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  1. Filmmaker Wes Anderson is the great-grandson of Tarzan creator Edgar Rice Burroughs

  2. The band Steely Dan is named after a strap-on dildo mentioned in the William S. Burroughs novel Naked Lunch

  3. William S. Burroughs published writing included novels, long fiction, non-fiction, letters, short stories, novellas, collections, collaborations, as well as recordings.

  4. After spending a 18 months doing boring analytical quality control for a food company, Elion was finally able to secure a position as a research assistant to George H. Hitchins at the Burroughs-Wellcome pharmaceutical company.

  5. Movies and documentaries have been made about Burroughs" life. William also played the character Opium Jones in the 1966 film Chappaqua.

  6. Before the 1980s, Herpes was considered no worse than the common cold. Burroughs Wellcome, creator of Zovirax, hosted an advertising campaign to create a market for their new drug that included making the social stigma that we have today about the virus.

  7. William S. Burroughs often said that Joan's death was pivotal in his writing career. Had she not been killed by his gun he thought he would not have been so compelled to write. He had used his first gun when he was eight years old. Joan died because they were drinking and playing a game with the gun.

  8. William S. Burroughs died on August 2nd, 1997 at the age of 83, in Lawrence, Kansas. He had a heart attack the day before and died from complications.

  9. Edgar R. Burroughs, author of Tarzan and John Carter novels, started writing as a lark in his free time saying "if people were paid for writing rot such as I read in some of those magazines, that I could write stories just as rotten." He became one of hollywood's most successful authors.

  10. Author William S. Burroughs, whilst in a Mexican bar, shot at a glass atop his wife's head but missed the glass subsequently killing her.

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The book remained on the New York Times bestseller list for 86 weeks and won the 1952 National Book Award for Nonfiction and the Burroughs Medal.

As an adult, Thomas Edison went on camping trips with Henry Ford, Harvey Firestone and John Burroughs.

After returning to the U.S. briefly William returned to Tangier for four years, and he wrote his most famous book Naked Lunch during his time there.

Jack Kerouac and William S. Burroughs's collaborative novel And the Hippos Were Boiled in Their Tanks got its title from a news broadcast about a circus fire wherein the announcer started laughing uncontrollably after reading the titular line.

Actress Elizabeth Montgomery (TV actress from "Bewitched") was a distant cousin of George Burroughs, the only minister executed during the Salem Witch Trials.

Far from being a savage ape-man, in Edgar Rice Burroughs original novel, Tarzan was of British nobility, taught himself to read and write English, learned to speak French and gave up his claim to nobility and Jane to his cousin so she could be happy.

While a freshman at Columbia Allen Ginsberg met Jack Kerouac, John Clellon Holmes, and William S. Burroughs.

While living in New York William S. Burroughs became addicted to drugs and sold heroin to support his habit. He was arrested in 1946 for forging a prescription for narcotics.

William Burroughs moved to various countries during his life, including England, Morocco, France, the United States. Italy, and Mexico.

In the 1960s Allen Ginsberg wrote Reality Sandwiches (1963), The Yage Letters (1963) with William S. Burroughs, and Planet News 1961-1967 (1968).

William wrote the book Queer while awaiting trial in Mexico but fled to the U.S. before it occurred, resulting in a suspended two-year sentence.

William S. Burroughs moved to Mexico with Joan, their son William, and Joan's daughter from a previous marriage.

In 1953 William S. Burroughs went to Rome, then on to Tangier, Morocco, where he began to write Interzone.

Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Harvey Firestone and John Burroughs, once camped across America. They called themselves "The Vagabonds".

William S. Burroughs" novel Junkie was almost complete when Joan was killed. It was published in 1953 by Ace Books.

American Author William S. Burroughs, attempting a William Tell act, shot his wife in the head, killing her. He later attributed this act was what spurred him into being an author.

David Cronenberg has said that he was influenced by Vladimir Nabokov and William S. Burroughs.

In 1947 William S. Burroughs and Joan Vollmer Adams had a son together which they named William S. Burroughs Jr.

While living in Mexico William killed Joan, his common-law wife, with a gun. He was arrested and charged.

Kurt Cobain met his idol William Burroughs and made the most obscure music of his career, 1992

After his army discharge Jack returned to New York where he became friends with other writers including Allen Ginsberg, a poet, and William S. Burroughs, a novelist.

William S. Burroughs enlisted in the United States Army in 1942 but was released after being deemed unfit due to mental issues.

William S. Burroughs once cut off part of his pinkie finger and gave it to a boyfriend he was obsessed with, went a year without changing clothes or taking a bath, and shot his wife in the head.

William Burroughs wrote an article on… Led Zeppelin!

William S. Burroughs moved to New York in 1944 and shared an apartment with Joan Vollmer Adams, Jack Kerouac and his wife Edie Parker.