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  1. There was a global search to find a mate for Jeremy, a rare left-coiling snail. Because his shell coiled counterclockwise, the opposite direction of typical snails, his sex organs could not align with others. Two candidates were found but they proceeded to mate with each other instead of Jeremy.

  2. Alexander Graham Bell developed the metal detector as a last ditch effort to locate a bullet lodged in the chest of American President James Garfield in 1881; the attempt was unsuccessful because the metal coil spring bed Garfield was lying on confused the detector.

  3. Charles Steinmetz, the Wizard of Schenectady, listened to a problem generator for two days before marking a spot and telling engineers to replace sixteen windings from a field coil. He itemized the $10,000 invoice thusly: Marking spot - $1; Knowing where to mark - $9,999.

  4. The city of Holland, Michigan, has 168 miles of tubing coiled underneath its streets, circulating hot water in order to melt any snow on the ground.

  5. The Tampa Bay Lightning (NHL team) installed two Tesla coils in its stadium in 2011, just so they could shoot lightning whenever they scored a goal.

  6. About Jeremy, the snail with a rare genetic mutation which caused its shell to coil counterclockwise. Due to the unique positioning of its reproductive body parts, it couldn't mate with other snails and there was a search to find another 'lefty' snail

  7. When snakes slither, they're actually lifting parts of their body off the ground a tiny amount, and are effectively "walking" on their coils. Even accounting for this, mathematical models of snake movement can only account for ~90% of their top speed, the final ~10% being a mystery

  8. WD-40 has been used remove a python snake that had coiled itself around the undercarriage of a bus, and that police officers also once used WD-40 to remove a naked burglar who was trapped in an air conditioning vent.

  9. Humbucker (double coil) pickups get their name because they "buck the hum," or cancel out the interference, of coil pickups.

  10. Australian sheepdog named "Coil" won the prestigious 1898 Sydney Trials with a perfect score using only 3 legs after breaking one of his forelegs the previous night.

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On 14 December 1877 he received a German patent for a moving coil inductor which the Bell company later used in a loudspeaker.

There was a Smoking Lounge on the Hindenburg. "The smoking room was equipped with an electric lighter, similar to the kind of glowing coil that was once standard issue in automobiles"

Bongo has muscular body and long tail. Both males and females have spiral, lyre-shaped horns that can reach 30 to 39 inches in length. Horns are larger and more coiled in males.

Dwyer's snake curls its body into a coil to protect the head and the most sensitive parts of the body from the predators. It is not aggressive by nature, but it will attack intruder after prolonged harassment.

Female lays 12-36 eggs. She protects eggs and keeps them warm by coiling her body around them. When babies hatch, mother leaves the nest. Young snakes need to look after themselves from the first day.

In WWII the British outfitted several planes with 50ft magnetic coils to detonate naval mines from the air.

Harvest of fiddleheads doesn"t disturb further growth and development of the fern unless too much fiddleheads are removed from the plant (at least few fiddleheads need to remain attached to the rhizome). Fiddleheads left on the plant unfurl and transform into new leaves, better known as fronds. Fully developed fronds have bitter taste and they are not edible. That's why they need to be harvested when they are young (coiled).

Phil Morgese, a single dad who was given full custody of his young daughter, taught himself how to do her hair, and started a free bi-weekly class to teach other dads and daughters how to do everything from detangle long locks to coil hair into buns.

In 1834 he began experimenting with electromagnetic induction and discovered that when he wrapped two coils of wire around an iron ring, passing a current through one caused an induction current in the other.

In the 1840s, a mechanic named Walter Hunt took a piece of brass wire, made a coil in the center so it would open up, and gave it to a friend to pay off a $15 debt. After patented it in 1849, it soon became know as the "Safety Pin".

The copper wire wound around a magnetic pickup has an average of 10,000 turns, and as one turn is nearly 17 cm in length, a single coil pickup has nearly 1.7 km of copper wire. So the standard Les Paul has 6.8 km of copper wire and the standard Stratocaster has 5.1 km of copper wire in it.

Fiddleheads of most species of fern are usually one or two inches long, while coiled part is one inch wide.

Alexander Graham Bell developed one of the first metal detectors in an attempt to locate a bullet lodged in President Garfield's chest. While the detector worked correctly, he could not find the bullet because Garfield was lying on a bed with metal coil springs.

Word "markhor" means 'snake" in Persian language and it probably refers to the shape of the horns (that look like coiled snake) or the ability of this animal to kill the snake.

Name "curl snake" refers to the habit of this snake to coil its body whenever it is threatened. Several loops protect the head, but do not prevent the snake to catapult itself toward the predator in the case of prolonged harassment.

Forget-me-not produces blue flowers. Petals are covered with white markings from the inside. Center of the flower is yellow colored. Some varieties of forget-me-not produce white and yellow colored flowers. Flowers are initially arranged in rounded clusters on tightly coiled flowering stems. Clusters of flowers "become" elongated when flowering stems start to unfurl. Forget-me-not produces flowers with both types of reproductive organs (perfect flowers).

July 29, 1891 Tesla became a US citizen and in that same year, patented the Tesla coil.

The small intestine is made up of muscles and membranes which make it soft and elastic. It is in a coiled shape in the abdomen.

Millipedes have armor-like plates called tergits on dorsal side of the body. When millipedes are in danger, they curl their body into the coil to protect lower, softer body parts.

Russell's viper can be often found in urban and rural areas because they provide plenty of food (rodents). Consequently, Russell's viper often gets in touch with people and induces more snakebites than other types of venomous snakes. It has very strong venom which induces strong bleeding, paralysis of neck muscles, permanent renal damage and death in the case that antivenin is not available. Russell's viper coils the body in numerous S-shaped loops, elevates upper third of the body and loudly hisses before the attack.

Eubacteria can be found as individual cells or in the large colonies shaped like tight coils, grape-like clusters, filaments and thin biofilms.

On November 8, 1895 he covered a thick glass tube in heavy black cardboard and generated an electric spark with a Ruhmkorff coil.

Christmas fern can also reproduce via division of the rhizome. Daughter plants are coiled and called fiddleheads. They can be seen during the spring.

Eubacteria can be spherical (cocci), spiral (spirilla), tightly coiled (spirochaetes) or rod-shaped (bacilli) and 0.5 to 5 micrometers long.

Body consists of strong, muscular foot and coiled shell. Snail uses the shell as shelter. It quickly retreats into the shell in the case of danger.