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  1. When roosters open their beaks fully, their external auditory canals completely closed off. Basically, roosters have built in earplugs. This helps prevent them from damaging their hearing when they crow.

  2. When roosters open their beaks fully, their external auditory canals completely closed off. Basically, roosters have built in earplugs. This helps prevent them from damaging their hearing when they crow.

  3. There's a town in the Netherlands that has no roads or cars and everyone travels by foot, bike or canal.

  4. Since 1900 a London park has a Memorial to those that have died in heroic acts of self sacrifice and who might otherwise be forgotten. Each heroic act is listed such as, "Drowned in attempting to save a poor girl who had thrown herself into the canal".

  5. JFK's sister Rosemary Kennedy, was born mentally disabled because during her birth, the doctor was not immediately available and the nurse ordered Rose Kennedy to keep her legs closed, forcing the baby’s head to stay in the birth canal for two hours...resulting in a harmful loss of oxygen.

  6. Right after the French finished building the Suez Canal, a British Commander snuck his ship to the head of the opening fleet at night so his would be the first one through. The Admiralty gave him an official reprimand, an unofficial vote of thanks, and a promotion.

  7. Fuel has gotten so cheap that ships are now choosing to take the long way around Africa rather then pay the fees to transit the Suez Canal

  8. The Aztec capital Tenochtitlán was the largest city in the Americas with over 200,000 people. It was built on a man-made island in the middle of a lake - connected to shore by 3 causeways. It contained huge pyramids, floating gardens, aqueducts and canals. It was destroyed by the Spanish in 1521

  9. For years John Wayne supported giving control of the Panama Canal to the country of Panama. His support earned him the only hate mail he ever received in his life, but also his own island off the coast of Panama - appropriately named John Wayne Island.

  10. The reason Phoenix can exist in the middle of the desert is because in 1868 Jack Swilling discovered the ruins of a 27,000 sqmi canal system built by the Hohokam. He restarted the canals and today that infrastructure, with modern expansions, waters the city of over a million in the hot desert.

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The Yellow Fleet, fifteen ships that were stuck in the Suez Canal for eight years from 1967 to 1975 owing the dispute between Egypt and Israel. In that time, the crews formed a mutual aid association, a yachting club, and a postal service

The longest lasting construction project, the Corinth Canal. Dividing the Peloponnese peninsula and mainland Greece, it was first proposed as far back as the 7th century B.C.E., and was officially started by Nero in 67 C.E., but due to complications it was not finished until the 1890s.

There is a ruined city on 100 artificial islands linked with canals in the Pacific Ocean dating back to the 1st Century. Scientists do not know how they were constructed. Local legend says they were built by two sorcerers with the aid of a flying dragon.

The Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn, NYC is so polluted that unidentifiable new forms of microbiological life have arisen in its sludge

In 1956 Britain, France, and Israel invaded Egypt to get back the Suez Canal. Despite being a military success and having minor losses, it had so much political fallout that most historians consider it the end of Britain as a superpower.

The storm that caused the Dust Bowl of the 1930s carried twice as much dirt as was dug out of the earth to create the Panama Canal. The canal took seven years to dig; the storm lasted a single afternoon

Leonardo da Vinci invented the Miter Lock in 1497, which is still in use today including in the Panama and Suez Canals.

Holy Roman Emperor Charles V was one of the first people to propose creating a Panama Canal

The Israeli forces built the Bar Lev Line on the Suez Canal, costing $300 million and was expected to be a "graveyard for Egyptian troops", as it would take at least 24-48 hours to be breached. On 6 October 1973, armed with a few 100 water cannons, the Egyptians breached it in less than 2 hours.

The highest fee for crossing the Panama Canal was $375,600, while the lowest fee was 36 cents by someone who swam through it

A British ship snuck into the French-built Suez Canal the night before opening ceremonies to spite the French.

The village of Giethoorn in the Netherlands has no roads. People get around on foot or via one of the village's many canals

The war between Israel and Egypt in 1967 ended up trapping 14 unlucky Cargo Ships in the Suez Canal for eight years. During this period crew members drank so much beer, they speculated there must be five feet of beer bottles on the lake's floor.

During the warring states period, the Han sent a water engineer to Qin to build an excessively expensive and pointless canal in order to drain their rival's funds. However, the canal was a massive success and even today the area is very fertile.

After receiving a local anesthetic and root-canal treatment at his dentist, a 38-yo man has been experiencing a real 'Groundhog Day' type memory loss. For the better part of a decade, he has woken up every morning thinking it is the day of his original dentist's appointment

Canal France International accidentally broadcasted 30 minutes of porn to Saudi Arabia... instead of a children's programme.

Every year they pull out between 12,000 and 15,000 bikes from the canals of Amsterdam

The Yellow Fleet, 15 ships trapped in the Suez Canal for 8 years as a result of hostilities between Egypt and Israel. Over time they formed a micronation, a yacht club and staged the Bitter Lake Olympic Games.

California's largest body of water, the Salton Sea, was created by an engineering mistake. Irrigation canals were dug from the Colorado river to the Salton sink. When the river flooded a dyke was breached and the entire Colorado river poured into the sink making the sea.

Stalin ordered a canal to be built, by hand by prisoners in less than 20 months. The death toll estimates range from the official soviet death toll of 11,000 to Solzhenitsyn's estimate of 100,000. Once it was completed it was found to be too shallow to be useful.

When Disneyland first opened, so many weeds sprouted along the banks of the Canal Boats of the World ride that Disney ordered workers to place signs with exotic species names in Latin next to them to resemble an arboretum.

In the ancient Greek city of Sybaris, the citizens, derided by famous writers of the time for their extremely luxurious lifestyles, had canals built that transported wine directly from the countryside into their personal cellars.

There are about 2,200 miles of navigable canals in the United Kingdom requiring many tiny locks to be manually operated and many of them no wider than 7 feet (2.1m). Started for use as commercial transport in the early 19th century it has now turned into a leisure highway of "narrowboats."

When roosters fully open their beaks,their auditory canals are completely blocked off. Essentially, roosters have built in ear plugs. This stops them from damaging their hearing when they crow.

Some people have the "Arnold's nerve cough reflex", which causes them to cough when an object is put into the ear canal