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  1. There is a scientific measurement for the 'risk of death' of any action: the micromort. If an activity is rated as one micromort, you would have a one in a million chance of dying while doing it. Running a marathon is ~7 micromorts, sky diving 10, and climbing Mount Everest 40,000!

  2. A "micromort" is a unit given to the amount of times a person will die out of a million tries. For example, going skydiving is 9 micromorts, meaning that there is a 9/1,000,000 chance that a person will die after a trip.

  3. During WWII American soldier John R. Fox died by calling an Artillery strike on himself. When a stunned soldier told him there was little chance of him surviving, he replied with "Fire it."

  4. A Mexican man told his daughter he worked at the WTC. She never heard from him again after 9/11 -- she's certain he died in the attacks. Authorities wonder if he used the tragedy as a chance to start a new life in California and didn't tell her. They removed his name from the 9/11 memorial.

  5. Sitting over 11 hours a day results in a 40% higher chance of dying from any cause.

  6. During WWII, Soviet POWs in Germany faced far worse treatment than any other nation with 60% chance of dying. In comparison, British POWs held by Japanese and German had respectively 25% and 3% chance of dying.

  7. A woman from Prague decided to commit suicide by jumping from her third-story balcony. By chance she happened to land on her spouse below, cushioning her fall. She survived, but he died.

  8. Only five percent of Americans ages 35-44 think they will die before reaching the age of 65 when in reality the typical 35-year-old male has a 17.5 percent chance of dying before age 65.

  9. Old people" are getting older. If your chance of dying within the next year is <1%, you are considered "middle aged." The threshold for men transitioning to middle age has increased 44 in the 1920s to 60 today. For women, that number jumped from the "late 40s" to 65.

  10. An average Soviet citizen had a higher chance of being killed by his own government (1 out of 222) than an average smoker who is smoking a pack a day is to die from cancer (1 out of 278)

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Would Reddit users take a 50/50 chance of either $5,000,000 or dying?

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Being obese is twice as deadly for men as it is for women. Obese men have a 30% chance of dying before 70; the rate is only 15% for obese women.

A man sued his cousin for not donating his bone marrow which had a 50% chance of curing his rare disease. The court ruled in the cousin's favor, and the man died a month later.

Comedian Sam Kinison was comforted by his best friend, Carl LaBove, as he died following an accident in 1992. In 2011, the Toronto Sun reported that Kinison had fathered a child with LaBove's wife. DNA tests taken from Kinison's brother show a 99.8% chance that Kinison was the father.

Your chances of dying doubles every eight years.

Your chance of dying in any given year doubles every 8 years

Your probability of dying doubles every eight years. According to the "Gompertz Law of human mortality", a 25-year-old has just a one-in-3,000 chance of dying in any given year. By age 42, this increases to one-in-750, and so on.

When NFL player Konrad Reuland died at age 29, his heart was donated by chance to Rod Carew, the legendary baseball player who wore the number 29 (whom Reuland met while in school). Since then, Carew started a foundation to raise awareness about heart disease called the Heart of 29.

The chances of surviving your time in the British Royal Navy during the 18th century were incredibly low. The Royal Navy enlisted 184,899 sailors during the Seven Years' War (1756-63); 133,708 of these were "missing" or died by disease, with scurvy the leading cause.

Only 18 people have survived getting rabies, and your chances of dying are almost 100%.

Disappointment Island lives up to its name: Zero people, a 72% chance of dying, and 65,000 birds.

In the United States, you have a 1.5(10^-7)% chance of dying in an elevator accident. That is approximately 3.8 times less likely than winning the Powerball lottery jackpot.

Breastfed children have at least six times greater chance of survival in the early months than non-breastfed children. An exclusively breastfed child is 14 times less likely to die in the first six months than a non-breastfed child.

Infans up to 1 years old have a chance to spontaneously die in their sleep with no warning and the cause is unknown. "Sudden infant death syndrome" is the most common cause of death in children between 1 month and 1 years old

Travelling 10 miles by bicycle increases your chance of dying by .000001

The Gompertz Law of Human Mortality. For every 8 years you age your chance of dying that year doubles.

About Ruth Coker Burks, a young mother living in Arkansas in the early 80s. After a chance encounter with a gay man dying of AIDS she began caring for other patients, many having been abandoned by loved ones. She also buried those she helped in her family cemetery if nobody would claim the body.

People living in the US now have a 50% chance of getting cancer before they die

For non-smoker men in the US, "the chance of dying from heart disease exceeds the chances of dying from lung, colon, and prostate cancers combined"

In 1992, A scientist claimed that humans had a greater chance of being killed by a comet or asteroid than dying in an airplane crash. Mathematical calculations confirm that every individual faces a 1-in-5,000 chance of being killed by some type of extraterrestrial impact (p.48-49 source)

The Gompertz–Makeham Law of Mortality which states that your chance of dying in any given year doubles every 8 years

A cat falling off the 7th floor of a building has about a increased 30% chance of dying than a cat that falling off the 20th floor. Because apparenrly it takes about eight floors for the cat to realize whats happining, relax and correct itself, and land properly.

Nearly 40% of men will develop cancer in their Lifetime, and over 1/5, or 22% will die of cancer. I mean holy shit the moment you're born you already have over a 1/5th chance of dying just from cancer at some point in your life time. Think of all the other diseases, and accidents.