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  1. A Wikipedia hoax article about a fictitious "Bicholim conflict" lasted from 2007 until 2012 on the site and won the status of "Good Article" in 2007

  2. A Wikipedia hoax called the "Bicholim Conflict". It was featured as a "good article" on Wikipedia, but it was removed five years later because the citations were fake.

  3. The Bicholim Conflict, the subject of a bogus wikipedia article about a fake war between India and Portugal. It was kept on the site for several years and the identity of its creator is unknown

  4. On Wikipedia, there was a fake article known as the Bicholim Conflict, where a battle occurred between the Indian Maratha Empire and the Portuguese Empire. This led to a peace treaty. This fake article was on for 5 years and won the rare good article from Wikipedia, and was later deleted.

  5. "Bicholim conflict", a hoax article on Wikipedia that not only went undetected for 5 years, but was even promoted to Good Article status.