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  1. Christopher Reeve considered suicide after his accident. His wife, Dana, assured him that no matter he decides, she will be by his side. He never considered suicide again.

  2. The filling between the wafers in Kit-Kats is made from other mashed up Kit-Kats that didn't get past the quality assurance due to minor imperfections

  3. In 2003 a teen with cancer died because his naturopathic Dr assured his parents he will cure his cancer with photo luminescence: taking a vial of blood from him, exposing it to ultraviolet light from a device, injecting the treated blood back in a hydrogen-peroxide solution. He died 9 days later

  4. In October, 2014, General Motors complained that the newly sourced Flint water supply was causing corrosion at a local engine plant. GM switched back to Detroit's Lake Huron supply, meanwhile residents complained about the smell and taste of their drinking water, which they were assured was safe

  5. Former US president, Franklin Roosevelt, proposed a second Bill of Rights that assured US citizens such things like the right to a job with a living wage, adequate medical care, the right to a decent home, and the right to a good education.

  6. In 2012 a 9-year-old Massachusetts boy was summoned for jury duty. He was encouraged to attend jury selection by his father who assured him "it's a day off from school and you get lunch".

  7. Frank Lloyd Wright designed Fallingwater in 2 hours. He assured his commissioner that he had been working on it, but in reality he hadn't started. When his commissioner suddenly announced he would be visiting, Wright drew the plans in the time it took the commissioner to drive up.

  8. Jet/planes are tested by blasting 800 gallons of water per minute, ice balls, and dead chickens at running engines to assure that they hold their form.

  9. Author Christopher Hitchens was called to the Vatican to give evidence against Mother Teresa's beatification. He said, "It was by talking to her that I discovered, and she assured me, that she wasn't working to alleviate poverty. She was working to expand the number of Catholics."

  10. In 1952 Lindberg confessed that during the 9th hour of his historic flight, gremlins appeared in his cabin, demonstrated advanced aviation knowledge and assured him that he would be successful.

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assured fact data chart about Once in a decade I get an acute anxiety attack. Here the blo
Once in a decade I get an acute anxiety attack. Here the blood pressure is averaging 155/90 for three days. The physician checked some of my vitals and assured me that I am not gon

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The phrase "all natural" is completely unregulated and can be used to describe any product. "The lack of standards in most jurisdictions means that the term assures nothing."

American politician and former vice president Elbridge Gerry (1744-1814) argued against the idea of a standing army, comparing it to a standing penis: "An excellent assurance of domestic tranquility, but a dangerous temptation to foreign adventure."

In the 18th century, stage actor Robert “Romeo” Coates was so bad, yet self-assured with his acting, that theaters would sell out from sheer curiosity. He'd often act out dramatic death scenes multiple times, frighten Juliet, and once came back on stage with a crowbar to pry open Capulet's tomb.

Women's MMA fighters are allowed to punch each other in the boobs, but they usually don't because it would result in mutually assured boobstruction.

Famous playwright Henrik Ibsen, after overhearing his nurse assure a visitor he was doing better, spluttered his last words, "On the contrary!"

After F. Scott Fitzgerald revealed to Ernest Hemingway that his wife, Zelda, had complained that his penis was too small, Hemingway examined Fitzgerald’s penis in a cafe toilet and assured him it was of “normal” size.

The Beatles played their first and only show in Florida on this date in 1964 at the Gator Bowl in Jacksonville. The audience was supposed to have been segregated so The Beatles refused to play until they were assured the crowd would be mixed

Labs working with level 4 biohazards such as Ebola, maintain a negative air pressure. This assures that in the case of a leak, clean air will flow into the lab, rather than possibly contaminated air flowing out.

Pringles are not truly a potato chip but a "potato crisp" as they are made from a dough and fried. The can was developed by a engineer who wrote Fantasy Fiction and used a super computer to assure the shape and size of the can for minimum breakage on movement.

Hospital bedridden former chief justice Earl Warren couldn't resist asking visiting supreme court justice friends whether the court would order the release of Nixon's Watergate tapes. They assured him the court voted unanimously to do so. Relieved, he died a few hours later.

In 2012 it was leaked that the military had changed its nuclear doctrine secretly, and was signed by President Carter. Instead of Mutually Assured Destruction, The military would concentrate its nukes on military targets and try to avoid harming civilians pointlessly.

Captain Beefheart once worked as a door-to-door vacuum cleaner salesman and sold one to writer Aldous Huxley. Beefheart's sales pitch was, "Well I assure you sir, this thing sucks."

Alfred Hitchcock used real birds during the final sequence of his film, The Birds. The lead actress, Tippi Hedren, had been assured by him that the birds would be mechanical. Instead, she endured 5 days of having real birds flung at her by two prop workers. Her eye was almost gouged out.

Ben Franklin told his friends to choose an older mistress, as their experience made them better at sex. He assured them that the human body aged from top to bottom so while the face and breasts may sag, the vagina stayed plump. Therefore you should put a basket over her head.

Statesman Elbridge Gerry said in the Constitutional Convention of 1787 that "A standing army is like a standing member. It's an excellent assurance of domestic tranquility, but a dangerous temptation to foreign adventure.

The ancient civilization of Assur would choose a random citizen every year by lot to administer the Kingdom. In return for that person's service the year was subsequently named after them instead of being referred to by a number.

When Pop Rocks first came out, the FDA set up a hotline to assure callers that the fizzing candy would not cause children to choke. General Foods sent letters to school principals, created an open letter to parents, took out ads, and sent the candy's inventor on the road to educate the public.

Bullmastiff is courageous, confident, independent and stubborn dog. It needs to be trained from the early age to assure desirable behavior in front of strangers and other animals. It responds well to the positive reinforcement methods and strong leadership skills of the owner.

In 2010 a man was arrested and faced 20 years in prison for having a DVD of Lupe Fuentes. A pediatrician assured the courts that she was 100% sure that Lupe was underage. She was actually 19

Laika, the first living being launched to space exactly 60 years ago, had a painful death. Until 2002 russian authorities sustained she survived for several days and died painlessly, assuring it was possible to live in space.

KitKat filling is made out of other KitKats that failed quality assurance

During the siege of the city during WWII, music performances were broadcast over the Leningrad 24/7 to bolster the civilians' spirits. At rare times, when music wasn't broadcast, a metronome was placed before the radio microphone to assure the people that the resistance was ongoing.

By the 1970s it became clear that it would be difficult, if not impossible, to "win" a nuclear war. Because of this, American military leaders argued that pursuing a policy of "Mutually Assured Destruction" by achieving parity, or near parity, with the Soviet nuclear arsenal would deter them from initiating a first strike.

The Great Storm of 1987: The day when hurricane-strength winds killed 18 people in England, less than 12 hours after the BBC weatherman Michael Fish had assure the nation that there was no hurricane coming.

In April 1941, President Roosevelt sent his son James Roosevelt on a secret, world-circling diplomatic mission to assure numerous governments that the United States would soon be in the war. Some of the countries contacted included China, Egypt, and Greece.