Communist government, she was executed April 29, 1968. Her family was then demanded to reimburse the ~5¢ cost of the bullet used in the execution.

In a diary entry dated April 29, 1805 Meriwether Lewis (of Lewis and Clark) wrote that the testicle of a brown bear are "suspended in separate pouches"

The Netflix show "13 Reasons Why" was associated with a 29% increase in teen suicides in the month of its release in April 2017

Wikipedia is completely blocked in only two countries; China (since 23 April 2019) and Turkey (since 29 April 2017).

Women vote for the first time on April 29, 1945 in France. French women were disenfranchised at all levels before 1944

Online Course: Understanding Markets as Complex Systems March 2 - April 29, 2016 | Development Initiative for South Asians

Nearly 190,000 people attended the 29 April 1995 second day of Collision in Korea, which is the highest peak in a show of wrestling

The last person to be born in the 19th century ( November 29, 1899) died in April this year.

On April 29, 1945, American soldiers came to liberate the Holocaust concentration camp Dachau. About 50 Nazi guards were killed that day as the freed prisoners attacked their previous captors, "including one who stomped on a German guard's face until it was completely destroyed."

Women vote for the first time on April 29, 1945 in France. French women were disenfranchised at all levels before 1944.