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  1. Dr. Jerri Nielsen, a doctor stationed at the South Pole who diagnosed, biopsied and treated her own breast cancer during the overwinter period when the crew is normally isolated from the outside world. In complete darkness, medical equipment had to be airdropped from military aircraft.

  2. No single test to diagnose lupus exists. Instead it is diagnosed through the use of a variety of tools. A doctor (or doctors) may use medical history, examination, blood work, skin or kidney biopsies, or other available diagnostic tools to determine whether a person has lupus.

  3. Work is underway to develop a microrobot that will be capable of performing a biopsy of a patient from the inside of that patient. It is being built to swim similar to the way E. coli bacteria moves.

  4. Dr. Barry Marshal ingested H. pylori bacteria himself to prove the bacterial causation of peptic ulcers, which were believed to be just caused by stress and spices. He developed symptoms, his stomach got biopsied and infection was proved. He received Nobel Prize for his achievement in 2005.

  5. The only way to definitively diagnose Alzheimer's disease is by examining brain tissue from an autopsy or biopsy.

  6. In a study where the subjects were given biopsies, after 11 days, 76% of those who had expressively written about trauma had fully healed, compared to only 42% of the those who hadn't written anything.

  7. In 2009, there was a hairless monster in Panama named the "Panama Creature" which was discovered and killed by a group of teenagers. They took pictures and submitted them to a television station. A biopsy was performed on the creature and it was concluded that it was a male brown-throated sloth.