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  1. The Bugatti Chiron has a max speed of 463 km/h but is electronically limited to 420 km/h

  2. Bugatti Used a Second Chiron as a Camera Car to Film Its 0-249-0 Record

  3. The type of person who owns a Bugatti Chiron would also on average own 64 cars, 3 jets, 3 helicopters, and a yacht, and drive 2,500 kilometres per year in the car.

  4. The Bugatti Chiron, a 1500 horsepower supercar, when being tested on a dynamometer, produces 1200 amps of power that gets fed back to the power grid.

  5. LEGO Technic can be used to create a Bugatti Chiron

  6. They built a life-size drivable Bugatti Chiron replica using only lego technic

  7. Lego built a FULL SCALE driveable version of the Bugatti Chiron made out of 90% Lego. They used more than 1 million Lego pieces, including 2000 lego motors, and a fully functional rear wing.

  8. The 10 most expensive cars in the world – $2.5 million – Bugatti Chiron

  9. The Bugatti Chiron is the fastest road car today as reviewed on Top Gear last night.

  10. Lego built a 1:1 copy of the Bugatti Chiron. Using the Lego Technic system, it took over 1 million parts with no glue used in the assembly. The car weighs 1,500kg and has a working engine (made of Lego) that generates 5.3hp and gets the car up to speeds of 12mph. It took 13,438 man hours.

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The Bugatti Chiron is the new fastest car on the planet according to Top Gear's last night episode.

The Bugatti Chiron is one powerful car in Top Gear S24E4.

The average Bugatti Chiron buyer owns 42 cars, one yacht, four houses and at least one jet. Opulence. I has it!

The average American would have to work for around 51 years at today’s average annual income level of $51,000 – and not spend a cent of it – to be able to afford a new Bugatti Chiron. The price of the car starts at 2.6 million USD.

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