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  1. In 2013, Australian blogger Belle Gibson claimed to have beaten brain cancer using 'natural remedies' — selling a cookbook to cancer patients with all her 'secrets'. It was later revealed she never even had cancer, and was fined $410,000 by the Australian government for her deceptive practices.

  2. In 2014, a teacher and Education Blogger was fired for writing a blog post about homophones. The staff said he was fired because people would think the post had something to do with homosexuality.

  3. A wellness blogger who faked brain cancer was fined $410,000 for a scam involving her claims that her cancer was cured through nutrition and alternative therapies.

  4. Kirk Douglas, star of Stanley Kubrick's Paths of Glory (1957) and Spartacus (1960), will turn 100 years old on December 9th. He has starred in 91 films, won a Lifetime Achievement Oscar in 1996, and has survived a helicopter crash and a stroke. He is also the world's oldest celebrity blogger.

  5. Gender reveal parties only became popular after a 2008 blog post, and the blogger now regrets popularizing the idea

  6. An Islamic religious authority blamed women who dress immodestly for causing earthquakes. In response a blogger organized Boobquake, an event where 200,000 women wore immodest clothing in a light-hearted scientific experiment to produce an earthquake.

  7. A homeless man in Canada turned in $2000 he found on the street; when a blogger raised over $5000 in donations for the man, he turned it down, and wanted it donated to charity instead

  8. After blogger Jeff Pataky wrote about the incompetence of the Phoenix police department, the Phoenix PD raided his home, seized his laptop, backups and cable modem, handcuffed and detained his female roommate for over three hours, and took his sons out of elementary school.

  9. In March 2012, scientist and blogger Jonathan Corbett demonstrated the ineffectiveness of full body scanners by publishing a viral video showing how he was able to get a metal box through backscatter x-ray and millimeter wave scanners in two US airports.

  10. In 2005 a blogger named Simon Ng blogged about his sister's ex-boyfriend coming over 3 hours before the ex murdered him and his sister. His final blog post led police to apprehend their murderer.

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Rebecca Burger, a 33 year old fitness blogger, died after a pressurized canister of whipped cream exploded and struck her in the chest

In Russia bloggers and people with more than 3000 friends on social media need to provide personal details to a government regulator

Getty Images has been claiming copyrights on the awkward penguin on behalf of National Geographic targeting smaller bloggers and individuals while trying to keep it a secret.

Kyle McDonald, a Candian blogger, traded his way from a single red paperclip to a two story farmhouse over the course of a year.

The U.S. military researched into recruiting prominent bloggers and subtly change messages and data—merely a few words or phrases, destroying the enemy blogger’s credibility with the audience

Rebecca Burger, a French model and fitness blogger, who died after a whipped cream dispenser exploded, hitting her in the chest.

Jonathan Mitchell is an autistic author and blogger who is controversial for wanting a cure for autism, claiming that autism has prevented him from making a living. He has written three novels, 25 short stories, and has a blog called Autism's Gadfly.

In 2013 a spokesman for the US Navy confirmed that Captain Crunch has no record of service, after a blogger identified his insignia as that of a commander instead of a captain.

In 2006, a Canadian blogger made a series of 14 trades. He started with a red paper clip and traded his way up to a house. The items in the trades included a fish pen, snow mobile, KISS snow globe and a paid role in a movie.

There's an 104 year old blogger from Sweden, which makes her the world's oldest blogger. She has been on swedish news television several times and was nomitated for "This years TV-personality" on the swedish award show "Kristallen".

A Food Blogger was salaried $50,000 + free apartment and living compensation by Richmond Tourism

Dana Glowacka is a fitness blogger who managed to hold a plank for 4 hours, while an average human can endure holding planks for only 5 minutes more or less. She managed to hold a plank for 4 hours and 20 minutes, thus breaking the Women’s International Planking Record.

In 2013, a Toronto blogger lived an entire year solely on social media hand-outs.

Atheist bloggers in Bangladesh have been hacked to death for promoting secular humanism

A company called "Internet Reputation Management" recruits bloggers to write about clients on third-party sites, without necessarily disclosing that they're paid.

Belle Gibson, an Australian app developer, blogger, and alternative health advocate faked terminal brain cancer, claimed to have cured multiple cancers through diet and controversial alternative therapies and fraudulently claimed that $300,000 of income had been donated to charities.

A blogger named Lars Eindes programmed a clickbait title generator based on scans of around two million clickbait titles. This system is the backbone of another project of hers, Click-o-Tron, which provides fake news.

Russia has a “blogger law” that requires any person whose online presence draws more than 3,000 daily readers to register, disclose personal information and submit to the same regulations as mass media.

49% of bloggers and social media users are perpetrators of image theft and 28% of commercial businesses steal images online.

The marketing team for the movie "Coraline" Sent 50 prop boxes to 50 different bloggers.

Actor Kirk Douglas regularly blogs online. At 100 years old he is believed to be the oldest celebrity blogger in the world.

Discovery Island, Disney Worlds abandoned island in the middle of alligator-infested water filled with deadly bacteria. In 17 years, it's kept its eerie lights on and only been visited once by a blogger who swam in under cover of darkness.

Saudi blogger Raif Badawi was awarded Sakharov human rights prize

The popular rideshare blogger behind "The Rideshare Guy" blog used to be an Aerospace Engineer before he switched to driving an Uber.

A Food blogger was fined $3400 by a French court for writing bad review about a Restaurant. Part of why she was fined was because the post became so popular on Google that everyone saw it caused "great harm" to them