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  1. The oldest bar in the world is in Ireland. Archeological records have found that the walls of Sean’s Bar have been around, and serving, since 900 AD. Further, there are records of every owner of the pub back to its 10th century founding. It opened over 1100 years ago.

  2. In 2001 the Taliban destroyed the Buddhas of Bamiyan, ancient Buddha statues built into an Afghan mountain. Shortly after their destruction, researchers uncovered an archeological cave site behind the statues. The Taliban unintentionally uncovered new Buddhist treasures through their actions.

  3. There is a field of study that focuses on 'primate archeology'. This field believes that certain primates have entered their own stone age.

  4. Although there are some small Pre-Columbian archeological sites in Guanajuato, most historical tourism centers on the state's place in the War of Mexican Independence.

  5. There are nine sites in the park listed on the National Register of Historic Places including the Painted Desert Visitor Center, Painted Desert Inn, Agate House Pueblo, Painted Desert Petroglyphs and Ruins Archeological District, Puerco Ruins and Petroglyphs, Newspaper Rock Petroglyphs Archeological District, Twin Buttes Archeological District, 35th Parallel Route, and the Flattops Site.

  6. The fires revealed additional archeological sites that had been hidden because of tree growth and undergrowth.

  7. Some of the Africa's richest archeological sites have been discovered in South Africa, providing insight into early cultures.

  8. There are more than 800 important historical or archeological sites located within Petrified Forest National Park.

  9. The reason Mesa Verde National Park is so culturally and archeologically significant is because of the evidence of architecture, water systems and agricultural systems, artifacts, murals, rock art, and other significant finds in the area.

  10. Tourism in Veracruz is primarily centered on the coastal city of Veracruz City, where there are a number of resorts and motels. From Veracruz City many tourists visit the Pre-Columbian archeological sites, such as El Tajin.

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Besides its beautiful beaches and archeological sites, more and more tourists are coming to Quintana Roo for ecotourism. Rain forests tours as well as snorkeling and deep sea diving excursions are plentiful in the state.

One of the archeological sites (the Ozette site) is eligible for National Historic Landmark designation.

A Bronze Age archeological site along the Tollense River in northern Germany that suggests a massive battle around 1250 BCE

Within the Burren are many archeological sites and historical sites.

The Indigenous Languages section in Brazil's National Museum is believed to be completely destroyed by fire. All recordings since 1958, original ethnic-historic-linguistic maps localizing all ethnic groups in Brazil and the archeological references of all such groups since 1600.

Archeological evidence suggests the evolution of the human hand is attributed to prehistoric man's quest to obtain marrow from bones.

The world's highest archeological site is Mount Llullaillaco in South America - 22,109 feet above sea level, and the location of the mummified bodies of children from Incan sacrifices

Although its resort and archeological tourist industry has boomed in recent years, Nayarit's economy has been historically based on the agricultural sector. The main cash crops include coffee, sugar, corn, tobacco, and tomatoes, which is augmented by livestock and commercial fishing.

Mesa Verde National Park was the first site in the world to be protected for its archeological significance.

The Solutrean Hypothesis - a theory with some significant archeological supporting evidence that asserts that ancient Europeans called Solutreans may have been the first human colonizers of North America, predating the Bering Land Bridge migration by almost 10,000 years.

The United States Navy has it's own Underwater Archeology branch, which manages and studies military shipwrecks and sunken aircraft

Early Judaism in the Levant had elements of polytheism. Wherein there's archeological findings of YAHWE having a wife.

Abraham, Moses and Kind David probably never existed, according to Conservative Jews and archeology.

While many tales of the extinction of the Dodo bird as a result of mass killings by humans are reported, scant archeological evidence for that exists. Introduced dogs, pigs, cats and rats eating their eggs and competing with them for food is thought to be a more likely culprit for their loss.

The most recent known group of prehistoric humans, which aren't anatomically identical to us, are from an archeological site estimated to be only 11500-14500 years old.

From the Mesolithic period to the twentieth century, the DNA of cats recovered from archeological sites in the Near East, Africa, and Europe, Laura Geggel at LiveScience, 9000 years ago.

The oldest bar in the world is in Ireland. Archeological records have found that the walls of Sean’s Bar have been around, and serving, since 900 AD. There are records of every owner of the pub back to its 10th century founding. It opened over 1100 years ago.

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