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  1. Dogs watch more TV now, thanks to high-def TVs. Old CRT TVs were too blurry for dogs to see, but modern screens allow dogs to see the images as clearly as humans

  2. A famous study -- showing that people supposedly do better on "trick" questions when printed in a blurry font, which makes them concentrate -- was debunked as an artifact of small sample size. (The study was cited in Nobel-Prize-winner Daniel Kahneman's book "Thinking Fast and Slow.")

  3. After almost 20 years of battling for a Hubble budget and creating the telescope, and after finally putting it into orbit, the first images NASA received were blurry because the mirror curvature was off by 2.2 thousandth of a millimeter.

  4. The cause of blurry vision in the first hour after waking in the morning is small pieces of rheum (eye sleep) unsticking from your eyeball and floating down to be washed away by your tear duct.

  5. Half the world’s population — about 5 billion people — will be nearsighted by 2050 if current trends continue. Nearsightedness, or myopia, is a common eye condition that is determined by the shape of the eye. It lets people see nearby objects clearly, but not distant objects, which appear blurry

  6. A blurry photograph occurs when the camera moves while the shutter is open.

  7. Signs of diabetes can include increased thirst, increased urination, blurry vision, fatigue, headaches, and many more.

  8. Astronauts eyes flatten after prolonged stays in space, causing blurry vision to be common among astronauts.

  9. The cover of Bob Dylan's 'Blonde on Blonde' was blurry simply because it was a cold day in Febrauary and the photographer was shaking.

  10. Jumping spiders gauge distance by comparing a blurry image with a clear image

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The technical term for a blurry background in which the viewer focuses on the foreground is called a "bokeh" (Japanese for "fuzziness)

The $2.5billion dollar Hubble telescope was fitted with a flawed mirror, resulting in blurry images. This was primarily down to an engineer using black tape and an X-Acto knife on a measuring device, instead of spray paint

Björk asked a director Nick Knight to make a music video for "Pagan Poetry" "a film about her own life" to which he replied: "Film your own love life". Therefore, the blurry yet explicit scenes of fellatio&ejaculation were from Björk's personal footage and filmed by a Sony Mini DV camera.

There was a psychic named Ted Serios who could produce Polaroid photographs with his thoughts called "thoughtographs", ranging from black/white patterns to blurry but specific images, still working from 66 ft away without physical contact. Neither proven or unproven, even skeptics were won over.

A NASA probe sent to image an asteroid named after Louis Braille failed due to a camera optics error resulting in blurry images

Magnification is not the most important consideration when choosing a telescope. Telescopes advertised on the basis of high magnification (400X to 575X power, or more) are a sure sign of inferior quality as excessive magnification blurs the already blurry image

Insulting the ancient Mayan deity Ahu Chamahez leaves you cursed with blurry vision. For eternity.

Björk asked Nick Knight to make a music video for her single "Pagan Poetry" "a film about her love life" so he gave her a Sony DMV camera to film her own love life. Therefore, the blurry sex scenes in the video are Björk's personal sex tapes.

Fish see things blurry on land like people do underwater

Our brains protect themselves from the blurry imagery which we’d otherwise see as our eyes glance quickly from point to point. That movement is called a “saccade”. instead of processing and recording the blur, the brain replaces that milliseconds-long moment with a still image of the second item

Why the Hubble can take detailed pictures of distant galaxies, but only shows blurry smudges for Pluto.

If "The Sims 4" detects that you're using a pirated copy of the game, any action that creates the "pixelated censor square" (showering, using the toilet, etc.) will cause that square to expand and fill the whole screen, leaving behind an unplayable blurry mess.

We are blind for up to 2 hours each day. Not because we're blinking, but because we're moving our eyes and the brain masks out the blurry images - it's called Saccadic Masking.

Estrogen affects your vision, so when I'm PMSing, my vision is blurry literally and figurativelyz

It is illegal in the US to publish high resolution imagery of Israel, which is why all images of Israel on Google Maps are blurry.

While images of prophets are not to be depicted according to the Quran, humans can be. That is why the face of Adam (considered a prophet in Islam) is blurry in Islamic children cartoons, and Eve's is not.

Sometimes telescopes are advertised using magnification, but a large magnification on too small a telescope just produces a large blurry image. If you want a good view, think aperture, not magnification

Sometimes telescopes are advertised using magnification, but a large magnification on too small a telescope just produces a large blurry image. Aperture is more important than magnification

Galileo’s best telescope magnified objects about 30 times. Because of flaws in its design, such as the shape of the lens and the narrow field of view, the images were blurry and distorted but he still saw the phases of Venus, craters on the Moon and four moons orbiting Jupiter

R/blursedimages isn't called that because it's blurry blessedimages (blur-sed) but because it's images that are blessed and cursed (bl-ursed). For the longest time I was unsubbed to it cos I thought I would only see low quality images on it.

About Computer Vision Syndrome, eye strain caused by prolonged focus on screens, which would explain why (after hours of gaming) my vision is often more blurry than normal.

Claude Monet (one of the pioneers of the impressionist movement) had very bad cataracts on his eyes, which makes everything look blurry. So the way his paintings were was less of an artistic statement and more so just how he saw things.

About The Elephants Foot of Chernobyl - a lava produced from the explosion. It is only 1 meter in size, but weighs an estimated two metric tons. Photos of it are blurry because of the reaction of the film to the radiation.

The first photos that came back from Hubble were blurry and to fix that NASA gave it a new prescription lens

Estrogen can affect your vision, so when I am PMSing, my vision is blurry literally and figuratively.