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  1. Teddy Roosevelt's Son Died Flying for the US During WWI. When His Body Was Discovered Behind Enemy Lines, the Germans Gave Him A Full Military Burial With Honors.

  2. During WWII a Japanese Kamikaze hit the USS Missouri and his body landed on deck. Though an unpopular decision, the Captain demanded a proper burial for the Japanese soldier. He explained to his crew that: after death, he is no longer your enemy, and the crew hand stitched a Japanese flag.

  3. About renowned British military surgeon James Barry, a pioneer in the medical field with a career spanning over 50 years. After his death in 1865 the nurse prepping his body for burial noted female anatomy and stretch marks from pregnancy. Barry had been born a woman named Margaret Ann Bulkley.

  4. Red spider lilies are poisonous and were planted near burial sites in Japan to prevent animals from digging up corpses. As a result the flowers are now associated with death, funerals, and the afterlife.

  5. Turning your body into a tree once you die and having forests instead of traditional cemeteries is an upcoming burial method.

  6. Washington state will be the first state to allow human composting as a form of burial on May 1, 2020.

  7. The Ring Finders is a worldwide organization of metal-detection enthusiasts who recover lost items at little to no cost. Members have about an 80% success rate at finding last keys, rings, cellphones, time capsules, burial urns and more.

  8. Deceased Tibetan Buddhists are given a “sky burial” in which the body is folded in half, walked to the burial site on someone’s back, and then dismembered and fed to vultures. There is no wood for a cremation, and the ground is too hard to dig due to the high altitude they live in.

  9. That, when Genghis Khan died in 1227, he ordered his burial site to be kept a secret. To this end, his heirs slaughtered anyone who set eyes on his funeral procession. They buried him in an unmarked grave and to this day no one has found him.

  10. Mushroom Death Suit is embroidered with thread infused with mushroom spores that grow from the body after burial. These mushrooms digest the body as it decomposes and neutralize many of the environmental contaminants found in the body—including pesticides, preservatives, and heavy metals.

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A Bronze Age burial site about 5 miles from Stonehenge was discovered by a badger.

When Joseph Stalin's wife died he stated, "This creature softened my heart of stone. She died and with her died my last warm feelings for humanity." He became so distraught during her burial that he threw himself into her open grave and had to be dragged out.

When Dennis Wilson of the Beach Boys died, he wished for a burial at sea. Only veterans of the US Navy and Coast Guard are allowed a burial at sea without being cremated, but President Reagan directly intervened and allowed Dennis to be buried at sea.

After he was KIA during the Korean War, Sgt. John Rice, a Native American, was refused burial at a Sioux City cemetery because of his heritage. Hearing the news, President Truman ordered him buried at Arlington with full military honors between two generals

In 1918 Russia, the Romanov family were brutally executed (with an even more disturbing burial). The Romanov children survived the initial spray of bullets and attack with bayonets because their clothes were lined with more about 1.3kg diamonds and gemstones each, as an improvised armour.

After he was shot down and killed during WWI, the Red Baron was given full military honors by the Allies, including a proper burial near Amiens.

George Washington had a fear of being buried alive (taphophobia). He requested, if he died, his body be laid out for three days before burial to make sure he was dead before burial.

Samuel Morse missed his wifes death and burial because of slow communication, thus he began inventing the single-wire telegraph and morse code

Charles Byrne (aka "The Irish Giant") in 1783 feared grave robbers would steal & dissect his body after his death, he requested that his coffin be weighed down & buried at the bottom of the sea. Before burial, his corpse was stolen, dissected, & his skeleton still on display to this day.

That, while new burials are not permitted at the Serb WWI cemetery at Zeitenlik, the current 88-year-old keeper will be the last to be buried there due to a special decree

There is a grave in County Kerry in ireland that is the supposed burial ground of an Ancient Egyptian princess called Scotia, who led settlers named ‘The Scots’ (After the princess) to scotland after whom scotland is now supposedly named.

Museums have more than half a million Native American skeletons in their collections, even after returning 50,000 skeletons for burial

The tombstone marking John Belushi's original burial location on Martha's Vineyard has a skull and crossbones that reads, "I may be gone but Rock and Roll lives on."

The burial site of Genghis Khan has still not been found. The funeral escort allegedly killed anyone and anything that could haves witnessed the location of the emperor's final resting place. The slaves that built the tomb were also slaughtered, as were the soldiers that murdered them..

Wɑlmɑrt leveled prehistoric Native American burial mounds for fill dirt.

There is a charity you can donate your wedding gown to and they will have it converted into multiple gowns for families who have lost a baby. The gown is used for final photos and the burial.

"promession", an elaborate decomposition system that takes a body, freezes it, vibrates it to dust, and dehydrates it, to result in the most eco-friendly form of burial ever devised.

If you die in Amsterdam without anyone attending your funeral, a poet will write a poem for you and recite it at your burial. A biography of their life is also written on their website for anyone to read. They are to remain unnamed.

Author Ed Abbey's last wishes were for friends to transport his body in a pickup truck, foregoing undertakers, embalming or coffin in favor of an old sleeping bag and disregarding all laws concerning burial. He was laid to rest at a secret location in Arizona's Cabeza Prieta desert.

In 1599, Andrew Báthory, Prince of Transylvania, was killed and his head cut off. The head was then painted by a Greek artist and sewn back onto his body, before his burial.

Graveyard is a burial ground that adjoins a church’s and a cemetery is a burial ground that does not. People are buried in graveyards but in cemeteries it can be both people and ashes.

If you served, and survived, on the USS ARIZONA during the attack on Pearl Harbor, you can choose to be buried at sea with your crew mates. There are only 4 people left are eligible for this type of burial.

After having slaves build Genghis Khan's tomb, they were killed, and the soldiers who killed them were also killed in order to conceal the burial site.

Terry Ryan, a 13 year old Australian schoolboy who was kidnapped along with his friend Peter Aston by two strangers in 1982. Ryan only survived by helping in the assault, live burial and eventual murder of his friend. His kidnappers then dropped him home.

Archeologists excavating burial sites from 4000 BC have discovered clay pots repaired with glue made from tree sap.