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  1. Mr. T had T-cell lymphoma. He said, “Can you imagine that? Cancer with my name on it—personalized cancer.” Fortunately he was able to beat it and is cancer free.

  2. Sunburn is not caused by your skin cells being damaged by the Sun and dying. Rather it's their DNA being damaged and the cells then killing themselves so they don't turn into cancer

  3. In 1984 an 8 year old girl with sickle cell disease developed acute myeloid leukemia. To treat the cancer, the doctors gave her chemo and a stem cell transplant from her sibling. Not only did this cure her cancer, but it cured her SCD too. She remains disease free nearly three decades later.

  4. Heart cancer is not as common as other kinds of cancer because heart cells do not often undergo cell division, which reduces the chances of mutations that might ultimately lead to cancer.

  5. When you get a sunburn, it's not your skin cells being damaged by the sun and dying, it's your skin cells' DNA being damaged by the sun and them killing themselves so they don't turn into cancer

  6. Scientists in San Diego, CA have successfully genetically modified certain cancer cells to destroy other ones, using antibody therapy. The modified cells are transformed into super-charged immune cells.

  7. Tall people are at greater risk of cancer because they have more cells and for every 10cm of height within the typical range for humans the risk increases by about 10%.

  8. Plants don't die from cancer because plant cells can recreate any cell type the plant needs (unlike animal cells) so they replace dead cells & tissues easily. Also mutated plant cells are usually not able to spread to other parts of a plant due to rigid interconnecting cell walls

  9. When you get a sunburn, it's not your skin cells being damaged by the sun and dying, it's your skin cells' DNA being damaged by the sun and them killing themselves so they don't turn into cancer.

  10. At least once a day, your immune system destroys a cell that could have become a cancer cell if it lived

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The FDA approved the first gene therapy drug for use in the US - the drug modifies patient T-cells to hunt down and destroy cancer cells and has produced very high response and remission rates in clinical trials.

A sunburn isn't skin cells being damaged and dying, it's the skin cell DNA being damaged and then committing suicide to prevent cancers from growing, in a process called UVB-induced Apoptosis.

When you get a sunburn, it's not your skin cells being damaged by the sun's UV rays and dying, it's your skin cells' DNA being damaged by the sun's UV rays making the cells kill themselves to prevent turning into cancer

Professional hockey player Luke Piggott made a huge breakthrough in the fight against breast cancer, when he discovered how to kill breast cancer stem cells. He trains every morning with his team and then heads straight to the lab to conduct his cancer research.

Chemotherapy drugs to fight cancer were discovered in WW1 where the effects of mustard gas on surviors reduced the amount of rapidly dividing cells like white blood cells. First drug developed based on this research was called Mustine.

Ed Currie, Creator of the Carolina Reaper (the world's hottest pepper), Donates Half of His Pepper Harvest to Cancer Research as Capsicum Has Proven to Kill Cancer Cells

Mustard gas led to chemotherapy. During a World War II air raid, German pilots hit an American ship which had a secret stockpile of mustard gas. Doctors noticed that the gas suppressed cell division, which could fight cancer.

Brazilian wasp venom contains a toxin "MP1" which kills cancer cells with little to no harm among regular cells.

Your immune system destroys at least one cell every day that would have become cancer if it lived

Synthetic THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, has been shown to kill cancer cells in lab environments and could be an ideal candidate to be a "low toxic" treatment.

Fusing (B) white blood cells and cancer cells produces immortal antibody producing cells

Timothy Ray Brown revived a stem cell transplant to treat his acute myeloid leukemia in 2008. Not only did he eliminate his cancer, but he became the first person to ever be cured from HIV.

Mr. T's hardest battle was fighting a form of cancer called T-Cell Lymphoma. Even he couldn't ignore the irony, calling it a "personalized cancer" during an interview.

Gold nanoparticles are showing promise for cancer treatment. Clusters of gold nanoparticles sit on the surface of a cancer cell. When hit with a burst of infrared light, the clusters vaporize nearby water, creating bubbles of vapor that burst and tear apart the cell.

The National Cancer Institute documented Cannabis killing cancer cells in numerous case studies.

The southern copperhead (a snake) has a protein in its venom called "contortrostatin" that stops the growth of cancer cells and tumors in mice

Eating ripe bananas help combat abnormal cells and the more dark spots a banana has the better the anti-cancer quality.

Nano fibers have been used to migrate cancer cells from one part of the body to another where it may be easier to operate on. Also they could even be used to tranport cancer cells into a toxic gel where they are killed.

Sniffing farts is good for you. Small doses of hydrogen sulfide help keep cells healthy and thus help ward off maladies such as dementia, diabetes, and even cancer.

Dogs have a transmissible form of cancer called "canine transmissible venereal tumor" (CTVT), where the tumor cells themself are transmitted and do not originate from the host dog. The tumor cells are classified as a distinct species that diverged from canids thousands of years ago.

There are Now 100+ Scientific Studies Showing Cannabis Kills Cancer Cells

Oncolytic viruses are a type of virus that preferentially infect and kill cancer cells. A number of such viruses have been tested as potential cancer treatments and one has already been approved in the United States and Europe for the treatment of advanced skin cancer.

Immortal cancer cells collected from patient Henrietta Lacks months before her death in 1950 are still alive and being used today for research

Groundbreaking new cancer therapies ramp up the body's own immune system to eradicate cancer cells. One promising immunotherapy method, known as CAR T, has shown incredible success in clinical trials with children when most other options have failed.

Scientists have engineered a version of the Herpes virus that kills cancer cells, leaving healthy cells untouched.