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  1. Paul Bateson, who played the radiographer in The Exorcist's surgery scene, is a convicted murderer whose current whereabouts are unknown.

  2. Agent 47 was designed after David Bateson, who also does his voice in the video game

  3. radiological technologist Paul Bateson inspired William Friedkin to include a medical procedure in The Exorcist which Bateson performed in the film. Bateson, active in the gay leather scene, later committed a murder and was linked to a series of murders, inspiring Friedkin to make Cruising

  4. The radiological technician seen in "The Exorcist" is a real life murderer, Paul Bateson.

  5. A convicted murderer makes a cameo in The Exorcist (1973). Paul Bateson, who played one of the doctors in the cerebral angiography scene, was jailed six years after the movie was released for killing a film critic and possibly six other people who may or may not have been homosexuals.

  6. An actor who appeared in 'The Exorcist', Paul Bateson, was convicted of murder and suspected of a series of unsolved slayings involving gay men. He was also portrayed in the TV Show 'Mindhunter' as a serial killer.

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