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  1. Family Guy once used footage from 9-year-old YouTube video in one of its episodes without permission from the owner. The owner's original clip was then removed from Youtube for copyright infringement.

  2. In 2005, Sony illegally installed rootkits on 22 million computers to prevent the users from ripping copyrighted music, and could not be uninstalled. It also reported user's listening habits back to Sony. Ironically, the code itself contained open source software, and so infringed copyright.

  3. There was a popular Bitcoin alternative named Coinye West, until Kanye West sued for copyright infringement. In response, the company removed all direct references to West and replaced him with "an unnamed half-man half-fish hybrid."

  4. Sony Pictures went so trigger-happy with their illegitimate "copyright infringement" take-downs over the flop 'Pixels' that even the official trailer was taken down.

  5. Carl Sagan wanted to include "Here Comes the Sun" on a message to aliens, but the record company was scared of extraterrestrial copyright infringement.

  6. A map making company in the 1930s placed a made up an hamlet (village) in their maps as a copyright trap. Years later the village started showing up on Rand McNally maps. The originator of the map sued for copyright infringement, but in fact locals and government had adopted and used the name.

  7. Universal Studios, Inc sued Sony and its distributors in 1976, alleging that because Sony was manufacturing a device (Betamax) that could be used for copyright infringement, they were thus liable for any infringement committed by its purchasers. Essentially trying to kill videotape recording.

  8. The OED included a trap, made up word, "Esquivalience" which it defined to mean "the willful avoidance of one's official responsibilities" as a copyright infringement trap which caught both and Google Dictionary.

  9. Instead of going to court over a copyright infringement dispute, the CEOs of Southwest Airlines and Stevens Aviation challenged each other to an arm wrestling duel via humorous letters. No lawyers were ever involved, and the men honored the outcome of the match.

  10. After it's use in a 2007 gameshow, Men At Work were sued for copyright infringement as the flute lead of "Down Under" resembled a children's song from the 1930's. According to singer Colin Hay, the stress of the court case led to the death of his father and the band's flutist, Greg Ham.

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Sir Ian McKellen and Stephen Fry saved a Southampton pub called "The Hobbit" from having to change its name after being threatened with legal action based on the accusations that the pub was committing copyright infringement.

As a play on the copyright infringement common in the former Soviet Union, the packaging of Borat's DVD mimics a foreign bootleg DVD. The slipcover is in English but with an all-Cyrillic text and is made to look poorly photocopied. The disc is a parody on Memorex in the form of Demorez DVD-R.

The Tattoo artist of Mike Tyson’s iconic face tattoo sued Warner Bros for copyright infringement & attempted to prevent the release of Hangover 2 all due to the films use of the tattoo.

In the cult classic movie "Troll," a boy named Harry Potter defeated a powerful wizard who was cursed with a grotesque form after starting a war with humans and other magical beings. Warner Brothers warned the producers about copyright infringement if they were to remake the movie.

Dan Brown was unsuccessfully sued by another author in 2005, and his publisher Random House successfully defended themselves in a copyright infringement case brought on by authors of a non-fiction book about Jesus and Mary Magdalene.

Kenny Loggins wrote House at Pooh Corner when at 17. Disney lawyers stopped the song from being released due to copyright infringement. Unbeknownst to Kenny, his girlfriend at the time was the daughter of Disney's CEO. She helped him get it released.

Some guy once tried to sue SpongeBob creators for $1.6 Billion for copyright infringement of a character from a 1991 comic strip Bob Spongee, the Unemployed Sponge

A German film studio, Prana Film, declared bankruptcy straight after the production of its one and only film Nosferatu in order to dodge copyright infringement suits.

Resources such as maps, dictionaries, and encyclopedias, intentionally include false entries such as nonexistent roads, fake words and definitions, or made up events to protect against plagiarism and copyright infringement.

Portugal established a tax on storage devices, that basically make buyers pay extra because of "possible copyright infringement usage".

An unauthorized sequel to "The Catcher in the Rye" titled "60 Years Later: Coming Through the Rye" was published in 2009. The book was banned in the United States after J. D. Salinger sued the author, Fredrik Colting, for copyright infringement.

In 1984 the Supreme Court nearly ruled (5 – 4) in favor of the film industry in claiming that VCRs were inherently an act of copyright infringement. 10 years later the movie studios made the majority of their revenue from this same technology.

The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) sued the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts for singing copyrighted songs at camp without paying licensing fees; they also sued for copyright infringement on ringtones

Martin Luter King Jr's "I Have a Dream" speech is privately owned, and broadcasting it is a copyright infringement

Music artists Daryl Hall & John Oates sued a granola company who named a product "Haulin' Oats" for copyright infringement

Mountweazels are fictitious words added to reference works (like dictionaries or encyclopedias) to act as copyright traps to reveal subsequent plagiarism or copyright infringement.

In the 1920s when public radio broadcasts began, stations would just play copyrighted music without paying the artists. Only after music publishers challenged them with copyright infringement did they start making royalty payments.

In 1987 Apple Inc has sued Macintosh Computers Inc once because of copyright infringement for ROM assembly instructions. They even explained assembly language to the court.

Former big time drug dealer " Freeway" Rick Ross filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against rapper Rick Ross in a California Federal Court.

Mr. Rogers was involved in supporting the manufacturers of VCRs in court. The Supreme Court considered the testimony of Rogers in its decision that held that the Betamax video recorder did not infringe copyright.

Rapper Cardi B originally called herself "Bacardi B," but changed it to Cardi B fearing that the Bacardi liquor brand may claim copyright infringement.

IHOP (the restaurant) briefly sued IHOP (the Pentecostal religious group) for copyright infringement.

The creator of the comic series Peanuts, Charles Schulz, didn't like the name Peanuts - it was named Peanuts because the publishing group was worried about copyright infringement under its original name “Li’l Folks”

Someone uploaded ten hours of white noise to YouTube and was hit with five copyright infringement claims

The 2005 Michael Bay film The Island had a screenplay similar enough to that of the low-budget 1979 film Parts: The Clonus Horror (which was lampooned on an episode of MST3K) that the creators of the latter film sued for copyright infringement and received a seven-figure settlement.

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