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  1. Frederick W. Smith, the CEO, founder and chairman of FedEx, has separately killed two people in motor vehicle accidents: one in a hit and run (for which he was released on $250 bond), and another where he lost control, causing the vehicle to flip, killing the passenger.

  2. Current owner of the Houston Texans is Bob McNair, who owns 95% of the team. He is also chairman and CEO of the team.

  3. The current owner is Pat Bowlen; the chairman, president and CEO is Joe Ellis.

  4. There is technically no current President of the Walt Disney Company. Bob Iger held the position until becoming Chairman and CEO in 2005, but the title was never officially passed on and Iger does not go by that title.

  5. The former CEO of Google, and current Chairman, wasn't even told when the founders made acquisitions of other companies.

  6. In 2003, Washington Mutual bank chairman and CEO said "Five years from now you're not going to call us a bank." In 2008, Washington Mutual collapsed.

  7. In 2000 Nestlé chairman and former CEO Peter Brabeck-Letmathe stated that "access to water should not be a public right." While that statement was recanted, Nestlé continues to take control of aquifers and bottle their water for profit.

  8. Howard Lincoln former chairman of Nintendo of America and the CEO of the Seattle Mariners was one of the four boys depicted in Norman Rockwell's The Scoutmaster.

  9. Los Angeles's Wealthiest Person (networth est. $13.3B) is Patrick Soon-Shiong. Born in South-Africa to Chinese immigrant parents, Patrick is a surgeon, medical researcher, UCLA professor and chairman and CEO of several prominent medical-businesses. He is "the richest doctor to ever live"

  10. The chairman and former CEO of Nestle Group (world's leading bottled water company) is on the board of directors for ExxonMobil (world's leading fracking company).

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Former Tyco CEO Dennis Kozlowski is Out of Prison and is Chairman of a Non-Profit Helping Ex-Cons

MCA/Universal Studios almost acquired Walt Disney Studios in 1984, but the agreement fell through when MCA chairman Lew Wasserman simply refused to allow Disney CEO Ron Miller as MCA President from Sid Sheinberg, even though Sid agreed to step down from his role

The CEO and President of Right-Wing Sinclair Broadcasting Group was arrested for an "unnatural and perverted sex act" in a company car. He still serves as Sinclair's Executive Chairman.

Raymond W. Smith rose from an entry level management trainee at Bell Telephone of Pennsylvania to the Chairman and CEO of Verizon Communications. He's also a playwright, director, producer and actor in more than 50 productions in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and Swarthmore, Pennsylvania.

The chairman and CEO of Nestle Group (world's leading bottled water company) is on the board of directors for ExxonMobil (world's leading fracking company).

Many world renowned talents and entrepreneurs including Fackbook CEO Mark Zukerberg, Apple CEO Tim Cook, Linkedin CEO Ried Hoffman, Ali Group Chairman Jack Ma are all gathering at Shenzhen China for a Maker's Forum

Brian L. Roberts, Chairman and CEO of Comcast Endorsed President Obama's Affordable Care Act

Joe Ellis, the President, CEO, and Chairman of the Denver Broncos, is a member of the Bush (political) family through his mother Nancy Walker Bush Ellis, as well as, being the nephew of former President George H. W. Bush and first cousin of former President George W. Bush.

In 2003 Michael Eisner who was the Chairman & CEO of Disney at the time blocked Miramax from releasing Fahrenheit 9/11 because it criticized former US President George W. Bush. It ended up being the highest grossing documentary of all time with $222 million worldwide.

Alfred Heineken, old Chairman and CEO of Heineken, and his driver were kidnapped for 21 days. The abductors demanded 35 million for their release.

Erik Prince, former founder and CEO of Blackwater USA (now known as Academi), now-chairman of Frontier Services Group Ltd. and head of Frontier Resource Group, has a sister - Betsy DeVos, the current Secretary of Education.

Bitcoin's primary development group, Blockstream, is funded by AXA Strategic Ventures. They have a connection to the Bilderberg Group through Henri de Castries, Ex-CEO of AXA and Chairman of the Bilderberg group. Is this meant to be their one-world currency?

The same 2 founders of P2P network eDonkey went on to found SparkNotes, OkCupid, Mt. Gox exchange for Bitcoin, and the Ripple cryptocurrency. Yagan is the current CEO of ShopRunner & Chairman of, and McCaleb has an est. $20 billion in Ripple.

Robert A. Altman, current chairman and CEO of Zenimax Entertainment, was indicted on bank fraud charges in the 90's and suspected of among other things, drugs/arms smuggling, and funding terrorists.

Herb Kelleher, the CEO of Southwest Airlines, sent Robert Crandall, chairman of American Airlines, a vat of chocolate pudding after Crandall asked what Southwest planned to do with the manure from a plane it painted to look like Shamu

The current Apple chairman of Apple is also the CEO of an Alphabet (Google) subsidiary that focuses on fighting aging.

Joe Kanfer, Chairman and CEO of GoJo (the makers of Purell), wanted to name the product Flash because "it works in a flash".

Randall Stephenson, Chairman, CEO and President of AT&T is also the 36th President of the Boy Scouts of America. (2016 - Ended in 2018)

Randall L. Stephenson, Chairman, CEO and President of AT&T is also the 36th President of the Boy Scouts of America. (2016 - Ended in 2018)

Michael Eisner, former CEO and Chairman of Disney, was forced out of the company by a shareholder revolt. He once said, “it’s impossible to negotiate with Steve Jobs. [He] is a Shiite Muslim,” while trying to explain the friction between Pixar and Disney in the early 2000s.

Steve Jobs, the late co-founder, chairman, and chief executive officer (CEO) of Apple Inc biological father was Abdulfattah Jandali, a Muslim immigrant from Homs, Syria

Elon Musk founded SpaceX and Paypal, and is the CEO of Tesla Motors and a chairman of SolarCity

The name of the chairman and CEO of the National Enquirer is David Pecker. And that's pretty cool.

Apple late CEO Steve Jobs resigns as the company's chairman on September 16,1985.He was hired back as Apple CEO on September 16,1997. And Bill Gates and Microsoft to made a $150 million investment in Apple

The Chairman of Apple and the CEO of Calico (a Google based subsidiary) are the same person: Arthur Levinson