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  1. On August 19, 1980, a Saudi Arabian Airlines Flight carrying 301 people caught fire shortly after takeoff. The plane landed safely but when the ground crew opened the doors, everyone was already dead.

  2. August Busch IV, the former president and CEO of Anheuser-Busch, killed his passenger in an accident when he was 19. Although there were empty beer cans scattered around and he fled the scene, no charges were filed. The urine sample was lost and the blood sample was 'mishandled'.

  3. Black Elk died on August 19, 1950 at the age of eighty-six in in Pine Ridge, South Dakota. He grave is in the Catholic cemetery in Manderson, South Dakota.

  4. Augustus Caesar died on August 19, AD 14

  5. Augustus died on August 19, AD 14. It was suspected that he was poisoned but it is unlikely true. It is possible that it was assisted suicide ad he was in poor health.

  6. The US was ready to drop a third nuclear bomb on Japan by August 19, 1945. Japan surrendered on August 15, 1945.

  7. On August 19-20, 1945 12 Japanese employees in the Maoka Post Office, Sakhalin, refused to leave their station against a major Soviet attack to the town, and continued to relay messages. When that town fell 9 of them took poison.

  8. MSC Oscar is the largest container ship in the world (as of August 2015) The ship was first planned for 18,400 TEU. Upon completion of construction the capacity was 19,224 TEU.

  9. Three living presidents (Trump, Bush Jr. and Clinton) were born in a 10-week window, from June 14 to August 19, 1946.

  10. NASA's "Deep Impact" probe failed in its extended mission to study comets. At 12:38:49AM on August 11, 2013, its computer ran out of digits to store time in a 32-bit integer, permanently crashing the system. Computers around the world face a similar problem on January 19, 2038.

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Leslie Groves, director of the Manhattan Project, expected to have seven more atomic bombs to use on Japan. One on August 19, three in September and a further three in October.

About Maudie Hopkins, believed to be the last surviving widow of a U.S. Civil War veteran. She married in 1934 at 19 years old to an 86 year old man named William M. Cantrell. Hopkins eventually passed away on August 17th, 2008.

evidence showed that during the seven and a half months preceding Elvis's death -- from January 1, 1977, to August 16, 1977 -- Doctor Nichopoulos wrote prescriptions for Elvis for at least 8,805 pills, tablets, vials, and injectables. Going back to January 1975, the count was 19,012.

Tupac mocked Prodigy of Mobb Deep about his sickle cell anemia without any prior beef or reason. P spitted "Clocks tick your days are numbered in low digits" in response disstrack Drop A Gem On Em on 25th august. Pac died at september 13, 19 days later, 2-digit number later.

Popular Design News of the Week: August 13, 2018 – August 19, 2018

On this date in the 2008 election cycle (August 19, 2007), the Democrats had their ninth presidential debate. The first Democratic presidential debate of this election cycle is scheduled for October 13, 2015. By that date in 2007, there had already been 13 debates.

Khaled Al-Asaad died to protect antiquities (now treasures) he had spent his life studying and finding. He was publicly beheaded by ISIS after a month of torture on August 19, 2015.

Today(August 19) is Bill Clinton's 70th Birthday

Donald Trump (b. June 14, 1946), George W. Bush (b. July 6, 1946), and Bill Clinton (b. August 19, 1946) were all born within 10 weeks of eachother.

Donald Trump, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton are all 72 this year. Trump: June 14, 1946; George W. July 6; Clinton August 19; Hillary will be 71 on October 26.

Saudi Arabia publicly beheaded 19 people in the first half of August 2014 for offenses that ranged from drug smuggling to sorcery.

In August of 2001, actor James Woods traveled on a flight with 4 of the 19 terrorists involved in the September 11th hijackings. James Woods reported the 4 suspicious men to the pilots and a flight attendant; learning after the attacks that his suspicions were reported to the FBI.

Tupac mocked Prodigy of Mobb Deep about his sickle cell anemia without any prior beef or reason. P spitted "Clocks tick your days are numbered in low digits" in response disstrack Drop A Gem On Em on 25th august. Pac died at 13th september, 19 days later. 2 digits.