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  1. The Jackson 5 received only 2.8% royalties from Motown, so they signed with Epic for 20%. After being sued for breach of contract, Motown allowed the group to leave, as long as they changed their name, since “Jackson 5” was owned by Motown. The brothers renamed themselves simply “The Jacksons.”

  2. Tesla's Founder was Martin Eberhard, that he was ousted as CEO in 2007, and he subsequently sued Tesla and Musk in 2009 for libel, slander and breach of contract

  3. After 4 Blackwater private military contractors were killed in Fallujah in 2004, their families attempted to sue Blackwater. Blackwater then attempted to counter-sue for breach contract. The lawsuit was eventually dropped and a settlement was reached in 2012.

  4. A suicidal woman paid a contract killer to murder her - then sued him for breach of contract after he failed to 'deliver the service'

  5. André vs Pace University - a lawsuit in which a university was forced to return tuition for a course. The university was found to have breached the contract because the course description in the catalog was found to have been inaccurate and misleading.

  6. Event from Performance Artist Marina Abramović's viral video of her "The Artist is Present" performance was staged. And her lover, former collaborator actually sued her in 2015 for breaching contract of sale.

  7. Bonnie Parker, who had given 10's of thousands of dollars to televangelist Kenneth Copeland. She contracted breast cancer but would not see a doctor until it was too late. Her diary stated she believed it would have been a breach of faith to see a doctor.

  8. Donald Trump attempted to sue Bill Maher for breach of contract after Maher joked that he would offer $5 million to a charity of Trump's choice if Trump could prove he was not the love child of his mother and an orange-haired orangutan.

  9. 7 Shocking Reasons to Avoid a Breach of Contract

  10. Murderer Jessie Dimmick, while running from the police, broke into a couple's house and held them at knifepoint. After he fell asleep, they left and told the police of his location. Dimmick then sued them for $235,000 for breach of contract, saying they had promised not to call the police.

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In 1999, a Man (Leonard) Tired to Sue PEPSICO, INC. for Breach of Contract over a Harrier Jet Prize He Saw in a TV Advertisement for "Pepsi Stuff"

Nike was originally called Blue Ribbon Sports and sold Onitsuka Tiger shoes for Asics in the US. They would later sue Asics for breach of contract. In settlement BRS (Nike) could continue selling (essentially rebadged) Asics Corsair sneakers as Nike Cortez. It would be one of Nike's top sellers.

There is no love between parents and child in Taiwan. Son had to sign a contract before mom provide funds for his education. And end up the mom suing the son for a breach of contract.