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  1. Under Julius Caesar, February had 30 days, but when Caesar Augustus was emperor he was peeved that his month - August - had only 29 days, whereas the month named after his predecessor Julius - July - had 31. He pinched a couple of days for August from February to make it the same as July.

  2. On august 10, 2018, an airplane was stolen from Sea–Tac Airport in Washington by 29-y-old Richard Russell, a ground service agent with no piloting experience. He flew around for 1h15min, kept radio contact, did a succesfull barrel roll, then crashed on an island purposely, killing only himself

  3. On the night of 29 August 1942, prison guards in Jasenovac concentration camp made bets among themselves as to who could slaughter the largest number of inmates. One of the guards, Petar Brzica, boasted that he had cut the throats of about 1,360 people that night.

  4. An erupting volcano can create a shock wave and a sonic boom. From a boat, on 29 August 2014, Phil McNamara was watching Papua New Guinea's Mount Tavurvur volcano when it suddenly erupted. In the plume a white cloud briefly appeared. The shock wave rippled above. And Phil caught it all on video.

  5. In early August 2017, a people smuggler off the coast of Yemen deliberately drowned at least 29 teenage migrants. The average age of the migrants was 16.

  6. Hungary suffered the worst hyperinflation in recorded history. When the pengő was replaced in August 1946 by the forint, the total value of all Hungarian banknotes in circulation amounted to 1/1,000 of one US dollar. The exchange rate from pengo to florint was 4×10^29 pengő for 1 florint.