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  1. A boxing match between bi-sexual boxer, Emile Griffith, and Benny Paret. At weigh in, Paret antagonized Griffith by making homophobic remarks and grabbing Griffith's buttocks. Griffith won the fight by KO; Paret never regained consciousness and died in the hospital 10 days after the fight.

  2. Wilt Chamberlain once challenged Muhammad Ali to a boxing match. Wilt was a foot taller,60 pounds heavier, and had a 92 inch reach. During a joint press conference, Ali answered every question with “Timberrrrr!” After breaking to meet with his lawyers, Wilt returned and called the fight off.

  3. Wilt Chamberlain once challenged Muhammad Ali to a boxing match. Wilt was a foot taller and 60 pounds heavier with a huge reach. During a joint press conference, Ali answered every question with "Timberrrrr!" After breaking to meet with his lawyers, Wilt returned and called the fight off.

  4. Once Heavyweight Boxing Champion of the World Max Baer wore a Star of David during his title match against Hitler's favorite fighter, Max Schmeling. Baer won the bout and continued wearing the Star of David throughout the remainder of his career.

  5. Infamous film director Uwe Boll once challenged critics to a boxing match. 4 critics showed up. He proceeded to punch the living shit out of every single one of them.

  6. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, author of the famous Sherlock Holmes series, once caught fire while up to bat in a cricket match when a ball struck a box of matches in his pocket.

  7. Treblinka guard Kurt Franz would hide a small pistol in a boxing glove. He would then challenge prisoners to boxing matches. Right before the fight was to begin, Franz would shoot the prisoner dead.

  8. Theodore Roosevelt became blind in one eye from an injury suffered during a boxing match, while he was still in office

  9. In 1992, Continental Cablevision busted cable thieves during a Pay-Per-View boxing match by displaying a toll-free number (for a free T-shirt) that only viewers with illegal decoding equipment could see.

  10. During the Chelsea-Charlton match of 1937 on boxing day, there was thick fog and the match had to be stopped. The Charlton keeper stayed on the pitch for 15 more minutes without knowing, until a policeman found and informed him.

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boxing matches fact data chart about Analysis of over 750,000 boxing matches shows southpaw fight
Analysis of over 750,000 boxing matches shows southpaw fighters win about 4% more bouts. They're also much more average in size compared to fighters with orthodox stances

boxing matches fact data chart about Here's the Landed and Accuracy data visualization of punches
Here's the Landed and Accuracy data visualization of punches thrown in this past weekend's boxing match between Vasiliy Lomachenko and Luke Campbell.

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In the 1988 Seoul Olympics a boxing match was declared "No Contest" after a boxer heard the bell ending a round from a nearby second ring, stopped fighting, and was knocked down and counted out.

In 1969 a fictional boxing match between Muhammad Ali and Rocky Marciano was shown in movie theaters around the world. They were each filmed acting out every possible fight scenario and a computer used probability data to come to the result of a Marciano win by KO in the 13th.

The mayor of Keiv and heavyweight boxer Vitali Klitschko Won 45 out of his 47 boxing matches and Knocked out 87% of his opponents without ever being knocked out or even knocked down himself. That, along with the fact that he also has a doctorate, led to him being nicknamed "Dr. Ironfist".

The longest boxing match ever recorded was 111 rounds (consisting of 3 minute rounds each), between Andy Bowen and Jack Burke. It lasted 7 hours and 19 minutes.

The longest boxing match on record lasted for 111 rounds. At 3 minutes each, thats 7 hours and 19 minutes.

While Teddy Roosevelt was serving as the U.S. President he took part in a boxing match and he became blind in one eye.

President Theodore Roosevelt was blinded in his left eye during a boxing match in 1908. He followed doctors’ orders to stop, but kept the blindness a secret. Only a few of his closest confidants were ever aware that he had been blinded, and they wanted to protect the identity of the other boxer.

Film director "Uwe Boll", who challenged the five harshest critics of his films, to boxing matches. He fought and won against all five critics (video of fights in comments). Boll's invitations were also open to film directors Quentin Tarantino and Roger Avary.

Teddy Roosevelt went blind in one eye due to a boxing match at the White House, he kept it a secret.

Mating season of hares takes place during the spring. Hares use their front paws to fight with each other during this period (it looks like a boxing match). Scientists used to believe that males fight with each other to establish dominance and get opportunity to mate, but it turned out that females use their front paws to protect themselves from the pushy males when they do not want to mate. Phrase "mad as a March hare" refers to this unusual behavior.

In 2006 German filmmaker Uwe Boll, widely regarded as one of the worst directors in the world, challenged five of his harshest critics to a 10-round boxing match. The fights went ahead (in an event dubbed ‘Raging Boll’) and Boll went on to beat all his opponents.

The longest recorded boxing match ever was 110 rounds long and lasted 7 hours, beginning around 9 p.m. on April 6, 1893 and ending the next day well after 4 a.m.

Tim Tomeshek who was eating a hotdog in the audience of a boxing match and filled in for a boxer that pulled out of the fight. Tim Tomeshek took the fight on 2 hours notice

The 1970 film, The Super Fight, was a fictional boxing match between Rocky Marciano and Muhammad Ali and had two endings. The North America audience was shown a computer determined version where Marciano KO'd Ali out in the 13th round. In Europe Ali was the winner by KO in the 13th round.

Uwe Boll, a German director, challenged some of his critics to boxing match and they accepted.

About Jeremiah "Joe" Jennette, "The West Hoboken Ironman." Jennette fought in the longest boxing match in the 20th century at 49 rounds and over 3 and 1/2 hours.

28 of the 30 most watched television events in history are sporting events - 17 are Olympics, 7 are soccer World Cups, 2 are cricket World Cups and 2 are boxing matches. The only non-sporting events in the top 30 are the funeral of Princess Diana and coverage of the September 11th attacks

The German director Uwe Boll challenged five harsh critics each to a 10-round boxing match. To qualify, critics had to have written two extremely negative reviews of Boll. He won every match.

Pro boxing matches are not scored based on the amount of landed punches (like amateur boxing). Instead, each judge decides who wins each round at their own discretion.

A boxer named Jimmy Doyle died after a boxing match with Sugar Ray Robinson. He took the fight so he could buy his mother a house. Robinson gave his winnings from his next 4 fights so she could buy that house.

A boxer's natural swaying before a boxing match and a seasick prone individual's standing sway predict if they will get nausea from being hit in the head or from motion sickness

Norway outlawed professional boxing in 1981 sighting health reasons and blows to the head. The ban will be lifted and the first professional boxing match in 33 years will take place this month.

In Georgian London, Elizabeth Stokes (née Wilkinson) was a famous boxer whose exchanges with her opponents are preserved in the press of the time. Over the course of her career, Elizabeth primarily fought in boxing matches, although her skills with a short sword and dagger were well-known.

Salamo Arouch a boxer who survived the holocaust by winning boxing matches in Auschwitz

Olympic skater Tonya Harding knocked out comedian Doug Stanhope in a boxing match.