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  1. Despite increases in computer power, each Shrek movie has taken about twice as many hours to render as the one before it. Dreamworks calls this "Shrek's Law".

  2. First game of chess against a computer was played in 1952 by Alan Turing. Because there were no computers powerful enough to actually run the program Alan Turing "ran" the program manually on a piece of paper

  3. The space shuttle flew 135 missions with a flight computer that had less than 1% of the computing power as an XBox 360.

  4. The microcontroller inside a Macbook charger is about as powerful as the original Macintosh computer.

  5. There have been computers programmed in "ternary" instead of the conventional binary. One such computer, built by the Soviets in 1958, had distinct advantages over binary computers such as increased power efficiency, cheaper parts and easier implementation of certain operations.

  6. Carl Sagan sued Apple Computer in 1994. Apple used 'Carl Sagan' as an internal code for the Power Macintosh 7100. Apple lost and renamed it 'BHA', for Butt Head Astronomer. Sagan sued again, and lost.

  7. Ada Lovelace, along with her early work in programming and designing a turing computer in the 1830s, wrote a theory of "flyology" on powered flight that accurately documented wing-body ratios to achieve it. She was 12 when she published it.

  8. The chip on SIM cards and credit cards is a fully functioning computer, the device it is placed in simply provides power to it

  9. Carl Sagan sued Apple Computer in 1995. Apple used 'Carl Sagan' as an internal code for the Power Macintosh 7100. After a cease-and-desist letter, Apple renamed it 'BHA', for Butt-Head Astronomer. Sagan sued. Apple then changed the name to "LAW", short for "Lawyers are Wimps".

  10. IBM was so powerful in 1983 that people feared that its PCjr home computer would destroy Apple, Commodore, and all other competitors. The PCjr became "one of the biggest flops in the history of computing".

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Carl Sagan sued Apple Computer in 1995. Apple used 'Carl Sagan' as an internal code for the Power Macintosh 7100. After a cease-and-desist letter, Apple renamed it 'BHA', for Butt Head Astronomer. Sagan sued. Apple then changed the name to "LAW", short for "Lawyers are Wimps".

Until the 60's, computing power was measured in "Kilo-girls" as the earliest computers where humans. And, more often than not, female

A locked up, solar powered satellite computer was successfully turned off and on again by changing its trajectory to pass through the shadow of the moon

The Space Race of the 1960's lead to NASA giving IBM a $26.6 million contract to create an one of the most powerful computers ever in a compact form. This lead to the development of the microprocessor and the level of power computers have today.

A hypothetical structure called a Matrioshka Brain could have enough computational power to simulate an entire alternate universe.

A MacBook charger has a tiny computer inside it for regulating power and such. That computer is about as powerful as the CPU for the original Macintosh.

In 1998, the USS Yorktown lost all propulsion power and had to be towed back to Norfolk Base when a computer attempted to divide by 0, causing a database to overflow.

A single Google search requires more computing power than it took to send Neil Armstrong and eleven other astronauts to the moon

Apollo 11 was landed on the moon using a computer that had 1300 times less processing power than iPhone 5s.

The first Apple computer was a single circuit board without even a case or power supply. It cost $666.66 because Steve Wozniak "liked repeating digits"

The human brain can compute 38 thousand trillion operations per second, which is 413 times more than the world's most powerful supercomputer.

Modern keyboards have several main components including the musical keyboard (black and white keys that looks like a piano). User interface software (a program within the keyboard controlled by the menu), computerized musical arranger (software to produce chords and rhythm), amplifier and speaker (internal sound system), power supply (usually an AC adapter), MIDI terminals (input and output for hooking up to a computer or other instruments).

The Apollo 11 used a computer that was 1300 times less powerful than an iPhone.

Rjukan, Norway was completely in shadow from Sept to March because of the surrounding mountains. In 2013 Martin Andersen, a local artist, installed solar powered computer controlled mirrors that track the sun's movement to bath the town square in a patch of sunlight.

The Square Kilometre Array - a radio telescope project being built in Australia and South Africa that will require more computing power than the current global internet, and will be able to survey the sky 10,000 times faster than what's currently possible.

Computing power used to be measured in ‘KiloGirls’ since for much of computer history “computers" referred to people (mostly women) who sat doing the drudgery of repeated calculations that would turn into models and algorithms

Over 200.000 volunteers donated their computing power to make a breakthrough in Childhood Cancer.

In 1994, engineers at Apple Computer code-named the Power Macintosh 7100 "Carl Sagan" in the hope that Apple would make "billions and billions" with the sale of the PowerMac 7100. When Sagan complained in writing, Apple renamed the project "BHA" (for Butt-Head Astronomer).

Early computing devices' power was​ measured in "kilo-girl" hours, not in megahertz or teraflops, because the world's first supercomputers were women, not machines

The computing term "booting" is short for "bootstrapping," which refers to a self-starting process that proceeds without external input (in this case, loading the basic software into the memory of a computer after power-on, esp. the operating system which will then load other software as needed)

There is a crowd sourced program being run by Stanford University scientists attempting to cure diseases such as Alzheimer's, Huntington's, Parkinson's, and many cancers by combining the processing power of computers the world over.

A crab-powered computer experiment not only happened, but was successful.

The power efficiency of computers has reliably doubled every 1.57 years since 1946

The Dowling-Neven law observes that the number of qubits in a quantum computer doubles every six months, and so the quantum processing power is increasing at a double exponential rate

The Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search (GIMPS), where anybody can contribute computing power to help search for and verify extremely large Mersenne prime numbers

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