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  1. The 2003 Cat In The Hat movie was so bad that Dr Seuss’s widow specifically said that she wouldn’t allow any more live action adaptations of his work.

  2. Animal rescue organisations in the US are placing "unadoptable" cats with businesses as natural pest control. In many cases, this positive socialization leads to the cats becoming affectionate permanent employees of the companies.

  3. A cat in Wisconsin, saved her human family by pawing at them when they were feeling sleepy and got them out of the house. First responders did a test and revealed that the house had a dangerous level of carbon monoxide poisoning.

  4. Cats were kept on ships by Ancient Egyptians for pest control and it become a seafaring tradition. It is believed Domestic cats spread throughout much of the world with sailing ships during Age of Discovery(15th through 18th centuries).

  5. A Physicist Made His Cat The Co-Author Of a Paper Because He'd Accidentally Written "We" Instead of "I" Throughout the Paper and Couldn't be Bothered Changing It.

  6. Research shows that cats recognize their owner’s voices but choose to ignore them

  7. A woman named Angela adopted a cat and named her Missy. Missy pawed at Angela's chest and Angela felt that was not right and went to the doctor only to reveal that Angela had cancer. A year later Missy pawed Angela's chest again and tests revealed cancer again.

  8. There was a councilman in Texas who wanted to remove a cat from the local library. Not only he was the only councilman who voted for the motion, he lost in his bid for reelection, and the mayor declared the cat "library cat for life."

  9. Dr. Seuss's wife thought the Cat in the Hat movie was so bad that she forbid any more live action films of his books.

  10. Many animal shelters do not allow adoption of black cats in October to protect the cats from being sacrificed or tortured.

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My fat cat's 2-year weight loss journey

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Cats decided to live with humans on their own and domesticated themselves

A cat named Barney "the cemetery cat," beloved by his community, is buried in his own plot after providing comfort to mourners at a cemetery for 20 years.

In Russia. A cat saved an abandon baby by covering him and keeping him warm and meowed loudly to get the attention of a passersby.

Siamese cats are temperature sensitive albinos which cause cooler body parts to be darker and warmer parts to be lighter. As they get older, their body temperature decreases and overall color darkens.

Cats are thought to be primarily responsible for the extinction of 33 species of birds.

The famous "Keyboard Cat" video was originally filmed in 1984 and that its star, Fatso, died in 1987, twenty years before it was posted on YouTube.

There is a thing called "Keeping up with the Kattarshians" which is a popular show in Iceland that shows a 24/hr live feed of cats inside a miniature house

English king Charles I believed black cats to bring good luck, so he adopted one. On the day it had died, he lamented that his good luck was gone. The next day, he was arrested for high treason and was later executed.

Lorenzo Music, the voice of Garfield, would volunteer at a suicide hotline. Callers would sometimes change their tone to remark, "Hey, you sound just like that cat on TV!".

Vikings sailed with cats to keep rodent problem in check on the ships, this is believed to have caused the second wave of cat expansion around the world

In 1996 a stray cat who'd given birth to a litter in an abandoned Brooklyn garage returned to the structure five times after a fire broke out to save her kittens, despite her eyes blistered shut and her paw pads burned from the flames. (Mama and babies all survived.)

65-85% of all white cats born with two blue eyes are deaf, and if a cat is born with just one blue eye, only the hearing on that side is impaired.

Cats are known as both Invasive Species AND Superpredators due to their ability to rapidly wipe out entire species of small fauna, only surpassed by humans

A cat once co-authored a physics paper. In 1975, a physicist had just finished writing a paper and was ready to publish but realized that he had used 'we' instead of 'I' throughout, despite being the sole author. Not wanting to edit the paper, he listed his cat, Chester, as a co-author.

The CIA spent $20 million in the 60's training cats to spy on the Soviets. The first spy cat was hit by a taxi.

Basenji dogs are contenders for the title of oldest dog breed. From Africa, Basenjis are depicted in ancient Egyptian artifacts. Basenjis are “barkless,” fastidious and will groom themselves like cats.

the price of admission for a zoo in 18th century England was a dog or a cat -- they were fed to the lions.

Jake Perry has been the owner of two consecutive holders of the record for oldest domestic cat ever. Creme Puff lived to 38 years old, the equivalent of 165 human years. 1/3 of Perry's cats have lived past 30.

Toxoplasmosis Gondii, a brain parasite spread through cat feces, which slows rats, and causes attraction to cats. This parasite is transmissible to humans, and can cause humans to excessively care for cats. Also, infected female humans(&rats) are more likely to find infected males attractive.

About Tombili. A cat from Turkey that was well known for her friendliness, her unique way of reclining against steps and her chubby figure. When she passed away in 2016. The city of Istanbul honored her with a statue of her.

Nancy Cowen was forced to leave behind her cat Cleo, whom she had adopted as a stray, when she moved into a nursing home. About two weeks later however, Cleo managed to find the nursing home where she is now reunited with her owner as care staff intend on keeping them together.

About "whisker fatigue" in cats - they eat only from the center of their food bowls and then cry about it because brushing their whiskers on the side of the bowl causes sensory overload

There is a 1420 book that was found to have cat piss on one of its pages. The author of the manuscript even wrote on the page "Cursed be the pesty cat that urinated over this book during the night in Deventer... and beware well not to leave open books at night where cats can come."

Cheetahs cannot roar but instead meow like house cats

Cats put their butts in your face because they are allowing you to “get to know” them

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