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  1. Anthony Godby Johnson, author of a horrific autobiography, A Rock and a Hard Place. His story involved Keith Olberman, Paul Monette, Armistead Maupin, and the TV personality, Mr. Rogers. The whole ordeal is now considered a hoax and it's doubted that he ever existed.

  2. The strange case of Norma Armistead, a nurse who stole an unborn baby. Planning her crime by reading hospital files, she chose a woman soon due to give birth. Armistead stabbed her to death before ripping the baby from her womb to pass off as her own.

  3. James Armistead Lafayette was an African American slave who served as the first double agent spy in the American Revolutionary War. He reported on the activities of Benedict Arnold – after he had gone over to the British – and then Lord Cornwallis.

  4. In 1994, an autobiography, A Rock and a Hard Place, was published. It told the horrific story of an HIV-positive boy, Tony, who was raped and abused. But the whole story was a lie. Involved in the hoax were Keith Olberman, Mr. Rogers, and the writer Armistead Maupin.

  5. One of the most important spys of the American Revolution was a slave named James Armistead Lafayette. As a double agent, he was responsible for reporting the activities of Benedict Arnold and providing false information to the British. He was given his freedom for his service in the war.