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  1. Not long before his death, Freddie Mercury, confined to his bed, got to see an advance copy of the "Wayne's World" scene with Wayne and Garth headbanging to "Bohemian Rhapsody". He loved it and approved of the song's use in the film. The movie, in part, helped launch Queen's comeback in the USA

  2. In 1922, scientists went to a hospital ward with comatose children, dying from diabetic keto-acidosis. They went from bed to bed injecting the kids with a new extract, insulin. As they injected the last comatose child, the first one injected began to awaken.

  3. There was an intern who stole moon rocks from NASA, spread the rocks on his bed and had sex on them, resulting in contamination making the rocks virtually useless to the scientific community. He was sentenced for more than 8 years.

  4. Ed Sheeran bought a ticket to LA with no contacts other than one poetry night. He played open mic nights all over the city before he was spotted by Jamie Foxx, who was so impressed that he offered Sheeran the use of his recording studio and a bed in his Hollywood home for six weeks.

  5. Elephants are a keystone species. They carve pathways through impenetrable under brush shaping entire ecosystems as they create pools in dried river beds and spread seeds as they travel.

  6. The flag should never be used as wearing apparel, bedding, or drapery. Also, the flag should never be used for advertising purposes in any manner whatsoever.

  7. Princess Diana was the first prominent public figure in the UK to be pictured holding the hand of a person with AIDS in his hospital bed, an action which helped to change perceptions on AIDS victims.

  8. 14-year-old Roman Emperor Elagabalus was a cross-dressing, sex-obsessed torture fiend who may have invented the whoopee cushion. He loosed venomous snakes into gladiatorial crowds and released his pet lions and leopards into banquet halls or the bed chambers of his guests.

  9. The official divorce complaint of Mary Louise Bell, wife of world-famous physicist Richard Feynman, was that "He begins working calculus problems in his head as soon as he awakens. He did calculus while driving in his car, while sitting in the living room, and while lying in bed at night."

  10. "lesbian bed death". Studies have found that lesbian couples have less sex than any other relationship, apparently because the sex drive of women in secure relationships declines.

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beds fact data chart about Time spent in bed versus the actual amount of sleep I receiv
Time spent in bed versus the actual amount of sleep I received

beds fact data chart about How many times my alarm rang (i.e. the first time + snoozes)
How many times my alarm rang (i.e. the first time + snoozes) before I got out of bed last semester

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Henry Ford allowed injured laborers to continue work from their hospital beds; screwing nuts on small bolts without getting out of bed. It was optional, but allowed employees to receive their normal salary while hospitalized. Ford believed the work to hasten their recovery.

Julie d'Aubigny was a 17th-century traveling swordswoman. Among her other exploits, when her female lover was sent to a convent, she also entered the convent, stole the body of a dead nun, placed it in her lover's bed, escaped with her lover and burnt the convent down.

Dogs will often burrow under blankets in bed because they feel the most safe and comforted there since it’s where their owners sleep.

The theory that the "monster under the bed" is an evolutionary leftover from our hunter/gatherer days. "children would fear bedtime because of the threat of wild animals."

Freddie Mercury used a piano as the headboard of his bed and would often play tunes that he had heard in his dreams . This was Bohemian Rhapsody began

While filming 'Das Boot', an actor fell overboard and broke a few ribs. Someone shouted, "Man overboard!" The director didn’t realize it was an accident and yelled, "Good idea, Jan." He still kept the scene and rewrote the actor’s part so his character spent the rest of the movie in bed.

There are more skin cancer cases attributed to tanning beds than lung cancer cases attributed to smoking.

In 1977 a urologist in New Jersey purchased Napoleon Bonaparte's penis for $3,000 and stored it under his bed for 30 years until he died. His daughter inherited the penis.

Guns N' Roses lead guitarist Slash once walked in on his mom naked in bed with David Bowie

The Aurora Ice Hotel in Alaska was made entirely of ice. Ice walls, ceiling, beds, bar, barstools, even martini glasses were made of ice. It was closed by the fire marshall for not having smoke detectors.

In 1903, two men and a pit bull made the first documented journey by automobile from San Francisco to New York using only a connection of dirt roads, cow paths, and railroad beds. The journey took 63 days, became a national sensation, and called for a system of long distance roads.

Bed bugs have dagger penises, and a Swedish researcher decided to use pheromones to leverage their anatomical “feature” to kill one another by means of “uncontrolled shagging”.

After a 1946 plane crash, Howard Hughes decided he did not like the design of the hospital bed he was laying in. He called in his engineers and had them design a new bed that would allow someone with severe burns to move freely. It became the prototype for the modern hospital bed.

In 2011 Nicolas Cage woke up in his Orange County house in the middle of the night to find a naked man, wearing Cage’s leather jacket, and eating a Fudgesicle in front of his bed. The man was arrested by police, but Cage didn’t press charges.

When China ordered a Boeing 767 from the U.S. in 2002 to serve as its presidential jet, its intelligence service discovered nearly 30 bugging devices onboard the plane, "including one in the headboard of the presidential bed." The C.I.A. and the White House refused to comment.

The waterbed was invented in 1833 by a Scottish Physician. He intentionally did not patent it so that anyone could design their own variation of the waterbed and it could help as many people as it could who were suffering from bed sores.

On his death bed in 1936, King George's Dr issued the final notice “The King’s life is moving peacefully towards its close" and then proceeded to inject him with 750mg of morphine and 1000mg of cocaine, enough to kill him twice over.

Exactly 700 actual beds were precisely laid out on a beach and used for the cover of Pink Floyd's album, "A Momentary Lapse Of Reason". None of them were cardboard cutouts.

When The Beatles first met Elvis Presley for the first (and only) time in August 1965, they were so starstruck that Elvis said that he would go to bed unless one of the band members spoke to him. The Beatles ended up spending between 2 and 3 hours with him.

Nicolas Cage had magic mushrooms with his cat, Lewis. Seeing Lewis eating the shrooms, Cage responded, "What the heck, I better do it with him." Cage recalls laying in bed for hours and staring at Lewis, as Lewis stared back. Cage concluded sagely, "and I had no doubt that he was my brother."

2500 BED (banana equivalent dose) is recognized as the maximum permitted radiation leakage for a nuclear power plant. The equivalent radiation from eating 2500 bananas. Quite literally a banana for scale.

A homeless man in NYC who would regularly order an expensive dinner at a restaurant and refuse to pay for it in order to be sent to prison where he would receive 3 meals a day and a clean bed. He refused to commit more serious crimes to get longer sentences as he did not want to hurt anyone.

Nicholas cage did shrooms with his cat Lewis. I remember lying in my bed for hours," he went on, "and Lewis was on the desk across from the bed for hours, staring at each other . . . not moving. But he would stare at me," Nicolas concluded sagely, "and I had no doubt that he was my brother.

The X-Files episode 'Home' which was about a murderous inbred family was loosely based on a story from Charlie Chaplin's autobiography where a family introduced him to their quadruple amputee son by pulling him out from under a bed after which he "flopp[ed] around" while they sang and danced.

An 18 year old model threatened to leak a selfie of her and NHL superstar Jaromir Jagr in bed together if he didn't pay her $2000 usd. His response- I don't care.

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Bed Bath & Beyond stores per 1,000 people in the US

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