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What is Brexit?
  1. While the polls are open, it is a criminal offence for anyone, not just broadcasters, to publish anything about the way in which people have voted in the EU (Brexit) referendum

  2. Boris Johnson, the leader of the anti-immigrant Brexit campaign, is the great-grandson of the Turkish journalist Ali Kemal who migrated to the UK

  3. The 1997 book "Foundations of Geopolitics" by Russian political scientist Alexander Dugin lists Brexit and an isolationist US as some of its agendas.

  4. Post-Brexit British passports will be made by a Franco-Dutch company, which may cause job losses at the British company making current EU passports.

  5. The people of the United States of America have not had a voter turnout percentage in a presidential election that was near equivalent to the Brexit voting percentage yesterday since the year 1900.

  6. Traders braced for all-night vigil as Brexit votes counted

  7. The company behind Trump's online campaign (same company behind the Brexit campaign) was a Big Data company: Cambridge Analytica. They used a technique called Psychometric Profiling to keep Clinton voters away from the ballot box while every message that Trump put out was data-driven.

  8. The UK government introduced a new "Votes for Life" bill on 27 May to give votes for life to currently disenfranchised UK citizens living abroad that, if enacted earlier, would have enabled around 1.3M additional votes in the Brexit referendum from ex-pats. The Leave vote won by 1.27M.

  9. ..about the Free State Project which is a little like Brexit in the U.S. but run by crazy people.

  10. Learn complication of Brexit Government!

Data charts about Brexit

brexit fact data chart about Just over 5 weeks until Brexit. A quick reminder of how that
Just over 5 weeks until Brexit. A quick reminder of how that fateful referendum result came to be.

brexit fact data chart about Breakdown of the two opposing brexit petitions by UK constit
Breakdown of the two opposing brexit petitions by UK constituency

What are some fun facts about brexit?

The second referendum petition was started by a Brexiteer for use in the event the Leave campaign lost...too perfect for words!

The man who started a petition for a second Brexit Referendum, was on the side of the Leave campaign. He created the petition before the result, thinking the Remain side would win. It currently has over 3 million signatures.

What BREXIT is and how it impacts our lives

Over 50 years ago a book was written predicting what happened with Brexit!

Petition for London independence signed by thousands after Brexit vote..

..about the Free State Project, a US "Brexit" that has never really took off.

Britain will have the STRONGEST hand in Brexit negotiations as EU is 'starting to CRUMBLE'

After Brexit, Safety Pins are 'going viral.'

Brexit : quale futuro, tante paure tra chi scappa e chi rimane.

Switzerland never joined the EU. They submitted a bid to join 24 years ago, but could never agree on the terms, then they withdrew their bid during Brexit.

Find out about what is the role of Parliament in European Union and how the ministers are involved in deciding EU legislation - Brexit - fact check

Brexit: What WILL happen when Britain leaves the EU? - fact check

Boris Johnson, current Foreign Secretary of the United Kingdom, former Mayor of London, Eurosceptic and prominent proponent of Brexit vote, was fired from The Times of London in 1988 for fabricating quotes.

Brexit: [We are] complicating our withdrawal - fact check

Poor and marginalized voters were the key to the success of Brexit - fact check

1.2 million leave voters in Brexit regretted their choice, which could have changed the results.

A chief economist has formally proposed the possibility of an economical and military union between Canada, New Zealand, Australia and the United kingdom labelled 'CANZUK'. After Brexit, the union appears inevitable.

English will not be an official EU language after Brexit, says senior MEP - fact check

The era of post-fact, or post-truth politics is first mentioned over 10 years ago, but really started to get attention in 2016 with Brexit at the US Elections.

How you can turn a lie into a truth (according to the sinister Brexit playbook)

3 Million Brexit Tweets Reveal Leave Voters Talked About Immigration More Than Anything Else

Brexit leader Boris Johnson's full name is Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, his father worked for the European Commission and his grandfather Osman Kemal was from Turkey.

The Brexit could endanger the funding of Game of Thrones, which is partly funded by the European Regional Development fund.

The most recent Football Manager has both hard and soft Brexit scenarios built into it.

Cambridge Analytica, the company that has made Brexit and Trump a reality

Brexit infographics

brexit fact infographic about 587 days and counting since we went 24 hours without a UK MP
587 days and counting since we went 24 hours without a UK MP tweeting about Brexit

brexit fact infographic about UK EU Brexit Referendum Population Analysis "The will of the
UK EU Brexit Referendum Population Analysis "The will of the people."