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  1. Microsoft tried to monopolize the early web browser market by making it difficult to install other web browsers and slowing down Windows if Internet Explorer was uninstalled.

  2. To acquire their first users, Pinterest Co-Founder Ben Silbermann would run around Apple shops changing all browsers to Pintrest, before they caught him and kicked him out.

  3. When there is a disputed border, Google maps tailors its maps to the claims of each country where the Internet browser is located

  4. Microsoft once deliberately made look faulty in Opera browsers, pushing Opera users to IE. As a reply, Opera Software released Opera Bork Edition, which made look like its text was written in gibberish by Swedish Chef from Muppets Show.

  5. As part of his release, John Hinckley Jr. (who attempted to assassinate Ronald Reagan) is not allowed to drink alcohol, listen to violent music, look at pornography, or delete his browser history.

  6. Australia's biggest online retailer implemented an "Internet Explorer 7 tax", charging 10% extra for customers visiting the website using Internet Explorer 7. The tax goes up 0.1% for every month since the antiquated browser's release.

  7. North Korea's most popular browser is Google Chrome, while South Korea's is Internet Explorer.

  8. There is a browser called Iron with all the google chrome functionality minus the usage tracking and other privacy-compromising features of Chrome

  9. Internet Explorer was the default browser on Macs from 1998-2003

  10. Most Comcast customers now have a 1TB home internet data cap & subject to browser hijacks

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browsers fact data chart about 2018 financial breakdown of Ecosia, the tree planting web br
2018 financial breakdown of Ecosia, the tree planting web browser

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A visual map of every airport I've been to in 17 years of flying, FlightCentral Route Browser

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The Internet Archive offers a huge collection of classic MS-DOS games, which can all be played directly in the browser

Google's Gmail makes its money by scanning emails and pushing advertising and promotions to its Gmail users, generally through the Google Chrome browser.

The International Movie Database (IMDb) is almost 25 years old, older than the public release of the first web browser.

In 1994, the web browser Netscape Navigator was designed to displace the NCSA Mosaic web browser as the most popular browser. NN's internal codename was "mozilla" which stood for "Mosaic killer", and this is the origin of modern Mozilla Firefox name

A Sonic fan game came with malware DRM that sent the user's IP address to the creator, then used browser history and admin privileges to brick the game if the user tried to use cheat engines. Simply searching the name of the game followed by "cheat" would close the browser window.

You can be prosecuted for deleting your browser history-- as a felony, with a possible 20-year sentence. Even if you were unaware you were the subject of an investigation.

The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) was first published to the internet in 1990 and is older than the first web browsers.

In 1997, Microsoft entered a 5 year partnership with Apple, invested US$150 million, and announced that Internet Explorer would be the default web browser shipped with the Macintosh

The "visible web" -- what we can access with a browser--makes up approximately .03% of the web's content, while the deep web is thousands of times larger.

China created a botnet out of Baidu’s users by injecting malicious javascript code into their browsers which performed a ddos attack on Github

Mozilla is a portmanteau of "Mosaic Godzilla", a name which alluded to it destroying the Mosaic web browser.

Red panda is also known as "Fire Fox" because of its size and red color of the fur. Upper side of the red panda is red and white in color. Legs and belly are black. This type of coloration provides camouflage in the forest. Red panda is a trademark of Firefox browser.

Kingdom of Loathing, a browser-based MMORPG notable for having no subscription fees or microtransactions, requires users to pass a basic test of English grammar and spelling before allowing use of in-game chat. hosts over 2000 MS DOS games that you can play right in your web browser for free.

Microsoft was once sued by the United States for bundling Internet Explorer with it's Windows operating system because of the influence it had upon the "Browser wars".

There is a browser add-on, Hide Fedora, which block annoying Youtube comments from Reddit Armie

Internet Explorer tells web pages it is accessing that it is "Mozilla" because early web pages did not recognize IE as an authorized browser to give frames to but they did recognize Netscape (Mozilla). It was easier for Microsoft to impersonate Netscape than wait for web masters to catch up.

The purple color you see on links you've "visited" in your browser is called Rebecca Purple. It was named after Eric Meyer's 6 y/o daughter who lost her battle to cancer.

Despite Big Google creating Android, the impressive Chrome browser, Chromebooks, Chromecast, acquisitions of Nest, Waze, Motorola Mobility, 90% of annual revenues will still come from basic ads.

During Microsoft's Antitrust Lawsuit the DOJ demanded Microsoft include Netscape's browser in their Operating System. Bill Gates said this was tantamount to demanding that Coke ship a six pack of Pepsi with each six pack of Coke.

The world's first-ever web site was built at CERN by Tim Berners-Lee and put online on 6 August 1991. It provided an explanation of what the World Wide Web was, and how one could use a browser and set up a web server. A copy of that original page is maintained here.

The Cofounder of Firefox created JavaScript and is the CEO of a new company web browser called Brave which blocks ALL ads including youtube ads before & in the middle of the videos

GeoGuessr - an in-browser game that drops you into google streetview somewhere in the world and challenges you to figure out where you are via context clues

There is a browser plugin that shows you were US politicians get their funding from

Microsoft Internet Explorer has a mascotte called Inori Aizawa, and that she was created to convince anime fans to return to using the browser

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