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  1. A blackbelt is only competent in basic techniques not "ninja like" mastery.

  2. 6th dan blackbelt Koshiro Tanaka gave up his dayjob to fight in the Afghan/Soviet war as a Samurai, teaching the jihadist martial arts, declared dead 3 times by the government. He is an advocate for Japan's right to go to war, something made illegal since WW 2. He is the current Hiko Ryu master.

  3. In 1994, a 250lb bodybuilder publicly challenged a 150lb Jiu-jitsu blackbelt to a no-rules fight

  4. The Roastmaster Jeff Ross has a blackbelt in Taekwondo

  5. Patrick Stewart had a combover until a blackbelt in Judo held him down and cut it off

  6. Cops in japan must attain a blackbelt in some form of martial arts before they can qualify joining the force.

  7. Putin has a 9th degree blackbelt in Taekwondo, besting Chuck Norris.

  8. Police in Japan don't carry firearms, but they are all required to be a blackbelt in Judo amongst other martial arts training.

  9. Koshiro Tanaka a 6th dan blackbelt that quit his Job to fight in the Soviet Afghan war teaching various mujahedin martial arts and fighting the Russians,as of now he is an advocate for Japan's right to go to War

  10. A 250lb BodyBuilder was completely dominated by a 150lb JiuJitsu BlackBelt