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  1. Yao Ming's conservation campaigns has led to a 50% drop in shark fin soup consumption in China. He is now working on poaching as well.

  2. 80% of toilets in Hong Kong are flushed with seawater in order to conserve the city's scarce freshwater resources

  3. A 96-year-old self-taught conservationist dedicated the last 40 years of his life to saving North American bluebird populations, building and monitoring 350 nest boxes all across southeast Idaho. In part from his conservation efforts, bluebird populations have significantly rebounded.

  4. All the urinals and toilets aboard the Iowa class battleships used saltwater to conserve valuable fresh water, except for one. The brig toilet used fresh water so that prisoners couldn't make themselves sick by drinking it.

  5. Jams are made from actual fruit, jellies are made from fruit juice. Preserves have chunks of fruit, conserves have dried fruit or nuts, and marmalades have peel and pulp.

  6. The creator of Jaws was so regretful of the anti-shark attitudes and hysteria resulting from his work that he later went on to be an outspoken advocate for marine conservation and an activist for the protection of sharks

  7. In the 1990s, the Galapagos Conservancy launched Project Isabela, an all out war against 250,000 goats in the Galapagos Islands to save the dwindling population of Galapagos tortoises, and involved snipers picking goats off from helicopters. It ended up restoring the population of the tortoises.

  8. Scientists accidentally discovered that grazing animals prevent grasslands from becoming desert after they killed thousands of elephants to try and conserve remaining grasslands, yet it actually made desertification worse. When they increased the number of grazing animals it restored the land.

  9. A Curaçao woman rescued a flamingo that crashed into a window, nursing it back to health, and after realizing she couldn't release it back to the wild, made it an ambassador for his species, visiting schools with her to teach children about island wildlife and the importance of conservation.

  10. Peter Benchley, author of the classic novel Jaws, has come to regret writing his shark thriller. He feels responsible for the mistaken view of sharks as evil creatures. He is now one of the world's most dedicated shark conservation activists.

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The Voyager 1 spacecraft, currently more than 20 billion km from earth, is powered by a radioisotope with a half-life of 87.7 years. It has been slowly shutting down systems since 2007 to conserve energy, and by 2025 will go completely dark as it loses the ability to power a single instrument.

The original Illuminati sought to suppress religion's role in society. Opposing superstition, religious influence over public, abuses of state power. Outlawed by the Catholic Church, vilified by conservatives and religious critics caused many conspiracy theories you hear of them, even today.

During a speech to senators intended to convince them that the dust bowl epidemic was a real issue, a massive dust cloud enveloped Washington DC, blackening the windows of the hearing and caking the room with dust. The Soil Conservation Act was passed later that year.

There is now serious scientific study supporting the idea that trees thrive in interconnected communities, as they communicate toward mutual goals. Sharing sunlight, raising young, conserving resources. Mycorrhizal networks of tree roots and fungi may operate in similar manner as a brain.

Most toilets in Hong Kong are flushed with seawater in order to conserves the city’s scarce freshwater resources

Yao Ming's conservation campaigns have led to a 50% reduction in the consumption of shark fin soup in China

After her mental issues Britney Spears was placed under legal conservatorship. Her finances and many of her personal decisions are run by a group of paid conservators (including her father) for approval even today.

Trees are able to communicate with each other through an underground network known as the ‘wood-wide web’. This system allows trees to loan sugar to neighboring trees, send warning signals about injury or disease, nurture their own offspring, and donate resources to conserve the forest.

Naturalist Chris Packham said he would "eat the last panda if I could have all the money we have spent on panda conservation put back on the table for me to do more sensible things with."

In Costa Rica, a sea turtle conservation organization is exposing sea turtle egg poachers by placing fake sea turtle eggs on the beach, with GPS trackers imbedded inside the eggs to reveal the location of whoever takes them.

Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey circus has retired all but 11 elephants and will retire those 11 after a final show May 1st, 2016. The elephants will go to a Florida conservation where they help with cancer research, as they possess a special "P53 gene" which fights cancer.

Most toilets in Hong Kong are flushed with seawater in order to conserves the city’s scarce freshwater resources

The idea for Fox News was born when Richard Nixon approached Roger Ailes in 1970 about his vision for a conservative news channel that would serve as the mouthpiece for his administration and help mold the opinion of a “lazy public” addicted to TV.

Jams are made from fruit, while jellies are made from juice. Preserves have chunks of fruit, conserves have dried fruit or nuts, and marmalades have peel and pulp. Fruit butters are slow cooked to a smooth consistency.

Even after 8years Britney Spears is still under a conservatorship which is reserved usually for people mentally ill or in vegetative state.Her father makes $130k just as her conservator & doesn't allow her to hire own lawyers & has custody of her two sons.It could last forever.

Detroit Tiger pitcher Daniel Norris purposely lives off just $800 a month, despite a $2 million signing bonus. When asked why he chooses to continue to live so conservatively. He asked back, "Who am I to deserve that? What have I really done?”

The only Chinese person working on the Manhattan Project was "First Lady of Physics" nuclear physicist Wu Jianxiong, whose experiments disproved the law of conservation of parity. She was the first living scientist to have an asteroid named after her. Also, her husband was Yuan Shikai's grandson

The Lobsters we eat are generally really young and thus only a fraction of the size they grow to be in the wild. Older/Larger Lobsters are thought to be less tasty, and are a species that mates more prolifically with each year, making killing a 100+ yo behemoth a conservation issue.

Bhutan, a nation that is 75% Buddhist, has a holistic govt goal of "Gross National Happiness" which includes equitable and sustainable socioeconomic development; preservation and promotion of cultural values; conservation of the natural environment; and establishment of good governance.

The eBay secondary market for Nike shoes is conservatively estimated at $230 million which would represent 8.5% of Nike earnings for 2014. Nike is happy this market exists and isn't trying to stop it because the sneakerheads that drive it spread the Nike gospel better than they can.

Were was an ice cream brand called Star Spangled Ice Cream, which aimed to be a politically conservative counterpart to Ben & Jerry's (which they considered too liberal). Flavor names included "Smaller Governmint", "Iraqi Road" and "I Hate the French Vanilla".

Blackbeard's flagship the Queen Anne's Revenge was found in 1996. There's a conservation project to bring it to the surface.

In Jimmy Carter's 1970 run for Gov. of GA, he criticized support of MLK, Jr. and praised segregationist Wallace to win conservative voters. Once he won the election, he declared that "the time of racial segregation was over." His conservative supporters were shocked. He planned it all along.

The 2010 Global Tiger Initiative summit in Russia pledged $330 million donor dollars for tiger conservation. Four years later, no financial help ever reached the Ussuriskii Nature Preserve, home to some of the last remaining Siberian tigers.

Studies have found having polling places in churches tend to lead to more conservative voting results and having polling places in schools yields more liberal voting results

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