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What is Breakthrough?
  1. About the MIT developed camera that uses terahertz radiation to read closed books. A fascinating breakthrough that could mean reading dated and delicate documents such as historic manuscripts without touching or opening them.

  2. Both Caller ID and call waiting were invented Dr Shirley Jackson; the first African-American woman to gain a PhD from MIT. Her breakthroughs in theoretical physics & telecommunications also allowed for portable fax, fibre optic cables, and solar cells.

  3. The "Loony Gas Building" was the name given to an old Standard Oil plant in 1924 after every single man who worked there was hospitalized for insanity... 5 of which died. The plant was manufacturing a new, breakthrough product: leaded gasoline additive.

  4. Professor Geoff Raisman spent 60 years of his life trying to find a cure for paralysis. He was fired twice but 9 months ago he helped paralysed Darek Fidyka walk again and believes his team's work, and this breakthrough, will help many paralyzed people walk again in the near future.

  5. The band No Doubt was actually formed in 1986 by Gwen Stefani’s brother in their parent’s garage. There were 9 members in the first lineup, but by the time they had their breakthrough album, Tragic Kingdom, Gwen was the only original one left.

  6. Professional hockey player Luke Piggott made a huge breakthrough in the fight against breast cancer, when he discovered how to kill breast cancer stem cells. He trains every morning with his team and then heads straight to the lab to conduct his cancer research.

  7. A major breakthrough towards the invention of plastics was achieved due to a surge in the popularity of billiard, prompting producers of billiard balls to offer a reward of 10000$ to anyone who could come up with a viable alternative to ivory (which the balls were hitherto made of...)

  8. An implant, that has reduced some epilepsy patients seizures by "half", is heralded as the first major breakthrough in epilepsy, all while a form of medical cannabis processed into a marijuana extract that is high in CBD content that has reduced patients seizures to ZERO is buried in controversy

  9. Dave Williams, former lead singer of Drowning Pool, died suddenly in 2002, a year after breakthrough hits "Bodies" and "Sinner", and had a lifelong dream to buy his parents a house; this wish was posthumously fulfilled thanks to subsequent DVD sales.

  10. For A Tribe Called Quest's breakthrough hit "Can I Kick It?", Lou Reed granted them permission to sample the bass line from his song "Walk On The Wild Side" only on the condition that he would receive all profits and royalties from the song.

What are some fun facts about breakthrough?

A project called 'Breakthrough Starshot' develops concepts for a tiny spaceship that should speed up to about 25% the speed of light and should be capable to reach our closest neighbour star Alpha Centauri in 20 years

In 2009, a major breakthrough in DNA testing enabling forensic scientists to determine hair, eye and skin color through a DNA sample, helped properly identify the ethnicity of a Louisiana serial killer responsible for the deaths of five women, and led to his capture four days later.

After several attempts to breakthrough the heavy Union lines, most of Lee's generals, with the exception of Brigadier General Edward Porter Alexander, urged him to surrender.

Her breakthrough was coating glass with 44 layers of barium stearate film which produced a glass which was 99% transmissive, and was known as "invisible glass."

Ostwald made breakthroughs in dilution theory and Ostwald's rule is named for him.

His breakthrough contribution was realizing that it wasn"t necessary to grow a single large polarizing crystal because micron-sized crystals aligned on a film would produce the same effect.

While studying for his doctorate, he worked at the Cavendish Laboratory, which was the site of many breakthroughs in the field of nuclear physics.

Buddy Holly and his band began recording demos and singles as Buddy Holly and the Three Tunes in 1956 in Nashville. By 1957 the band name had been changed to The Crickets and Buddy wrote the song That"ll Be the Day and recorded it with The Crickets that same year. It became their breakthrough hit.

Doris Lessing's breakthrough novel was The Golden Notebook. It was published in 1962.

The theory of structure clarified things in the field of organic chemistry and paved the way for many breakthroughs in that field.

MIT has created a machine to help track hypnagogic dreams - the state between being awake and asleep used by people like Tesla to make creative breakthroughs. - fact check

Doris Lessing published several books in the 1950s, before her breakthrough book was published in 1962. These titles include This was the Old Chief's Country (1951), Martha Quest (1952), Five: Short Novels (1953), A Proper Marriage (1954), A Retreat to Innocence (1956), The Habit of Loving (1957), Going Home (1957), A Ripple from the Storm (1958), Fourteen Poems (1959), In Pursuit of the English (1960), and Play with a Tiger (1962).

Oliver Wolf Sacks, author & neurologist, known as a "poet laureate of contemporary medicine”, burned his first book due to self-doubt. But went on to write many bestsellers. Including ‘Awakenings’ about his breakthrough work with survivors of the 1920s sleeping sickness encephalitis lethargica

Arnold's breakthrough role was in Conan the Barbarian in 1982. He performed many stunts and suffered a back injury.

Over 200.000 volunteers donated their computing power to make a breakthrough in Childhood Cancer.

The Soviet Union successfully used horse cavalry against the Nazis during WW2. They were often grouped together with fast moving tanks to push deep into enemy territory once a breakthrough in the front had been achieved.

Scientists had a breakthrough in Steel-making methodology called "B2-Dispersion" that has so far created ::Super-Steel Alloys:: 13% less dense than traditional steel & harder, that would bend (important), not break under pressure. The alloys so far are equal to Titanium!

Whenever you take a picture with your phone, you’re using NASA technology. In the 1990s a team at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory made a breakthrough in image sensor tech, making for sharper images.

The breakthrough discovery that silver iodide could be used effectively in cloud seeding to artificially produce snow and rain was made by Bernard Vonnegut, the older brother of American novelist Kurt Vonnegut.

The breakthrough which would change his fortunes came when he realized that he could make interchangeable parts that bolted together.

Operation Breakthrough. In October 1988, three gray whales became trapped in pack ice near Point Barrow. With help from the local Barrow community, a 5-ton-hammer dropping helicopter and two USSR ice breakers, a path was cut and two of the whales were thought to have survived. - fact check

Rockstar's breakthrough game, Grand Theft Auto III, featured two radio stations that had songs made specifically for the game itself.

This major breakthrough in DNA research earned him his 2nd Nobel Prize in 1980 and was used to sequence the entire human genome in this century.

This approach is considered the birth of quantum physics and was considered one of the scientific breakthroughs that most influenced modern physics.

About project Breakthrough Starshot - a program that could accelerate probes to 20% the speed of light, reaching Alpha Centauri in less than 30 years,