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  1. Maple syrup was promoted in the 1800s as a slavery-free alternative to cane sugar: "Suffer not your cup to be sweetened by the blood of slaves."

  2. Monk fruit contains compounds that, when extracted, are natural sweeteners 300–400 times the sweetness of cane sugar but with no calories and no effect on blood sugar.

  3. Mexican Coke is actually brewed, with cane sugar, in mexico with the intention to be exported. However, Mexicans still consume corn syrup flavored coke, also brewed in Mexico.

  4. Evaporated Cane Juice' commonly found listed on some organic food labels is really just sugar in disguise.

  5. Humans are not the only animal that likes to get drunk. Australian parrots have discovered that sugar spilt from cane trucks and wet by dew overnight can rapidly ferment in the Sun, providing free booze.

  6. Abolitionists Used Maple Syrup in Their Cooking Because Molasses and Cane Sugar Were Both Slave Crops

  7. Fertilizer-infused water from Florida's 450,000 acre sugar cane industry near Lake Okeechobee causes coastal algae blooms that kill fish and oysters.

  8. During the American Civil War, maple syrup was advertised as a socially responsible alternative to slave-produced cane sugar.

  9. By 2030 LEGO intends to manufacture most of its products and packaging using environmentally friendly materials or recycled sources. They have already developed and released LEGO blocks made of plant-based materials. LEGO's new blocks are 98% polyethylene, made from sugar cane.

  10. They are herbivores. They like to eat grass, fallen fruit, sugar cane and corn.

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Barnyard grass is often planted in the fields by mistake, because it resembles a rice. Barnyard grass can reduce yield of commercially important plants such as rice, maize, sugar cane and sorghum for up to 50%.

Alligator weed produces dense mats on the surface of water and prevents growth of native plant species and commercially important crops such as soybean, sugar cane and rice.

Guadeloupe agricultural industry produces eggplant, bananas, cocoa, gourds, sugar cane, pomegranates, and jackfruit.

The Southern Colonies" landscape included forests, coastal plains, and hilly terrain. This region's focus was agriculture and farming to grow large plantations of cotton, tobacco, sugar cane, rice, and a purple dye called indigo. This region included a variety of religions such as Anglicans and Baptists. Because the winters in this region were not as harsh as in the north, disease spread and spread easier.

People used to chew sugar cane before they knew how to process it into granules.

Mimosa is highly invasive plant that negatively affects growth of important agricultural crops such as corn, coconut, tomatoes, soybean, banana, coffee and sugar cane.

Due to food rationing during the Second World War, people in the U.S. were encouraged to stretch their sugar rations by sweetening foods with maple syrup and maple sugar, and recipe books were printed at that time to help housewives employ this alternative source to cane sugar.

Bush rat is classified as pest in some areas due to ability to destroy fields of sugar cane and transmit numerous diseases.

Cookies as we know them date to 7th century Persia and made their way to Europe during the Muslim conquest of Spain. Persia was one of the first empires to cultivate sugar, sugar cane itself spread throughout Persia during the reign of Alexander the Great in 327BC.

Elephant grass and sugar cane have similar morphology. They differ in size (sugar cane can reach 19.8 feet in height) and shape of leaves (elephant grass has narrower leaves).

The largest producer of sugar cane in the world is Brazil.

Louisiana's major agriculture includes soybeans, rice, sweet potatoes, sugar cane, pecans, and cotton.

Cane toads were introduced in Australia with the intent to control the cane beetle, a pest of the sugar cane. Efforts to control the beetles failed, and worse, cane toads were very much worse pests.

Kilauea volcano had erupted in the town of Kapoho, Hawaii in 1960. The east rift zone erupted into a sugar cane field and buried the town over the course of two weeks. Kapoho is now one of the most expensive places to live on the Big Island, with homes going for $1m USD...

Alcoholic monkeys exists. They developed a taste for it by eating fermented sugar canes left on the ground, now they drink the alcohol left out from tourists.

The thumb and pinky "Shaka sign" is believed to have originated in Hawaii during the early-mid 1900s and was inspired by Hamana Kalili, a security guard who lost his middle three fingers in a sugar cane mill accident, and would wave that hand to indicate "all clear"

One of the most violent labor disputes of all time took place in Louisiana when white paramilitary attacked black sugar cane workers and their families

The Kentucky State song played at the Kentucky Derby - "My Old Kentucky Home" - is about slaves being sold "down the river" to southern sugar cane plantations

About agricole rum which is made from the juice of the sugar cane, not molasses.

300 years ago vervet monkeys were brought into the island of St. Kitts from West Africa. The monkeys that escaped acquired a taste for alcohol by eating the fermented sugar cane left in the fields. Today, they raid local bars to satisfy their thirst.

Men's preoccupation with potency has been presentfor thousands years.The recipe of the oldest potent drug Utkarika: sesame Powder, Masha pulse, and S’ali rice, Saindhava salt, juice of the sugar cane, hog's lard and clarified butter. Utkarika would enable a man to satisfy hundred women!!

The sugarbeet cultivation in Europe was launched by Napoleon in the beginning of the 19th century. Cane sugar had then disappeared from shops due to the British blockade.

There are different "levels" of photosynthesis, with certain plants using a more efficent metabolic cycle that uses intensive sunlight better. It is present in plants such as Corn, Sugar Cane and Sorghum

Coca cola uses the services of children who run round sugar cane farms with knives

If a bottle of tequila doesn't say 100% blue agave it has fillers like sugar cane and it's actually about 49% blue agave and 51% fillers